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Planning a double celebration: Baptism and 2nd Birthday

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Here I am once again planning a party...

This time it's a double celebration party for my kids! It will be Hailey's baptism and Kiel's 2nd birthday.

How time flies...sometimes I still can't believe that I am now a mother of two. 

Anyway, to start any kind of party planning, you've got to have a preferred date. Next would be the number of guests. And then comes the venue. This time, Jejo and I wanted to hold the party in a restaurant, to save time in searching for a venue and caterer separately... Good thing we stumbled upon the newly opened Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan Extension.

You see, my husband and I have this thing where our minds are like connected. We have like Bananas in Pyjamas moments: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1? Yes I am B2!". Yeah, it's weird and funny... but that's the kind of moment we had when we first visited Tokyo Bubble Tea. I was still pregnant with Hailey and we ate there with my parents and siblings. The place was modern chic and totally charming! Suddenly we faced each other and said what if we hold baby's baptism reception here? Uhuh, totally a B1-B2 moment!

TBT Katipunan has that kind of ambiance that draws you 
inside the place, you know? Photo source
And so, we had our minds and hearts set on the place. Period.

Moving forward...

So Hailey was born on November. We were thinking to hold the baptism before Christmas, but planning everything was next to impossible. Mainly because of the lack of funds. We just paid the hospital bill and Christmas was just around the corner, so we scrapped that idea.

Plan B was to hold it in January. It is also Kiel's birthday month. We weren't really planning on holding a party for Kiel's 2nd birthday, but since the opportunity presented itself, we decided to have a back-to-back celebration!

I seeked the help of Happy Thoughts to style the event. It's under the creative mind of a good friend of mine who happens to also be Hailey's ninang. Basically we went for a Teddy Bear Theme, with color motifs Pink and Blue (plus some yellow). This was also the basis for the invite that I made. Plus I made a mood board (because I was itching to do one) of my ideas for the party. 

Teddy Bear theme invite in pastel colors
Pink, Blue, Yellow for the kids' double celebration
(shameless plug! do visit my portfolio)
The Party Mood Board: a collage of all the ideas for the party! this is easy to do...
First h
ave a theme in mind or color motifs, then just search for images you may want to incorporate in your party or simply for inspiration. This helps to develop your concept and put things into organization. It also helps to let your stylist know what you want. Or the other way around, if you're styling an event, this helps the client grasp your ideas! Yay mood board!
So now, we're all set! And I am excited! I pray everything goes well. And I'll tell you all about the party and the details when it's done! 

Until Then,

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