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Party Planning in 4 Easy Steps {plus FREE Printable}

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I have family and friends tell me that I have a knack for planning parties. I just love a good party, that's why I want to throw a good one, if not best!

Why not? I love it when we get together, and the only way they could is through celebrations such as parties. We get to see family, talk to our friends, and our friends get to mingle... the whole picture just brings a smile to my face :)

So here are some Basic Party Planning Tips from yours truly...These are more based from my experience of how I plan a party, so it's a tried and tested method :)

1. Plan Ahead
We started planning about 6 months ahead. No kidding. We didn't go all out planning, just started with the basics:

  • Set a Date
  • Draft a guest list
  • Think of options for Party Themes
  • Choose a Venue (if you're looking to book clubhouses in Metro Manila, better call ahead because they get booked fast!)
  • List down the things you need (ex. cake, host, balloons etc.)

That's it! It helps a lot to make plans little by little. It also helps with keeping your budget in check. Suppliers would ask a small percent for downpayment at the beginning, so you don't have to cash out a big amount when the party is over.

2. Make a Party Budget (and stick to it as much as possible)
You've started listing the things you need right? Now, assign a budget or a price range so you know how much the TOTAL party  budget would be. Also, you get to assign the bigger budget to the highest priority.


  • Venue = 8,000-10,000
  • Caterer = 20,000-30,000
  • Cake = 1,000-2,000
  • Decoration and Styling = 3,000-5000   
  • TOTAL = 32,000-47,000 budget range
So now, you have an idea how much your party would cost. Remember that if it is not within your budget, there is always another option, either find a different supplier with amore affordable rate or change your plan. If you have a couple of months more to go then there is time to make changes.

Also remember that a great party does not depend on the fanciness and elegance. A small party would also need a party budget right?

Planning a small party at home? Here is a sample of a budget and checklist:
  • Food/Caterer = 5,000-10,000
  • Cake and Dessert = 1,000-2,000 
  • Table and Chairs Rental = 1,000-2,000
  • Decoration = 1,000-2,000
  • Loot Bags and Giveaways = 2,000-3,500
  • TOTAL = 10,000-19,500

3. Canvass various suppliers and do your research
I have a file in my laptop of a number of suppliers. To build up your contact list and database, first ask recommendations from family and friends. I'm sure some of them can recommend a trusted supplier.

If not, do your research, the internet is your best friend :) Contact suppliers by calling them or sending an email inquiry and ask for their rates. Most suppliers have party packages ready for your convenience, ask for those too.

Ask if they have or are going to have promos, why not right? Most suppliers are willing to get booked and to give you the best price they have to offer. 

Remember to be polite though, you might get a better rate this way :) I mean, who likes a brat anyway?

For possible venues, do an ocular visit to see if it's a fit for your party. Consider accessibility for you and for your guests.

4. Make a Mood Board as a guide for suppliers

Once you have a list of suppliers, it's best to have a mood board for them. I already shared a few pointers HERE.

Or you can use Pinterest :)

Another good tool is Powerpoint.

I use Adobe Photoshop, since I'm used to that. I made a pdf file for Hailey's party suppliers recently. I simply looked for pictures for inspiration, since that's where you will begin anyway. And made a few notes for the suppliers. Here is an excerpt of what I provided for the suppliers for Hailey's Party:


BONUS #1: I made a Party Planning Checklist, and I am sharing it for FREE! DOWNLOAD HERE!

BONUS #2: Happy Thoughts and I are sponsoring a PARTY KITS GIVEAWAY! Get the chance to win one of 5 Customized party kits (designed by me!). Contest runs from October 22 to November 22. Open for events/parties from December 2014 to December 2015 nationwide! Complete details over at the Happy Thoughts Facebook Page

Hope I helped you in planning your own party! I would appreciate your feedback.


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  1. This post is so helpful Lique.:) Would like to join here for my baby Yvan ♥ Hope be one of the winner ♥

  2. Nice tips! I remember the time I was planning for my Baby Audric's christening (details here: ) .. it was very stressful. Yet, the event was a success! :)

  3. I love planning but I'm not fond of big parties. I'm not sure yet if we will throw party for my son 7th bday next yr. But I will join your contest. :)

  4. Great tips! I planned my son's birthday a few months ago and it went well. I'm excited to DIY our parties at home for his succeeding birthdays. Thanks for the free checklist. Will join the contest, too!

  5. Maria Louisa Mae P. MercadoOctober 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    I love planning parties and events! You have great tips here! The internet is definitely your best friend especially Pinterest for ideas. Excellent giveaway!

  6. Thanks Nicole. I love DIY parties at home too. Good luck on the contest!

  7. For my first born's baptism, I also struggled a little at first with the planning(we only had a month to plan things!). But you'll learn from your first experience so the next one would be a little less stressful :D Glad yours turned out well too!

  8. Good luck Heart! :)

  9. Yes, our Party Kits can help you with a DIY party for your son :) I also love small, intimate parties at home. Good luck!

  10. Thanks! True, planning now is easier with internet. Lots of ideas and inspiration :)

  11. Thanks Lique ♥

  12. Great party planning tips! :) In party planning, the one that excites me most is the mood board and thinking of all the things that I can DIY! Hehe

  13. this is perfect! I am now planning the baby's 1st bday. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Thanks for sharing this! This will be useful when I plan for my kids' birthdays :)

  15. cute theme colors! pinterest-hunting for theme/decor ideas is one of my favorite parts of party planning :) not having a birthday party for my twins this year, but winning even a basic party kit might just be the thing for a small family celebration at home! :)

  16. Kristina Estacio VillaOctober 26, 2014 at 2:51 AM

    These are great tips! I hope you give party planning a shot!

  17. Krisna Fernandez MesaNovember 3, 2014 at 7:27 PM

    I love parties! As well as planning one. :-) Actually yan nga ang raket ko dito sa amin. I own The 7th of October Party. Great tips, mommy! Agree ako sa mga sinabi mong yan. :-)

  18. Oh wow! I can still join this! :)