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Kiel's 1st Birthday Party Suppliers: Disney Pixar's UP Theme (Feedback and Review)

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If you've been following my posts about Kiel's party, here and here, well this is the part where I tell you about the suppliers we got and how did they do during the party. I will be rating them 1-5 stars, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

I will warn you, this is a lengthy post. But I've highlighted the keywords for you, to make things easier :)

I. The Venue: Ayala Hillside Estates Social Hall clubhouse ☆☆☆☆☆
Sponsorship: Required
Price: 22,000 (guest), 15,000 (homeowner) - for 4 hours
Security bond: 10,000 (refundable)
Contact #s: 9018791 to 92

We've booked the venue 4 months ahead, just to get things going. Jejo had a friend who is a homeowner there, so we got him to sponsor us. He accompanied us at the admin office, so we were able to get the homeowner price (thank God!). Take note, there are 2 clubhouses at AHE. We got the airconditioned area, which is also bigger. The smaller, open-spaced clubhouse (near a pool as well), costs less of course. As far as I can remember, it's 12k for guests and 9,500 for homeowners, for 4 hours also.

Like I said in my previous post, we wanted to get a really good venue so that we don't have to spend too much on decorations. What we love about the place is that it is accessible and it is a pleasant place altogether - high ceiling, surrounding glass windows, ample parking (it's important for your guests to have good parking), and a serene view of the swimming pool and garden space to boot! Best of all, it is conveniently near our condo. Come party time, it was easy for us to gather stuff to and from the venue. 

I'm happy we got good compliments about the venue from some of our guests.

The Social hall clubhouse during ocular inspection :)
The venue with setup and decorations

II. Caterer: Queensland Catering Services ☆☆☆☆

Price: Staring at 210php per plate
Facebook: Queensland Catering Services
Contact Person: Ms. Mylene Irabon

     Mobile: 0929-3090960 / 0915-8218114
     Tel no: 02-8287341 / 257-4469
     Fax number: 8287661

We wanted an affordable but good quality caterer, who wouldn't? People come to parties and expect good food, I know I do. If you want them to enjoy your parties and make them come back for the next one, you better serve them delicious food!

Queensland provided both quality and affordability. I've tried their food during the Dimayuga Family Reunion. The uniforms of the waiters were like chinese-collared maroon tailored tops, black pants and not the usual black and white outfits. We loved their roast beef and baked spaghetti. Their table setting and skirting are also very nice. You can choose up to 3 color motifs. We choose tangerine, emerald green, and yellow, like the Wilderness Explorer logo.

The reason I only gave 4 stars is because they don't provide water for free, it's an additional charge, or in our case, we provided the water for them to serve. They didn't also provide the plastic or styro container for leftover food for us to take home. Good thing our condo was nearby, we had to get containers and plastic for us to take home the extra food. Lastly, we did not like their salad dressing.

For the kiddie meals we opted to get 20 packed meals from ALGO (Almost Gourmet). Joyce is very nice to cater to our budget of 150 each meal. It contained baked spaghetti, Chicken parmesan fingers with dip, and a cup of rice.

III. Cake and cookies: Tazzy Cakes ☆☆☆☆☆
Facebook: Tazzy Cakes
Mobile #: 0917-8373941 (Look for Ms. Cat)

I have been searching the internet for inspiration for Kiel's cake. In the end, I asked Cat to just send me her concept, being the artist that she is. I just made sure to let her know about my budget (which is 2,000-3,500), that we wanted a 2-tier chocolate cake, and that we wanted all the UP characters in the cake. Oh, and that she put a little sign that says: "From Ninang Cess", because Kiel's cake was sponsored by my generous sister, yay! :)

I also asked her to bake 36 Explorer Badge cookies. Each chocolate fudge cookie costs 40php, individually plastic wrapped. The cookies were sponsored by my cousin, Kiel's Ninang Lourdes :)

Both the cake and the cookies tasted wonderful! I'm so happy! The detail of the  cake was truly amazing...oh, and Cat included the UP house as a cake topper.


IV. Balloons and Decorations: Mr. Balloonatix ☆☆☆☆☆
Facebook: Mr. Balloonatix Party Needs
Mobile #: 0920-6660652 (Look for Jojo Cruz)

I highly recommend getting Jojo and his team. They're prompt, do great work, and very affordable. Some suppliers, you'd spend about 8k minimum just for the backdrop rental. Our entire balloon decoration, which includes the cake arch, 2 pillars, 1 balloon burst, 150 balloon ceiling decor, and the set of UP characters standees/backdrop (including the "party is here" sign), just cost us 7,250php! Yes indeed, very affordable. Their standard packages start at 3500 up. But of course, they can also customize a package according to your needs.

