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Hi there!

I’m Angelique, fulltime housewife and mommy to my husband, and two kids. I am also a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), working as a Virtual Assistant, freelance graphic designer (Artique), writer/blogger,  and the mompreneur behind Honeybaby

I quit my 4-year office job as a Landscape Architect because I was determined to nurse and take care of my son full time. I have had both positive and negative reactions about my decision to end my professional career, but most of them find it hard to believe that I’d be able to manage a household and take care of my family by myself.

Now, I have two kids and life is a challenge, but a FUN and HAPPY one! :)

So why blog?

Motherhood is my passion. I believe it is a career all by itself – a 24/7 shift, multitasking job – that requires hard work and a whole lot of spunk! Other than that, I am a workaholic, a self-professed foodie, an artist, and an avid photographer.

This blog is born out of fascination to share my so-called “ANTICS” as a housewife and mommy, about being a WAHM, and about my crazy quirky life altogether. I believe that MOMs are Masters OMultitasking. They're the unsung heroes who do a lot of things for their family from household chores to taking care of the kids, from making a living to making a home, and a lot more things in between.

What do I blog about?

I started this blog for the purpose of sharing my Mommy Antics. I wanted to write about my mommy experiences when I had my first child in 2012. So most of my posts are very personal, not so much of sponsored posts. I believe in authenticity when writing a blog, so if you read about reviews here, those are based on my personal views.

You'll find me sharing about lots of different things, but mostly about my passions, which are: My Family, My Kids, Homeschooling, Party Planning, and Maintaining our Househould (Home Design/Organization and Cooking Recipes).

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to comment and leave some feedback. I hope you have fun reading my posts.


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