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Hailey's 1st Birthday Party Suppliers: Royal Village Theme (Feedback and Review)

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Well, here I am again, sharing with you our party suppliers during our little girl's 1st birthday.

I'll be rating the suppliers from 1-5 stars (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest). 

I'll try to be as concise as possible, promise!

Some of the suppliers listed below have been featured in my Party Antics, so if you wish to know more about them, just click on the link of  the feature :)

I. Venue

Ayala Hillside Estates Social Hall Clubhouse ☆☆☆☆

Sponsorship: Required. 
Use of Venue: up to 4 hours, can hold up to 200 guests.
Rate: 25,000php (guest), 15,000php (homeowner) with a refundable security bond of 10,000php. 
Contact #s: 9018791 to 92

This is our second time to hold a party at this venue. Ayala developments are always appealing, well-lit, not to mention they also have well-planned green spaces.

Security is quite strict this time with suppliers and guests entering the subdivision. 

I give them 4 stars this time because the earliest time for party set-up is 8am, because they are that strict with outsiders. Setting up earlier is subject to a hefty fine. I had to move the party time so that the caterer and balloon stylist could have a little more time to prepare. The 2-hour prep time for them wasn't enough. Not all the lanterns were set-up. They also do not lend ladders or scaffolding, the supplier has to bring their own. Also, suppliers may not use tacks or tapes, or else we will not be getting the refund for our security bond. 

But aside from that minor comment in Clubhouse rules, I still appreciate that the admin is very nice and accommodating to us. And the place is really nice. One reason I wanted to book the party here is because I do not have to worry about the place not looking good so I don't need to put too much decorations.

To know more about the Venue, check the Party Antics Feature HERE.

II. Party Dress

SM Department Store, Celestina & Co., and Fayery Trinkets ☆☆☆☆☆

I found Hailey's dress by chance at SM Department Store. It was on SALE for only 350php! Though I had my mama add some sequins to the belt so that it looked more elegant. We didn't need to buy her new shoes since she had gold maryjanes already, also from SM.

But since the dress lacked "poofy-ness", I bought her a tutu from Celestina & Co. Nothing is as soft and fluffy as their tutus. Believe me! I had a Made-To-Order tutu but was disappointed at the result *facepalm moment*. Oh well, lesson learned. 

And of course she needed a crown. I found Fayery Trinkets on Instagram (@fayerytrinkets). They specialize in crowns, headbands, and pillow bows. Crowns costs 100-180php. Very affordable :)

Here is our little Princess in her Party Outfit... Five stars for everything! :)

III.  Invitations and Party Printables

1. Whims and Fancies ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Whims&Fancies
Rate: 50-75php per invite (specializes in pop-up invitations and other party needs) minimum order of 30pcs
Contact #s: 0932-2090-778 (SUN) look for Anne

As much as I want to do the Invitations myself, I got the privilege to win an awesome contest and won 30 invitations by Whims & Fancies! Glad I won too, because Anne makes the most beautiful invitations, from the cutest to the most elegant. Whims & Fancies prides in making handmade 3D and pop-up invitations. They also offer services for other party needs such as Letter Standees and Giveaways.

Look at Hailey's Pink, Gold, and Lavender invite, fit for Royalty...

2. Artique :)

Facebook: Artique
Contact #s: 0947-3278090

I won't be rating this, because I would be biased towards myself, hihi. I designed the party poster and signs as well as the tags and stickers for the Prizes. My labor of love :)

The Poster and Signs were printed in sintra board, c/o my friends at Happy Thoughts.

IV. Food

1. Caterer: Bistro 109 ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Bistro109 Catering
Rate: Set Meals at 300 to 550 php per person
Contact #s: 0917-7274339 / 0922-8236334 / 02-6428123

I first encountered Bistro 109 when I attended Zeeka's First Birthday Party. I wanted to try them because the food and service was great, and Ginger strongly recommends them.

I appreciate that they reply promptly to my email inquiries and that they're very polite. Anne, Mario, and Clarissa are quick to reply and acknowledge all my requests. They even sent me pictures of different table set-ups and arrangements. Also included in their service is doing an elegant centerpiece, not the old-fashioned candelabra and Malaysian Mums centerpiece.  I requested for 5r frames, lanterns (like those in Ikea) and a floral centerpiece matching Hailey's color motif.

Another good thing is that they included my table requests (gift table, prize table, dessert table, kids table and chairs) at no additional charge. Plus, their standard setup for kids tables is a U layout, giving the kids more room to play and enjoy.

They also have an elegant, lighted food bar, instead of the usual table cloth. But best of all, the food was delicious - which is the most important thing :)

5 stars for everything!