V. Host and Balloon Art: Jiggles the Balloon Lady ☆☆☆☆☆
Mobile #: 0920-9246022

I, for one, do not like clowns. Magicians and puppeteers are fun, but I wanted something new. Jing is a breath of fresh air! She's a talented balloon twister and a fun host too. Since our theme was Disney Pixar's UP, her balloon art skills is the ideal gig for the party.

She came early during the party and started making some of her balloon art, including her signature hat :) She had new, fun games like Name that Tune, which the adults raved about. What I loved most about her is that she incorporated our UP theme to her games as well, like the coin collecting (boys vs girls) which she explained was what like Carl and Ellie did in the movie. She made the adults do longest line, but UP (vertical orientation) instead of laying things on the floor. 

Of course, everybody else enjoyed her balloon show. She made Elmo, Finn the human, and Psy (yes, the one who does Gangnam Style :D)!

If you want to get her for your party, book her early! We booked her 4 months ahead. Good thing too because her rate was still lesser then. She updated her rates for 2013. From 8000, her rate is currently 10,000 per booking within Metro Manila (additional 500 for bookings in QC). She also accepts bookings nationwide (but it'll cost more of course).

But she's worth it, believe me :) You won't regret getting her for your party.

Elmo for cousin Eli :)
Rainbow for Elise
Kevin (Snipe) especially for Kiel :)
Finn the human
Psy, while dancing Gangnam Style 
Jiggles challenging the daddies to blow up a balloon, as she
blows up 5! No one blew up a balloon! haha

VI. Dessert Buffet and Pompom Centerpiece: The Bee Sweet Unlimited ☆☆☆☆☆
Facebook: The Bee Sweet Unlimited
Mobile #: 0919-8561949 (Look for Ms. Mau)

I now consider Mau as a good friend of mine. We were stall neighbors in one of the bazaars I joined. I'm glad I met her then.

I was actually pondering on doing the dessert buffet and rainbow pompom table centrepieces myself. But then again, I thought to myself: Do I really have the time before and during the party to prepare and do the setup? Considering the prep time to dress up and mentally prepare pre-party, it was highly not physically plausible. And so I contacted Mau and told her about my idea. She said they could do it! And so I entrusted that to her. She gave me a customized package at a very affordable rate!

Come party time, I provided the chocolate fountain and popcorn as an addition to the dessert table. And I gave her the table numbers and Kiel's baby facts for the centerpieces. I am so glad it worked out well.

We got good compliments for the rainbow pompoms, the guests took them all home! Although the baby facts we're supposed to be for us to take home to be put in Kiel's Scrapbook, I just let the guest take them anyway. I can print them anytime here :) I'm just happy they appreciated them that much!

Although Mau specializes in Dessert buffets, she can customize packages according to the clients' needs: from party decorations, favors, and other party needs.

VII. Photographer: Labski Fotografi ☆☆☆☆☆
Facebook: Labski Fotografi
Mobile #: 0908 821 6325 (Look for Ms. Jan)

We got a photographer to capture the event for us to remember by. When Kiel grows up, he'll be able to see that he had a fun party, and might remember some fragments of the event, who knows? I just know that it is an important milestone for Kiel.

Jan and her team arrived early. She took family photos pre-party. I love her candid shots. Makes you re-live the party all over again.

She offers affordable rates too. We got the Classic package worth 5,000 only, which includes a DVD of all hires, raw pictures (unlimited shots), and a 40-page 5x7 album. Their event packages start at 3500php.

All the pictures for the party I used for this post are taken by Jan and her associate Maine.

Here is their brief documentation of Kiel's party over at their site:

VIII. Popcorn: Kettle Korn ☆☆☆☆

I applied for their product dealership. You get 30% OFF on Kettle Korn products. You just have to place your order at least 2 days lead time and pick up at Kettle Korn outlets. We got our orders at SM Megamall, since it was near hubby's office. Oh, Ninang Jomie, my best friend, sponsored this :) 

The guests were very happy with the popcorn. It became a yummy appetizer as well as giveaways...guests took them home! :)

For further details on dealership requirements and application, click here.

IX. Sound System and LCD Projector: Media Monsters ☆☆☆☆
Facebook: Rental Monsters

Booking for the sound system was one of the easiest things to do. We got Media Monsters during Kiel's baptism and so we got them for his birthday party.  Their sound system+projector package costs only 4,000php. Very affordable. They also had a music playlist for birthday parties so you don't have to download yourself. You can, of course, give them a set of songs and/or CD to play during your party.

