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10 Gifts for the Expectant Parents (that aren't baby stuff)

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I have a lot of friends who gave birth or are about to give birth this year... And I told my husband this, there is obviously a "baby boom", hehe.

Kidding aside, I suddenly had a thought about the gifts we give to our pregnant friends... they are mostly just for the baby.

Don't get me wrong, expectant parents love getting gifts for their baby, and who doesn't adore buying those little outfits and amusing toys? But the Pregnancy Journey wouldn't be complete without the parents who started it all: the Mother who carries the child for nine moths or so, the Father who makes sure that his wife and child are safe and secure.

That being said, I just thought about writing on what other possible gifts could we give the expectant parents? Yes, that thought just went into my head, so I am writing about it now...haha!

Here are some gift suggestions you could give your pregnant friends. I'm sure the mom and dad will appreciate being thought of too, during their pregnancy journey :) 

1. The Baby Owner's Manual
Photo source

This was a gift from one of our friends, and it's very helpful! Not to mention very geeky, and I mean that in the best way!

The illustrations in this book are quirky and it is, in fact, easy to understand and follow. Great gift for first time parents!

I don't actually know where they bought it, but perhaps it's in your favorite bookstore :) You can also catch this gem on Amazon/Kindle or iTunes, if you want a digital copy.

Here is a sneak peek of what's inside:

2. Nursing Cover or Nursing Clothes (for mom)
If your friend plans on nursing, whether for just a few months or for a couple of years, it would be really helpful to give them nursing clothes or a nursing cover. 

It wouldn't only help the breastfeeding journey easier and more comfortable, but also it would benefit the baby too, so it's a win-win! 

To know about the different nursing wear brands, READ ALSO: Nursing Wear for the Breastfeeding Mom

3. Nursing or Body Pillow


Personally, we don't have this, but it's something I would have loved to have during my pregnancies and even post-partum!

The body pillow is basically an all-around pillow for every stage: Maternity, Nursing, Baby pillow, and more! I'm sure dad would also love to use this pillow :) 

For more information, you may head on to:

4. Prenatal or Lactation goodies (for mom... maybe some for dad too)

Again, if your friend plans on nursing, why not give her yummy goodies too? I personally tried a couple of local pastries that are not only delicious, but also very effective in helping boost milk supply. And mom and dad can share them too (don't worry, dad won't lactate, hehe). 

Some also offer prenatal snacks for expectant moms that have Wheat Germ (rich source of folate) & superfood Chia Seeds!

Lactation pastries have "galactagogues" (milk-increasing ingredients) such as fiber-and-iron-rich oats, Omega-3-flowing flax seed, cholesterol-and-blood-sugar-lowing fenugreek, and Vitamin-B-packed brewer’s yeast.

To know more about the different lactation cookie brands, READ ALSO: What are Lactation Goodies?

5. A "manly" diaper bag or baby carrier (for dad)

Source: Baby-Wearing Celebrity Dads
I know, I know. I said there was no baby stuff on this list... BUT, this is different because the dads get to use them mainly, ok? :)

More and more parents are being hands-on when it come to taking care of their children. And dads are no exception.

My husband would almost always say that there should be more "masculine" or neutral baby stuff for the dads too! And I agree. Don't you?

Why not give your dad friend something he'd be happy to carry around or wear, like a neutral or "manly" diaper bag or sling.

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6. Shapewear (for mom)

There are various shapewears now for every stage of motherhood, and I personally got to use a girdle, post pregnancy. It was a gift from my mom (thanks mama!). It helped me to get back in shape. And for those who've had C-sections, it serves as a support garment.

I'm sure your mommy friend would appreciate to get one too, whether it be a maternity tank, girdle, or belly bands.

To know more about shapewear, READ ALSO: Urban Essentials: A Modern Mom's needs from Pregnancy, Post-pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Beyond

7. Teething Jewelry (for mom)

Who wouldn't love jewelry as a gift? It's a plus if the baby can chew on it when he's teething. YAS!

I personally own a teething necklace and bracelet. I wear it occasionally, and when my daughter was younger, it was one of her favorite accessories and teether, hehe.

Here's where you can get one too:
IG: @chunkychewelries or @teethingbeads
Facebook: Teething Beads

8. Matching clothes

Twinning with your kids is SO "in" now. I mean, who doesn't find it adorable that you have your own "mini me"? 

Boutiques and online shops are into the matchy-matchy thing too. So I'm sure there's a perfect pair of outfits or a family set of outfits for your expectant friends :) 

9. Digital Picture Frame

Photo Source

In this digital age, we take a LOT of photos... I mean a LOT. And if your friends are first time parents, they will definitely get the unlimited baby picture taking syndrome as soon as their bundle of joy comes out!

So, a digital photo frame would be a wonderful gift for storing those numerous baby photos and milestones. I believe you can get some at CD-R King or appliance stores.

10. A Photoshoot Voucher

Family photos are one of the most treasured keepsakes. It would definitely be a unique and thoughtful gift for any expectant family to have a photoshoot: maternity, newborn, or family portrait.

What do you think?

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I hope this post helped you somehow. Next time you attend a baby shower or plan to give an expectant friend a gift, maybe consider these things on the list too? :)

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