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5 Things I'm Totally Loving Right Now

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This post was inspired by Jenni Epperson. Yes. I decided to make my own five favorites list too. Because, true enough, below are the items that I have been recently using often and they have totally helped me in different ways. And so here I am sharing them with you :)

1. Mia Maison Room Mists

I've mentioned using this in my staycation post, and how helpful it was to "freshen" the room. For a while I've been wanting to buy a some sort of diffuser for our unit. Since every once in a while the smell of cigarette gets in the room through the condo vent I suppose. Turning on the range hood and Toilet Vent can only do so much. Glad I discovered Mia Maison's Room Mists in a stall in Eastwood Mall. A set of 3 scents cost only a little more than 300 pesos. 

The scents in the set I got include Green Tea, Powder, and Ocean Breeze. My favorite is the Green Tea Mist. I carry around a spray in my'll never know what unpleasant smells you may encounter. Besides, it beats using the perfume bottle for clearing the air anyway...

2. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo
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We've made the switch with our shampoo, because the old one was not giving us good hair days :P

Since we we're already using Dove soap, I said why not try their shampoo too? You know what they say in the commercial: "I'm a Dove girl, and I love it"...well it's true, I love it! It makes our hair soft and smooth. We're currently using the Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo. I don't even have to use a conditioner! Smells great too.

3. This Combo - for Preventing/Minimizing Stretchmarks: 
Human Nature Body Butter Sunflower Beauty Oil Night Cream
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As I've shared in my previous post here, I use body butter cream plus baby oil on my tummy, back and legs to prevent stretchmarks. Well I already have some stretchmarks on the side of my legs pre-pregnancy, so there's only so much I can do, right? I've used this combo during my first pregnancy and I luckily didn't get strechmarks :)

Recently, I've switched to the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil instead of the Johnson's baby oil. It was a gift from a friend, and it's like a miracle oil. Aside from helping to minimize stretchmarks, it also helps lighten dark spots, pimple marks, eyebags, and underams, and also adds shine to dull hair. But I love using it together with the Human Nature Body Butter. Why do I need to put oil? It just spreads must easier :) Besides, it's organic so that's a plus!

4. This Combo  - for Minimizing Pimples: 
One Little Tree Tomato Blush Organic Soap
Human Nature Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen

Like I've also shared before, my crazy hormones has caused my T-zone to breakout. Plus I think our recent beach trip amplified the breakout, lucky me...
Sorry for the sarcasm, but I've never had this much pimples before. So I try to minimize them. Getting a facial didn't help much. Plus, being pregnant, I need to be extra extra careful what I put on my face and body. So choosing organic is the way to go! 

I'm glad my friend is selling wonderful organic soaps at an affordable price. I just love their Tomato Blush soap, it helps prevent pimples. It actually minimized my pimples overnight! No, I am not's true! This is not a paid post mind you, this is a personal, honest review. Although my pimples haven't completely disappeared, at least there are only a few...very manageable :) And it also helped minimize my "bacne" (back acne). Yay! 

You can get organic soaps from the One Little Tree facebook page. They have other variants like Milky Papaya, Honey Oats, and White Coco Butter.

I wash 2 times a day, in the morning and at night. Then at night, before sleeping, I put some Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream. It helps renew skin while you sleep. Pretty cool huh. Keeps skin moisturized too.

5. Frills and I's Accessories 

I have never really been into accessories before. I just wear my watch and I'm good to go. But for some reason, since "arm parties" made it into the fashion scene, I got hooked too :) But when you're a mom, you tend to think about purchases twice (or thrice)...but if it's affordable, then it's a go!

My good friend sells just that, affordable but chic accessories! I got an arm candy, a bracelet set, and a strappy watch from her shop, Frills and I's.

Who says being a mommy stops you from being fashionable?

Get your own set of accessories from the Frills and I's facebook page.

Till the next favorites post...

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