You do have to provide a table for them to use, and food for the operator. And since our laptop is a Macbook Air, we had to provide the adaptor to the projector too.

X. Food Cart: Blue Food Bar 

Jejo and I were really disappointed that the Ice Cream and Cotton Candy Foodcarts didn't make it. Ms. Mayet called and said that the delivery truck had a road accident in Makati. Fair enough, they deposited a refund of our downpayment the next day. Much as we wished for them to be able to make it to the party, road accidents are inevitable. Oh well, at least everybody still had fun, so nobody really noticed if we had to ice cream or cotton candy during the party.

XI. Loot bags and Prizes: Divisoria, Fiesta Mall, Shopwise, National Bookstore

We were in charge of the prizes, so I think there's no need to rate ourselves :D

My ever reliable mama, who is my divisoria girl, bought loot bags (colored eco bags) and prizes at Divisoria. The belgian chocolate fondue and marshmallows used for the dessert bar she also bought there. She sponsored all those for Kiel's party :) That's why I have no idea how much they cost. But Divisoria is the go-to place for low cost just have to be extra persevering in shopping for quality items.

Jejo and I also bought some prizes at FiestaMall in Lipa. Prices are almost similar to Divisoria. We had a budget of 10-50php for toys. I am very fond of the binoculars we got for the loot bags..they cost just 15php each! :)

Candies we bought at Shopwise Commonwealth. We didn't buy too much candy because most of the kids were toddlers and babies anyway. And we had the dessert buffet already.

The cute band aids and anti-mosquito patches we found by chance at National Bookstore :)

The idea for the loot bags were Wilderness Explorer Survival Kits for boyscouts and girlscouts. I put the minor prizes in brown paper bags with stckers on them, and the major prizes in colored eco bags.

XII. Party Printables: By Me! :)

I always love to do graphic design stuff :) I may not be a professional but I have a knack and kickass passion for it. If ever you'll be needing a designer for your invites and party whatnots, sure I'm available! haha...

That's it! 

If you're trying to compute in your mind how much we spent for the entire party..don't..just don't. Haha! It may come as a shocker! But take note that we had financial help from my father (thanks papa!), and our very generous sponsors, Mama and Kiel's Ninangs as previously mentioned. It's always enlightening to ask for your family and friends' help.

Planning your own party? I hope this post helps you somehow..whether it's your first time to plan one or your just canvassing for other possible suppliers.

I would appreciate any feedback :) 

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  1. Hi there! I accidentally found your blog as I was looking for supplier's review for a 1st birthday event. Indeed, you're very helpful and thank you for that! I just want to ask if jiggles (the host) provided you a program schedule/list ahead of time.
    Appreciate your reply! Thanks!

  2. Hi Melanie, I actually asked her for a program before the party. But I guess she forgot because she was busy. Briefly though, she texted me that she will be the one to handle the games, basta I prepare a certain number of prizes (i think it was 20 major and 30 minor prizes). She was early naman during the party, so we got to discuss a little bit about the flow. I just told her what time lunch will be served and then after that we show the AVP first, before she resumes :) I appreciate the feedback!

  3. Thanks Angelique for replying! ^___^

  4. HI stumbled upon you blog while looking a for a great party host. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Hi! Congratulations for a very successful party and thank you for sharing it with us! It is really a great help! :) i just have one question or favor actually..! Is there any way.. You could help me with your friend who is a homeowner in ayalahills?! Im actually an event organizer..and i have a client who will be celebrating his 27th bday this coming 18th of january..and he really wanted to spend it on the same venue upon seeing your posts.. :) i know this is very unusual but i dont have any other way of getting connected with someone from the estate to sponsor us for the event.. That's why im taking chances in posting this comment. :) i hope you can help me this..or if you have some advice or tips?! Thanks alot! And again congratulations! :)

  6. Stefany PrescottJuly 21, 2014 at 8:04 PM

    Hello! This was such a big help! I'm currently planning my son's first birthday, and I only have 2 more months! Your post helped me get into mind everything I may need for the party. I will be inquiring with the services you posted! Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Lique.. :-) my wedding's on december and i really want to have the reception at the ayala hillside clubhouse. It's walking distance from the church of the risen lord where i would have my wedding ceremony. Problem is that i dont know anyone from there for the sponsorship. Is it possible if we ask for your help or could you help us talk to your friend from there.? Pleasssssssseeeeee... :'(

  8. What a cool party ideas! This is a great help. I will make sure to consider and apply your suggestions, for these will make the party supplies that I have come to life!

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