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Moby Go Carrier Review

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Being hands-on parents, my husband and I have naturally been practicing Attachment Parenting: Breastfeeding, Co-sleeping, and Babywearing, and now we're Preschool Homeschooling.

So far, it has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for us, because we could really feel the close bond with our children. We don't mind the clinginess, because childhood is fleeting...they could only be little for so long.

Speaking of clinginess, our kids liked to be carried most of the time. Now that they're toddlers, it's a bit harder not only because they're bigger and heavier but also because they're more spirited :) One minute you're carrying them, and then the next minute they like to walk, and then just to be picked up again because they're tired or sleepy or just because they feel like it... you know what I mean? Nowadays, strollers are useful when they're only when they're asleep, haha.

We've been practicing babywearing when the kids were newborns up to babies, but we've never tried babywearing them now that they're a little older. So when I was asked if I could "Test Drive" the new Moby Go Carrier for a review, I was excited!

I have two toddlers, a 3-year old and a 17-month old, of which I could "test" the carriers on for a "drive", hehe. I was given 2 carriers to try, the first was the Moby Go and the other is the Kali Baby Mei Tai carrier (you can read a separate review HERE).

I was initially drawn to the Moby Go Carrier because it looked easy to use. It actually looked like a backpack, so I assumed it was as easy to wear as a backpack would... It also reminded me of an Ergobaby carrier, but it looked lighter and less bulky.

It has wide shoulder straps in a crossover design, and adjustable waist belt (with buckle) and side buckles.

It has a zipper pocket in the front, where you can find an adjustable hood inside, with two velcro levels. This is to cover your child's head when he is asleep or to cover him from the sunlight, wind, or rain.

The label on the carrier indicates that it can be used for children between 15 lbs. to 45 lbs. So it is ideally for bigger babies up to young toddlers, and not recommended for infants. It is also suggested to wear your baby in a tummy to tummy position and not in an outward position, since this is not ergonomic. 

There are only 2 colors of the Moby Go for now, Black and Gray. The model we got was color gray.

Now for the "Test Drive"...

First, you wear the waist belt and adjust it to your comfort.

Then, you slip your arms to the side of the straps, then your head in the middle... and tada! That's it! 

Loosely adjust the shoulder straps a bit, so it's just right to make room for your baby to go inside the carrier.

Slip one leg first, and then the other, making sure your baby is facing you, as you get ready for the tummy to tummy position...

Put your baby's arms inside... but sometimes she likes to put her hands out, that's alright too. Then adjust the side buckles until it's the perfect fit for the both of you.

You can adjust and spread out the shoulder straps to make it more comfortable.

The little one is enjoying it so far...

Now, it's Kuya's turn!

The side straps are a little challenging to adjust with a heavier child, so I had a little help from my husband :)

It has a hood in the front pocket to use to cover your baby when he is sleeping...and here is our little actor pretending to snooze...

Kuya is a little more than 35lbs, and we can easily carry him, hands-free!

We used the carriers, the Moby Go and the Kali Baby, when we went out to buy groceries. It was helpful since the kids don't always stay put in the trolleys, so they were carried :)

Daddy is wearing our 3yo using the Moby Go, while I am wearing our 1yo using the Kali Baby Mei Tai (you can read our review of the Mei Tai HERE)

Our Honest Feedback:

  1. We love that it is easy to use. Based on the photos above, we had no trouble wearing our kids, just buckle up, slip them in and adjust to our fitting…. Easy peasy :) Although the side buckles are not as easy to adjust when you’re wearing a bigger child, like our 3yo. You can always ask your partner to help you in adjusting.
  2. We found it very comfortable, both for the wearer and the baby. It’s cross-shoulder design and dual-foam waist belt made it easy for baby to carry and move around, because baby’s weight is equally distributed. And our kids had no qualms about being carried in the Moby Go. The design was made to be ergonomic, allowing only tummy to tummy position, which is the recommended and ideal position for baby wearing.
  3. It is Daddy-approved! Yes, dad’s opinion matters..a lot! He is impressed with the design and look of it, looks like a backpack, he says it’s plus “pogi” points :) Aren’t babywearing dads extra handsome? hehe..
  4. We like the hood feature. For when baby's asleep :)
  5. It is lightweight and easy to pack. The Moby Go isn’t bulky like other carriers, you can fold and easily pack it away in your baby bag.
  6. Both our kids can still be carried in it. Yay! It can carry up to 45 lbs.
  7. It is affordable! It does look a lot like an ErgoBaby, but those cost about 9,000php++, while the Moby Go costs only 4150php. Not bad at all!

Do you like this product?
Chic Mompreneur Distribution is the official local distributor of Moby Carriers in the Philippines.

You can get your own Moby Go at Pinay Mommy PH.
Facebook: Pinay Mommy PH

Happy Babywearing!
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Disclosure: Lique’s Antics has been selected as one of Pinay Mommy PH’s mommy blogger partners in this Babywearing Road Test Project. The carriers were lent to Mommy Lique for 7 days for review. The feedback and opinions expressed in this post are purely the writer’s own. Read more about this blog’s Disclosure Policy.

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