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Artsy Antics: Kiel's 1st Birthday (Preparations and Suppliers Sneak Peek)

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Oh I just love party planning. It can be stressful...but FUN! I know I sound crazy. But heck, I guess I have a knack for DIY stuff ever since I can remember. I blame it on my mother, who is the mastermind of all DIY ideas - my mentor and idol (haha). Up to know, I still run to her for help and advice when it comes to party planning and crafty stuff. Oh she knows a lot, let me tell you. We would call her the "Queen of all Trades" if it makes any sense (haha). 

Anyway, the reason this blog has been left silent for some time is because of my party planning. Kiel's party will be on February 2, and he just turned ONE last January 29! How fast time flies! 

Celebrating Kiel's 1st birthday at home with family :)

Did some DIY decorating with scrap paper and colored plastic

I've already mentioned me and my husband's love for DIY party planning here. And as early as 6 months, we started planning Kiel's party ahead of time! Talk about us being excited parents. Yes. That's just how we are. Jejo is the kind of person who thinks long term and likes planning ahead. Especially when there's some money-saving needed, he immediately calculates our income minus expenses etc. And so I leave the computation to him! While I am left with the artsy part of the planning. Of course, we settle on a realistic budget first (based on his calculations, hihi).

I first shared my party planning a 1st birthday here, where we booked a venue and a party host.

Checklist recap:
Party Host/Entertainer

After that, well, the planning continues...Instead of getting a party planner, we contacted the party suppliers directly (since that's what the planners do anyway), less the fee for the planner, right? I got a hold of different supplier rates and compared them, thinking not only of the price but also of the quality of their work and feedback. Most of the feedback I got from mommy forums over at the Smart Parenting site :)

For starters, we had to book a caterer ahead of time, especially if you want to get a good or well-known caterer, since they usually get lots of bookings early on. We got Queensland Catering since they were one of the most recommended that had an affordable rate (starting at 210 per plate). We also experienced their services during our family reunion last August.

For the Kiddie Meals, we opted to get from ALGO 20 packed meals at 150 each. Queensland requires a minimum of 30 kiddie meals at 195 per head. But most of our kiddie guest are toddlers and some big kids, so 30 would be too much.

For the cake and cookies, well, I was already pegged on getting the services of Angela Colet of Swell Sweets again, since we loved her cookies during Kiel's baptism. But when I stumbled upon Tazzy Cakes (formerly Kraze Kitch), I asked for her rates too and they're nearly the same. Both bakers also make very detailed work...but Tazzy Cakes delivers! You have to pick up your orders in Swell Sweets case. Besides, Ms. Cat got me hooked when she said that she only bakes her signature chocolate fudge cookies instead of the usual sugar cookies...The word "chocolate" plus "fudge" got me! I asked Cat to make Explorer Badge cookies :)

Sneak Peek 1: Our UP cake (concept by Tazzy Cakes)

Now, I was planning to do the dessert buffet myself, with inspiration from the world wide web, since we had our reliable chocolate fountain (which we used at our wedding and Kiel's baptism) to start with, and then I can buy candies at divisoria. But I met Mau of The Bee Sweet Unlimited during the Baby Carnival Bazaar (we were "neighbors" hehe), and she was really nice, and her rates are very affordable and reasonable. When I booked her early this year, I also asked her to make the rainbow pompoms table centerpieces that has been an idea running through my mind for some time. And she said she could do it! She also threw in some "friendly freebies" in my customized package. Talk about me being lucky! :)

Sneak Peek 2: Rainbow pompom centerpiece by The Bee Sweet Unlimited

We got 2 food carts: ice cream and cotton candy, from Blue Food Bar. Ms. Mayet was very kind and replied quickly. And yes, their rates are pretty affordable. We also got a dealership package from Kettle Korn. You get 30% OFF* on products! Sweet deal! 

Checklist recap:
Party Host/Entertainer
Caterer + Kiddie Meals
Dessert buffet
Food carts + Popcorn

The sound system was easy. I booked Media Monsters again, whom I also got for Kiel's baptism. Their rates are very affordable too! :)

The photographer we got was referred by a friend of ours. Labski Fotografi also had affordable rates for good quality services, based from our friend's feedback :)

Getting the ideal decorator was pretty hard. Most of the rate ranged from 12k and up on the average. Which I thought was a bit pricy. Thanks to the Samrt Parenting forum, I knew about Mr. Ballonatix. They have various rates catering to all needs, from the most simple to the most all-out, at really affordable prices. Jojo also replied promptly to my emails and text, which some suppliers rarely do.

Sneak Peek 3: UP Character standees by Mr. Balloonatix

Party Host/Entertainer
Caterer + Kiddie Meals
Dessert buffet
Food carts + Popcorn
Sound System/LCD projector

That's it! All our suppliers for Kiel's party. I will get into the details of each one with a review of their services, after the party :)

As for the DIY stuff, I did the following...

Party Labels
Loot Bags, Prizes, and Giveaways

All stickers and labels were printed at home! I did the design of the graphics, which went with the UP theme of course. Mama bought the prizes and loot bags at Divisoria. I bought some giveaways and prizes from Fiestamall in Lipa and National Bookstore :) We bought candies at Shopwise

Sneak Peek 4: My DIY party contribution :)
Kiel's party invitation

Stickers for Loot bags and Prizes

The Guestbook (Ellie's Adventure book as inspiration) - Scrapbook and
Colored Paper and Printouts :)
Labels and Table numbers, and Kiel's baby facts
The AVP! bow.

Tada! I now have to rest and get ready for the party tomorrow!


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  1. hi, mommy lique, I'll be getting the service of Mr. Balloonatix also on my son's birthday coming August.. I'm hoping it will be as beautiful as your son's party. The Rainbow pompom centerpiece was kinda cute.. great idea :)

  2. Oh Jojo is good and quite affordable :) Have you seen the work he has done for the actual party? It's in the other post, under suppliers review :) I am satisfied with their work, and highly recommend them :) I just got the rainbow pompom idea from pinterest! :) lots of great ideas there :) Good luck with your party!

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