Our Lunch Menu: Beef Lasagna, Steamed Rice, Pork Barbecue Short Ribs,
Chicken Breast Medallions with Cheddar & Spinach Stuffing,
Marble Potatoes, Carrots & Zucchini in Butter Garlic Oil,
Mangoes & Cream with Graham Crust, Drinks: Free-Flowing Iced Tea, and Soda

2. Cake and Dessert Buffet: Sweet Creations by Mums ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Sweet Creations by Mums
Rate: Party Packages start at 5500 to 14500, contact Jo-ann for a customized quotation
Contact #s: 09272511922/477-9874 (look for Jo-ann)

Ms. Jo-ann is a very nice and soft-spoken person. She is also the creative baker behind Hailey's hit dessert buffet and birthday cake. We got the chance to meet up and discuss the party theme and motif, and then I let her do her work. She did a wonderful job don't you think so? She deserves 5 stars!

Next to Hailey, the buffet was the second most photographed at the party I believe :)

Dessert buffet comes with complete setup and lights and bar assistants. Guests can take home treats too, since they provide food bags.

The buffet includes: Cupcakes, Cakepops, Sugar Cookies, Oreo Pops, Graham Balls, 
4 Kinds of Candies, Meringue, Chocolate Lollies, Mallows, Wafer, sticko,cookies

3. Ice Cream: Nestle ☆☆☆☆☆


What's a party without ice cream? Good thing there's Nestle Ice Cream Party Package online. You just go to their website and choose a package. I chose the Mix-it-Up Package so I can choose the ice cream I want included. This is also a great option since you can stay within your budget. You'll get an email confirmation and someone from Nestle will call in 2-3 days to confirm too.

Easy-peasy :) 5 stars for that!

V. Styling and Decor

1. Balloons Ceiling Decor: Fabulous Prints and Party Shop ☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Fabulous Prints and Party Shop
Rate: Look for Karen Moseros for customized packages
Contact #s: 0928-4533232 / (02) 294 7283

Karen is very accommodating and replies promptly too. She even did her own ocular inspection of the venue. Even though they did not finish everything on time (because the 2-hour prep time was too short, and they had only one ladder to use), I applaud their team for managing to do an amazing job. All the balloons were set up, but some of the lanterns weren't able to be put up the ceiling, since guests were starting to arrive.

Nonetheless, the balloon decors made the party more cheerful!

2. Stage Backdrop: NY Giftworks ☆☆☆☆

Facebook: NY Giftworks Online Party Shop
Rate: Contact them for customized packages based on the client's budget, venue, theme and requirements.
Contact #s: 998-3028 / 0922-4818426 / 0917-5026357 (Look for Ms. Mek)

Everybody loved Khaleesi's Enchanted Castle. I was lucky that they already had a pink and purple castle backdrop ready, it was consistent with the theme and motif (pink, purple, gold). Backdrop is approximately 10k rental (transpo charges apply depending on location), includes welcome party sign. 

3. Photo Corner: Sweet Nest ☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Contact #s: 3999501 OR 0932844-5529 or 0925-52CANDY(22639) or 0998-9945529

Sweet Nest is well-known for their candy buffets. But I bet you didn't know that they also do styling...and they're pretty good at it too. They styled the Photo Corner-slash-Welcome Corner for the guests. For styling services, you may contact them for a customized quotation.

Our guests utilizing the photo corner (great alternative if you're not having a photobooth)

4. Event Styling and Coordination: Happy Thoughts ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Happy Thoughts
Rate: Look for Nini or Joyce for customized packages
Contact #s: 0927-8110458 (Look for Nini or Joyce)
Instagram: happythoughtsevents

In as much as I would want to do party styling myself, it would be physically impossible to do so while also dressing up and not to mention preparing the kids too. I could always rely on Nini and Joyce for styling parties. I have an idea, they make it happen.

I asked them to style the Prize and Gift Tables, do the KH banners, and create the Party Signs.

Know more about Happy Thoughts in their Party Antics Feature HERE.

VI. Entertainment and Activities

1. Party Crafts: Party Crafts by Ava ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: PartyCraftsby Ava
Rate: Party Packages start at 2500-4000
Contact #s: 0917-8875369

Instagram: partycraftsbyAva

Parties nowadays get more creative, a lot of booths and party activities for the kids (and kids at heart!). I found out about Jen and her Party Crafts through Ginger (again, hehe) during Zeeka's party. I was giddy to find out that she had a crown and tiara party craft, perfect for Hailey's party theme. Even better, I chanced their promo of the month which cost about 3000php for Materials Only for Crown and Tiara Crafts plus the Ceramic Magnet Painting, good for 20 kids. We scheduled a meet up for the materials.

