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Remembering your Baby Bump: Getting a Maternity Photoshoot

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To those who know me well, I am a frustrated model. Yes, you read that right...Ah the dream! But right now, I pass on that dream to my kids, hihi.

Anyway, being the avid picture poser that I am, I'm always game for the camera! Yes, even with this pregnant body, pimples, big nose, and chubby cheeks...I pose and smile :) Besides, being pregnant has made me love and appreciate my body more than ever. Carrying a baby inside is such a wonderful miracle, and in every aspect, an amazing masterpiece... that being said, why not have a maternity photoshoot to remember your baby bump?

When I was pregnant with Kiel, I didn't get the chance to have my picture taken professionally by a photographer. I did, however, take pictures of myself here at home...yes, you read that right myself..ah, the things you can achieve when you are alone, are bored, and have a camera. That's what the timer is for! I am a fan of natural lighting, and with my trusty Nikkon d3000, and some manual settings, I came up with these...

I was 5 months pregnant with Kiel, so the bump is not that pronounced yet. 

This time, when typhoon Maring happened, and we were stuck here at home, my sister suddenly had the urge to take my photo :) Yay, thank you sis, at least now I don't have to use the timer! hehe..

See the shots she took of me and my 6-month pregnant self...

Yes, baby girl looks bigger!
I love this one, of me and Kiel..Although he was not
really very participative, but he's still so cute :)

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to have my picture taken professionally. When I was asked by Ms. Breezy Boter of The B Setting if I could model for a Maternity Shoot, to say that I was thrilled is an understatement. 

I first knew Breezy as a Honeybaby customer. First, she didn't say she was a photographer...but when she did, I offered her a special discount. Yeah, I have a soft spot for photographers, being a frustrated one myself, haha. Aside from that, she was very nice and down-to-earth. She proved me correct when I met her last weekend for our photoshoot and she was all smiles. With her, I was comfortable posing, even with an exposed belly!

Her concept and shots turned out wonderful! I especially love how the focus was on my baby bump, all big and round, waiting to POP! 

I love how my belly's so round, and free of stretch marks!
Promise, the baby oil plus HHN body butter cream
combo works :) At least it did for me...
Come to think of it, when I compare my baby bumps then and now, it's true what they say that your tummy is longer and "patulis" when you're carrying a boy, and round or "pabilog" when you're carrying a girl... 

Aha! now you know too! :)

Breezy also had some shots taken of us as a family. Kiel was still not cooperative, but Breezy managed to get some shots of my spirited boy, yay!

Do check out The B Setting's facebook page. For September, they're running a raffle for a free kiddie photoshoot with brag book, plus a promo to run from September 8 to December 15 (in cooperation with Honeybaby).

To end this post, I just want to say that as a woman, having a maternity photoshoot, whether at home or at a studio, is necessary. But you don't have to do complicated poses or pick fancy fabric...just pose and smile! Be proud of that precious miracle! Take it from me, you can even do it yourself! haha...Kidding aside, it's important to keep intimate, wonderful memories, even just in photographs. 

Care to share your thoughts on Maternity Photoshoots? or just want to share how you feel about your baby bump? Feel free to leave a comment below...


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