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Party Venue: Ayala Hillside Estates Social Hall Clubhouse

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Another baby means another birthday to plan!

Hailey just turned 6 months old and we've already started planning her party.

Excited? Yes! 

But the planning ahead saves us from cramming and the hassle. We're OC like that. Makes us budget the expenses too. 

Venues get booked way early. I tried calling other possible venues, but they were already booked on our preferred date! 

So my solid TIP for you is to book your desired venue immediately, months ahead! The Greenmeadows and the Acropolis Clubhouses were already booked, so we opted to take our chances at the Ayala Hillside Estates Clubhouse once again. Thankfully the date and time we wanted was still open.

I've already mentioned -  HERE and HERE - why the Ayala Hillside Social Hall Clubhouse is an ideal party place, probably one of the nicest venues in Metro Manila in my opinion. To recap:

1. It's easily accessibleThe Ayala Hillside clubhouse is located at the end of the main spine road from the guard house. Yes, just go straight ahead, period. Unlike other clubhouses where you have the fear of getting lost if you make a wrong turn. 

2. It has a nice view of the pool and landscape - Ayala is well-known for their landscaped developments, and Ayala Hillside Estates is no exception. If you're planning a beach themed party, guests can even use the swimming pool for a rate of 100php/adult, 50php/child.

3. Ample Parking - We're always concerned about where our guests are going to park. Ayala Hillside has allotted parking slots all around the clubhouse. 

4. The clubhouse is well-maintained, clean, and the architecture is really niceIt has a high ceiling, a stage and is spacious enough for 200 guests. 

Here are some more pictures of the Venue:

Interested to book your party here?

Sponsorship is strictly required though. 

Use of Venue up to 4 hours.

Gate Pass/fee required for suppliers with 6-wheeler trucks (Please inquire at their Admin Office).

Rate is (as of January 2014) at 25,000php (guests), 15,000php (homeowner) with a refundable security bond of 10,000php. Downpayment of 50% upon booking is required. Full payment to be made 1 week before the event at the latest. Security bond is refundable 1-2 weeks after event.

Contact #s: 9018791 to 92

How to Get There:

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  1. Hi! Would you happen to know the dimensions of the clubhouse? :) This post was very helpful, thanks!

    1. Hi Camille, sorry I don't really know the measurement of the area. But I'm sure you can do an ocular visit of the clubhouse first so you know :) They said it can hold up to 200 guests, or you may call first the admin to confirm. I'm glad you found this post helpful :)

    2. Thank you so much! Looking forward to your future posts! :)