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Hailey's Hello Kitty DIY Birthday Party at Shakey's [plus FREE Printable!]

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My little girl is now 2 years old! I cannot reiterate more that "time flies by quickly"... parang di pako nasanay! (It's a bit hard to get used to it!)

Last weekend, we celebrated her birthday with some family and friends. Unlike my kids' first birthdays, this was just a simple get-together, with just a few people, no hosts or formal program, kainan lang! (we just ate together!).

The thing with my children's birthdays is, I always want to make it a point that I make it extra special for them, even just a little bit. Since my daughter loved Hello Kitty a lot, we decided to throw her a Hello Kitty themed birthday! 

At first, it was supposed to be celebrated at my parent's house, and I'll be doing all the decors. But the problem was the food... and my mom and I didn't really think we could cook for 30 people, let alone, decorate and clean up after. So we decided to eat out instead. I know Jollibee had Hello Kitty as one of their party themes, but the date and time we wanted was already booked. And I didn't want to move the date, because November 7 is her actual birthday, and it fell on a Saturday! So it just had to be on that day!

My husband was the one who suggested Shakey's. So I tried my luck and called them. Lo and behold, a 4pm slot for a party was available on my daughter's birthdate! I booked it immediately! 

I would like to commend Shakey's for making my party planning and preps very easy. They allowed our Hello Kitty theme, and friendly staff helped me with the decorations come party time (even though I was honestly a nervous wreck, because we we're late and we had to decorate in a rush). 

Everything was setup nice and pretty, and so very Hello Kitty-ish! hehe

The focal point of the party was the cake table of course! I just had a tarpaulin made a few days before the party, since it was cheaper and easy to transport. I adorned it with tissue pompoms, that I made myself, and Hello Kitty mylar balloons, that I bought from Celebrations at Party Central, Megamall.

I made the cake stand, lollicake stand, and cookie stand from old boxes, japanese paper and Hello Kitty washi tape (from Bee Happy Crafts). The cake and cupcakes were a "gift" from my family (Thanks Papa!), they had them made by a friend. While I ordered the lollicakes and cookies from Pink Sweets. Children's loot was simply some Hello Kitty candy and Jelly ace placed in yogurt cups, wrapped in clear cellophane and tied in baker's twine.

I setup a table for the kids, put some balloons on the chairs, party hats, coloring pages (Hello Kitty and Adult coloring pages), and blocks & puzzles.

The centerpieces on the tables were from used bottle covered in tissue paper, tied in baker's twine. I had photo props printed and placed them in BBQ sticks. Instant centerpiece!

As for the food, we just pre-ordered 4 Monster Meal Deals plus 25pcs of ice cream to reach the 10,000 pesos consumable for the use of function room. The food was set up buffet style. One Monster Meal Deal was already good for 10-12 persons, which includes: 2 Large Pizzas, 2 Pasta Platters (Spaghetti and Carbonara), a large basket of Chicken and Mojos, and 3 pitchers of soft drinks (Coca Cola products). We just brought a box of Zesto for the kids.

For the Ice breaker game, I made it a group game per table, and the guests just have to answer a puzzle of fill-in-the-blanks about the birthday girl! Like a getting to know the celebrant type of game! The prizes were FUN ZONE Tokens (the bigger kids enjoyed those)!

The use of function room is up to 2 hours only. So the time was just right for eating time, 1 ice breaker game, and candle blowing. I cannot imagine how a regular birthday party with program and hosting would take place in just 2 hours, I think it's too short... I'm just glad that was out of my concern :) 

Overall, it was a fun, successful party. The most special part is that we got to celebrate it with family and friends on the actual date of her birthday!

Here are the short list of suppliers that helped make our Hello Kitty Party a success:

  • Venue and Food - Shakey's Lipa | Phone:(043) 756 3172
  • Cake and Cupcakes - Ms. Mafel Magtibay
  • Lollicakes and Cookies - Pink Sweets
  • Baker's Twine and Hello Kitty Washi Tape - Bee Happy
  • Hello Kitty mylar balloons, rubber balloons, party hats, tissue napkins (used in the centerpiece), yogurt cups - Celebrations at Party Central
  • Hello Kitty Candy - SM Supermarket
  • Banners, tissue pompoms, dessert stands, table tent cards, and photo props - DIY by Mommy Lique
  • Coloring Pages - Pinterest :)
And I am very happy to share a FREE printable of the banners and photo props that you can use in your own party!

Recommended size and paper to print: 12x18 glossy paper
CLICK HERE to download

You can also check out the Pinterest Board I made here to check out some other Hello Kitty printables and party ideas!

Follow Lique's board Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas on Pinterest.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I am also planning my son's 1st birthday at Shakeys. This is very informative.

  2. I love Shakey's. Pwede pala to request a theme!

    1. It wasn't a requested theme. I did everything DIY. Shakeys will allow you to use their party area for a minimum food order of 10k

  3. shakey's here doesnt have that theme. they were limited to superheroes and barbie lang. it's nice to see HK for a change :)

    1. Hi, the theme is DIY, because I did not like the Shakey's theme nga, Barbie yung for girls nila.

    2. Jollibee talaga yung may hello kitty na party theme, but they were booked on our preferred date, so we opt to do DIY. Thanks for dropping by

  4. Thank for a great birthday idda.My daughter is gonna be 1 in a few minths so this really helps! :)

  5. Ang ganda! I like it better than the usual pink hello kitty hehehe. Good job! :)

  6. Belated Happy birthday to your daughter! :) And thanks for the printables :)

  7. So cute. My daughter likes HK, too so I might consider this theme. Thanks for sharing!

  8. it is good that Shakey's allowed you to stick to your theme, I had to change the theme for my little one's 4th birthday party at Jollibee because they won't allow us to have a Lightning McQueen theme!

    Belated happy birthday to your little girl! ^_^

  9. Hi . I would like to ask how you did the decorations? On the spot ba while the guests were arriving? Hihi

    1. Hi, if you're asking how I set them up, well yes, I had help from Shakey's staff to setup my decors when we arrived. But they were all ready beforehand: the pompoms were puffed up, the balloons blown up, the centerpiece had the photo props in them already etc. Thankfully we had a sapcious car that we could place the decors in so it wouldn't be hard for us to transport :)

    2. Because we were a bit late, nagdecorate kami while some guests were arriving na... but they were close family and friends, some even helped! :) Thanks for dropping by!