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Artsy Antics: DIY party planning

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Reception at Pontefino Hotel in Batangas
(Disclaimer: I am not a professional party planner, nor is my husband. We just happen to love parties and have fun with our family and friends by throwing parties!)

Truth be told, my husband and I are avid event planners! It was a hidden passion we both discovered when we were planning our own Wedding. 

We wanted to be hands-on and chose not to hire a coordinator. As a young couple, we also had in mind a practical budget, of course. We both wanted the wedding of our dreams, but we had to do it within our means. And we did! Amazingly, we had a fun and successful party. 

Little did we know, our event planning days were just getting started...

The wedding games: Banana eating contest
for the ladies,  Baby bottle beer chugging
for the men :D
During the later stage of my pregnancy, we had planned our baby shower. 

Now I know you might be raising an eyebrow (or even two), thinking isn't baby shower planning for the girls only? Shouldn't someone else plan it? 

Well, let me just reiterate that we love celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends. And for the record, we couldn't help ourselves celebrating the little baby that God has blessed us with. Also, we wanted to meet-up with some of our friends which we haven't seen in a while. Boy, were they shocked to see me with a big, bulging belly!

We threw the simple celebration over at Kenny Rogers Katipunan and had games then after too! We had chocolates for prizes (who doesn't love chocolates anyway?). Just goes to show that baby showers aren't only for the ladies, because even the guys enjoyed playing the games too!

Smile everyone! :)
Ludwig winning "Guess mommy's belly size"
by cutting yarn :)

Even the guys enjoyed playing "1st to name 30 baby stuff" haha
What comes next after the baby comes out? The baptism of course! 
But this time around, we had to plan with a tighter budget, because we hadn't recovered immediately from the hefty hospital bill. 
With Kiel's godparents at Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

Coming from devout Catholic families, our elders kept insisting that it would be best to have our baby baptized soonest we can! God is so great that he made it possible for us to plan and throw a successful baptism for our baby boy.

But the avid planners in both of us led us to having a reception programme with games and even performances! Just because we didn't want to have just a usual, plain reception. The games included the usual bring me (baptism related things) and the Guessing game (ex. What time was baby born, How many hours did mommy labor). Again, we gave away chocolates (yay chocolates)!

We even had our own song number! My husband used to be in a band and played the guitar really well, while yours truly is a frustrated singer :) We played "Sweet Child of Mine" for the guests and of course for our sweet baby :)
The programme also included the godparents to say a blessing for Kiel.

Us performing Sweet Child of Mine :)
The giveaways: yummy cookies marked with K for Kiel, the others
marked with a onesie, a cradle, and stripes c/o Swell Sweets

Now, our baby is 7 months old, in just a few short months he'll be a toddler! This early, my husband and I are already planning his first birthday! We want a Disney Pixar UP theme for his birthday, because he looks like Russell! 

I have been checking out UP themed parties here, here, and here. And I'm very excited already! My husband insists on getting food carts: hotdog, ice cream, and cotton candy, which I don't mind at all :) We're also interested in getting the hosting services of Jiggles the balloon lady, whom I found out about through Mommy Neva's blog, Manilamommy. We want to celebrate baby's first birthday with a bang, but we want to be as practical as we can. We're kind of treating it like how we planned our wedding, simple but elegant. In this case, we want it simple but absolutely fun!

I'll get to the details of my party planning in the following posts.

Till next time! :)


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