The Party Crafts were a hit for both kids and adults! The crowns and tiaras doubled as party hats and "name tags" too.

5 stars for creativity!

2. Party Host: Chayno ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Chayno Partyhostmagician
Rate: 9000php
Contact #s: 0917-8424581

Getting Chayno is super "sulit" (worth it). He does Hosting with games for kids and adults, 30pcs balloon twisting, 30pcs name tags, with Yamaha stagepass Sound System (Yes! with sound system already!) with Bubble machine set up (Uh huh, he brought a bubble machine too), Magic show for kids with live animal tricks like birds and rabbit, with party assistant.

He prepared games for both kids and adults. His witty remarks were a hit, so was his magic tricks.

VII. Photographer 

Labski Fotografi ☆☆☆☆☆

Facebook: Labski Fotografi
Rate: Investment starts at 5000-9000php
Contact #s: 0908 821 6325 (Look for Ms. Jan)

When we have family events, I always book Labski Fotografi. Jan has a good eye for capturing special moments. All the pictures used in this article are taken by Labski Fotografi. They also have the most affordable packages.

Want to learn more about Labski Fotografi? Read the Party Antics feature HERE.

VIII. Loot Bags and Prizes

Divisoria, National Bookstore, SM Supermarket, Surplus Shop

I won't be rating my loot finds because I would biased towards myself again. 

My Price Range for Prizes was 10-80php. Nothing over 100 pesos. And I wanted to stick to that range. But more importantly, I wanted the "sulit" toys and loot.

I found toys below 100 at Tutuban Mall located on the second floor (sorry, I forgot the exact name of the stores). You can even haggle if you get a lot :)

There is a wholesale store in 999 where you must get at least 3 of each kind. There are toys and loot, like school supplies, coloring and sticker books in packs of 10-12. 

Most of the toys I got were puzzles, blocks/lego and wooden toys, and some for pretend play like doctor set, tools, gardening set, kitchen set, doll house, play money. I also got some for the bigger kids like bead jewelry, 2-player games, hulahoop and jump ropes.

I also bought the ecobags as loot bags there. They are less than 10pesos each if I'm not mistaken.

The Crayons I bought at National Bookstore and the candies, like the Disney Princess Candy Watch and Chocolate Coins etc, from SM Supermarket. The colored Tumblers were on Sale at Surplus Shop.


If you want to read about other party suppliers, here are the ones from Kiel's Birthday.

BONUS: Some Helpful Party Tips HERE.

Hope I helped you with your party! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Wow! Congrats Mommy! Success ang 1st birthday ni Hailey! Ilan months mo na prepare lahat yan? Kasi kami until now hindi parin tapos knowing na 2 more months to go, 1st birthday na ni Rhian. And sad to say (huhu) hindi available si Chayno on our prefer date.. Instead, we booked Flooch. ^_^

  2. I can see you love your little girl very much. It shows in every detail of the party. Happy 1st birthday to her! :)

  3. Paulline @ milastolemyheartNovember 21, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    Looks like a great party! Happy birthday Hailey and congrats Momma. This reminds me that my party supplier post had been gathering dust on my drafts already. :)

  4. Perfect timing! I'm also busy sa birthday preps for my son. Medyo cramming na nga ako so thanks for this! I was so confused sa kung ano ang magiging activities ng mga bata during the party. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron pa palang separate supplier for that. :)

  5. Hi Rackell. This is my second child kaya mass less stressful and planning. I have a post about party planning. You may see about my party posts under party antics :) I heard Flooch is also a great host :) good luck with your party!

  6. Party Crafts are a great activity! Party crafts by ava has affordable craft stations pa compared to others.. I should know kasi I canvassed other suppliers too :) good luck with your party!

  7. Wow! Love everything! Lucky baby!

  8. Wow, it looks like a great party! I love the invitations and the dessert buffet. Your caterer's package sounds great too. I'm gonna check them out. :)

  9. Looks like a great party! Will bookmark this now for future reference. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Everything's so pretty! And I really love the invitations. I'm curious, though. Why is the tutu a disappointment?

  11. Hi Maan. I had a made to order tutu for her first but was disappointed to say the least. It wasn't as fluffy and had no lining. Basra it caused me a lot of trouble pa. So in the end we bought a Celestina & co. tutu instead. Kahit medyo mas pricey.

  12. So colorful and so bagay for a birthday princess!

  13. 3 more months and it's my baby's 1st bday na din. Although I am trying na magtipid on a lot of stuff so goodluck to me. Goodjob on yours though. Pretty pretty party.