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Mommy Antics: It's a GIRL! (Plus Some Maternity Tips *wink*)

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Hello World! I'm a Girl! Yay :)
I am 20 weeks into my pregnancy, and we just found out last weekend that we are having a baby GIRL! (Haven't crossed that out yet on my Life List until she's out). Yay! Imagine our excitement! Finally I'll have a little "me" and a little "doll" whom I can dress up in all fancy, kikay clothes and accessories, hihi...

They say when you're having a girl, you'll be blooming and have that much wanted pregnancy glow! I don't know about you, but I feel the opposite... I have pimple breakout all over my forehead, I have oily skin, and sometimes unbearable heartburn. I thought for sure I was having another boy! But come to think of it, when I was carrying Kiel, I though I was having a girl because I felt light and pretty, had such an easy pregnancy...Oh well, the old wives' tales are definitely not true for me. I did read once though that having a girl sucks the all the beauty in you...But I don't really mind the bad skin and heartburn... I just love my baby :) Another thing that led me to thinking I was having a boy is the Chinese Birth Calendar, my Tita swears by it, since all her kids' genders were spot on if you refer to the calendar! It said I was having a boy...Nah! wrong! My mom also guessed I was having a boy. Why? Based on my son's "gilit sa hita" (lines on his legs). Since both his legs had one gilit on them, she said the next child would be of the same gender, so a boy too. NAH! wrong again...

So that's TIP # 1: Do not believe in Old Wives' Tales and whatever kasabihan there is out there...
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Another difference between my first and second pregnancy is that I've shown earlier than before. My bump wasn't obvious until my fifth month during my first, but now I showed when I was about 3 months early on. During my first trimester, I also had a big appetite! as in a BIG one! I suddenly loved to eat rice 3 times a day! I ate whatever, making an excuse in my head that it's ok to eat more since I was pregnant. I know, it sounds unhealthy, that's why I gained weight fast too. Maybe that's what's causing my heartburn, so I realized... So now, in my second trimester, I've been eating healthier meals, like fruit/vegetable juices/shakes (which seems to be the "in" thing now in a healthy diet), salads, sandwiches, oatmeal/cereals for breakfast, Yogurt/Crackers/Nuts for snacks, and definitely less rice than before. NO, I am NOT starving myself... 

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Here's TIP # 2: is to eat healthy, smaller meal portions on an average of 6 times a day. That's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2-3 snacks. I feel lighter and healthier :) But I won't be a hypocrite, I still indulge in cheat meals sometimes, hehe...who can resist chocolates and cupcakes once in a while right? but on a moderate scale...promise!

Right now, I'm feeling her little kicks and movements. She usually squirms at night. Daddy feels so happy having a little girl too...He wants to have a "daddy's girl", because he says Kiel is already such a mama's boy, haha.

My tummy's getting bigger now, not yet sporting that "pregnant lady" look very much, more like a "bloated, busog tummy" know what I mean? Ugh! And it's hard to find clothes that will complement this current body shape. As much as I'd like to think that looking good and fashionable is the least of my problems, women in general still want to look fab! Right? I do have some clothing staples I don't mind wearing over again...They have always been my faves. And no, I do not buy from the Maternity Line/Wear, I just think they're too expensive. I just choose clothes that I'll get to wear during and after my pregnancy. But always keep in mind that comfort is still the number 1 rule when it comes to picking out clothes :)

TIP # 3: Have these Maternity Fashion Staples in your wardrobe:

1. Jeggings and/or Leggings - Instead of Maternity pants, I opted to get comfy jeggings and leggings. They're less expensive so I've got a number of them!
2. Blazers/Cardigans/Cover-ups - For that illusion of a slim shape even with a bulging belly :)
3. TLBD (The Little Black Dress) or an Empire dress and/or Long top - Black is a pregnant woman's best friend when it comes to color. It makes you look not-that-big if you know what I mean. Also, an empire cut top or dress or a loose, long top is always my pick for clothing since it's very comfy.
4. Maxi Dress - Maxi dresses make me feel more feminine, and the empire waist is a plus for comfort :)
5. Comfy flats - I am no celebrity mama, so I don't go for the heels, sorry. I prefer flats, comfy ones...I love my crocs and TLTSN flats (I now have 4 TLTSN flats) in particular
6. Comfy sandals - feet tend to grow too when you're pregnant. So my sandals are my saviours. I love my dependable Grendha sandals (I have 2, and had them for years now, still in good condition) plus they're very comfy!
Yes, that's me in the inset (at 20 weeks) trying to be fashionable, haha :)
Aside from taking time to pick out clothes, another problem that comes with a growing tummy is getting stretch marks. I know it's suppose to be a mom's pride and glory at one point, since it is the mark of her pregnancy, but still, nobody wants to have them...right?

TIP #4: Rub Baby Oil then Body Butter on your tummy, lower back, and legs. At least that's what I did with my first pregnancy, and I didn't get any stretch marks. It's only a suggestion of course. I'm sure there are other ways to prevent or lessen stretch marks...this is just a tip :)

I use Human Nature's Body Butter and
Johnson's Baby oil
Right now, we're preoccupied with thinking of a name for our little girl :) I have no tips for that one, I'm having a hard time myself! But not rushing...choosing a name is a lot of FUN for sure!

Until then,

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