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Event Stylist and Coordinator: Happy Thoughts

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I love planning events, from our wedding up to my kids' celebrations...and I have so many ideas in mind that sometimes most of the time I cannot DIY every single party detail. In as much as I would love to be hands on and be "behind the scenes" when it comes to the details, I can't do it alone. That's why you get a number of party suppliers to help you make your ideas come to life. 

Planning for a party can be both fun and tedious. That's why getting an Event Sylist or Coordinator is very helpful.

Remember the mood board I shared with you last time? I made it to put all my ideas into one place. So the stylist (and all other suppliers for that matter) will have a grasp of my ideas for the party. Then it's all in their hands now... just sit back and relax :)

This Party Antics feature is all about Happy Thoughts. The name itself makes you smile already right?

Happy Thoughts is an Events Styling & Coordination team of my good friend, Nini Padilla Sudiacal, and her sister-in-law, Joyce Sebastian, which they started in 2013.

Nini and Joyce are both hands-on moms to 2-year old Elise Isabel and to 1-year old Sorin Seth, respectively.

Happy Thoughts also offer candy buffet set-up, DIY party kits & other party needs. 

Get to know more aboutHappy Thoughts through our brief interview...

Nini (left) and Joyce (right) are the creative
mommy team behind Happy Thoughts.
Why and How did you start Happy Thoughts?

Nini: I have always been fond of planning parties & decorating ever since I was a kid. Movies like the Wedding Planner also inspired me to take on this path. During grade school, my sister and I used to prepare our own party lootbags even though we only have simple birthday celebrations at home. During my wedding, I was also very keen on the details from the conceptualization of invitations, flowers, souvenirs, up to the styling of the venue. Although we did hire a stylist, I was still very hands-on up to the tiniest detail. When I had my daughter, I became more addicted to party planning. I started conceptualizing for the baptism even when she was only a few weeks old. Consequently, my daughter’s first birthday was one big production.

For Joyce, she was keen on graphic designing. She owned an online shop for personalized stuff before and I’ve always asked her to design various items for my events. She is also a super-OC party planner and her wedding, son’s baptism & birthday were full of her DIYs. 

I used to work in a corporate world but then I decided that I want to be there for my daughter during growing years. She was 1 year old when I resigned. After a few months of being a stay home mom, I was thinking putting up a little business which I can do even if Im home with my kid. Joyce and I were always joking that we should start our own company since we both share the same interest for parties. Fortunately last year, the jokes have ended and we formally launched Happy Thoughts.

What inspires you when you do your styling?

Kiel and Hailey's Party styled by Happy Thoughts

We are inspired by our clients’ passion

When we feel that our clients really know what they want and have this huge clutter of ideas that they just couldn’t put into place, we are driven to show them one big picture of how we can execute their thoughts.

That’s why our first question always is if they have a theme in mind because that’s how we start working. It thrills us to see our clients’ excitement when we tell them our plans and more thrilling to see their eyes light up when they finally see how we are able to execute the plans.

What sets you apart from other Event Stylists and Coordinators?

We are a relatively young team and we are a work-in-progress. Although we have big plans and ideas in mind, we do know if it’s still not the time for us. We tell potential clients what we can do at the moment and what our style of work is. Everything we do is personally made by us that is why we only accept reservations once every week to give us time to prepare. 

We are not limited to kiddie parties, as we also coordinate Weddings and other special events...

At Happy Thoughts, we not only take care of the bride, but the groom as well. Usually, only the bride has her personal coordinator and the groom only gets checked once in a while. So on our team, we have personal coordinators for both the bride and groom.

Why do you think it's important to hire an event stylist/coordinator?

To save you from all the stress and let you enjoy your own event. This most especially applies to busy people. 

Any tips for those who want to style or plan their own parties?

Number 1 tip is to always be excited in planning for your kid’s party and not to think of it as something that you just had to do or as we Pinoys usually say, “mairaos lang”. Sure it’s just a one-time thing that you’re child probably wouldn’t remember but why not make something that is worth going back to when your child gets older. Make something that is virtually pleasing so you could reminisce your stories in photos with your child. 

DIY you say? Google is your friend. Pinterest is your best friend ☺ 

But seriously, the feeling of being inspired plays a big role in the preparation of an unforgettable party. Look for inspirations online.

See Happy Thoughts' parties through these wonderful photos

Planning your own party? 
For inquiries, you can reach Happy Thoughts through the following information:

Follow on Instagram: happythoughtsevents
SMS/Viber: 09278110458 (Look for Nini or Joyce)

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  1. Lynette Rivera SudiacalMarch 3, 2014 at 5:14 AM

    I'm proud of you my sisters - Joyce&Nini ๐Ÿ‘. Keep your ๐Ÿ’ก ideas flowing! ๐Ÿ˜™