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The Beauty of Pregnancy (featuring my sister's Maternity Photos)

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Hello again!

It's been a while, and I have a couple of pending posts that need attention! But hey, mommies are always B-U-S-Y right?

But I have a couple of minutes to squeeze this special little post in, just because...

Don't be alarmed with the blog title... NO, I am NOT PREGNANT! hehe, but my sister is! And I'm excited for her! My kids are excited to get a cousin too! Yay!

I also have friends who are expecting or just gave birth, and it makes me happy seeing them carrying those baby bumps and experiencing the miracle of birth.

I can still remember when I was pregnant and gave birth to my two little darlings. Each experience was different, but both were simply joyful.

That being said, I recently shared a photo of my sister on my Instagram account, and with it, shared my thoughts about the Beauty of Pregnancy.

Don't you think it's amazing, that a mother can carry life inside her? And how that belly grows into a nurturing home for nine months, at most?

I was simply happy that my sister asked my to shoot her grown baby bump. Of course I said yes! Oo na, feeling photographer-slash-stylist nako. Or trigger-happy lang talaga. But I had a lot of fun doing the shoot.

Also, I wanted to return the favor, since my sister took shots of me too when I was pregnant. Yes, ganon kami mag-bonding, pareho kami mahilig magpicture at magpapicture, haha.

So I'm happy to share some more of her photos. 

We didn't have a fancy location, just here at home. She did her own makeup, picked her own clothes, basically styled herself. We didn't have any lighting, just the beautiful morning sun. And the photos, I'm proud to say, turned out pretty good :)

I shared in my post a while back, about why every mother should have their maternity photos taken: 

...[I think] as a woman, having a maternity photoshoot, whether at home or at a studio, is necessary. But you don't have to do complicated poses or pick fancy fabric...just pose and smile! Be proud of that precious miracle!

To add to that statement, I think women should also be proud about the changes that pregnancy has brought about in their body, and that they should have a memory of that, through photos.

Care to share your thoughts on this post? I'd appreciate any feedback, just leave some on the comment box below.

Talk soon.
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  1. This is cute. I think I don't have a decent photo when I was pregnant. =) I'm also amazed at how wonderful the process of pregnancy is and how intelligent God is in connecting everything.

  2. Nice bonding, I wish may taga picture din ako. I only have few photos when I was pregnant, panget na panget ko sa sarili ko nun. lol

  3. Ang pretty magbuntis ni sister mo! :) I also planned on having a maternity shoot when I was still pregnant. Just didn't have the time to prepare for it. I want to DIY kasi sana my maternity shoot. Plus I did feel haggard almost every day of my pregnancy. Ang pangit ko noong buntis ako hahaha good for your sister parang lumaki lang ang tyan nya but she's still soooo pretty even if she's on her third trimester na. May she have a smooth and safe delivery. :) good photos by the way! I love how you managed to use the effect of the sunlight as the lighting. :)

  4. I didn't have photoshoots like this. I felt I never needed it. But, I've come to realize that It's also a good thing to have one as pictures reminds us of a memory. I agree that you don't need fancy clothes or a good location to do the photoshoot. What's important is the moment and what it will remind you in the future.

  5. I wish I had done this too when I was pregnant - but I was never one to be comfortable in front of the much more kaya when I was pregnant. But yes, it is a beautiful thing!
    PS: love what you said about not needing a fancy tela! haha! : )

  6. You take wonderful pictures, she was obviously at ease with you on the camera. You guys seemed to have a lovely morning together.

  7. Ganda ng photoshoot. :) Simple lang pero it captures the beauty of pregnancy talaga. I love being pregnant sa totoo lang. Mahirap pero masaya talaga.

  8. Congrats to your sister. What a nice bonding and memorable photoshoot. :)

  9. I love your sisters floral dress! :) I also agree that this photo shoot is a wonderful bonding session for the two of you. :)

  10. She's a lovely pregnant mommy! I couldn't say the same when I was pregnant. Huhu! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  11. As of this moment, my good friend is actually at the hospital about to give birth! What a wonderful moment. And your sister looks really beautiful!

  12. Super pretty! I also wanted to have my own shoot when I got pregnant. Didn't happen, so I'm hoping to have one next time. :)

    Nina |

  13. Very nice photos! This is something na I wished I did. It's true that you feel most beautiful when you're pregnant.

  14. Beautiful photos! I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I took my own photos. Haha! There was no one to take it for me so I used a tripod. Worked out well too. Sadly, the tripod broke so I can't do it again. Haha

  15. Those photos are just beautiful! I wasn't in too taking photos of myself while I was pregnant, I think that is partly the reason why I take loads of photos of Bunny now, to compensate. :)

  16. She is adorable preggy. Was not able to have a photo shoot during pregnancy or any pictures konti lang kasi I am not in the mood to have pictures taken as in ayoko he he he . Mood swings pregnancy

  17. That's a fun time you had with your sister! I never had maternity photos. I felt so ugly when I was still carrying my son. Although I wish I had one just for my son's copy, something to show him when he gets older. I think Im going to try it out on my next one.

  18. Your sister is so pretty... I don't think I look pretty when I was pregnant..LOL!This is such a wondderful moment.