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The Little Things She Needs

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I am a confessed shoeholic! Or at least I was, before motherhood came about. But now, I'm currently obsessed with looking for and buying baby stuff: clothes, gears, toys, books etc. Now I believe what one mommy friend told me, that once you become a mom, shopping for yourself is on the bottom of the list, and shopping for your kids always come first. It becomes a mommy's mindset all of a sudden. Call it a natural order of things. 

Before Kiel came along, I would have my usual shoe shopping fix, whether it be branded or it came from a bargain stall, just as long as a pair catches my eye or if the shoe fits, literally speaking... There would be those moments that I would unexpectedly enter a shoe store and try on a pair or two, and then there would be that certain "tada" moment when a pair "lights up and lures you" into buying it...and there's no turning back! Yes. Definitely a shoeholic. 

Suddenly my obsession love for shoes have dwindled, replaced by the sudden love for baby stuff! 
And it's obvious with the pages that I "Like" on facebook, mostly mommy and baby shops. Also, when I became a stay-at-home-mom, I didn't need to wear shoes inside the house, unlike when I still had my office job, I needed different pairs for different outfits.

But just recently, I've had my shoe fix once again! Maybe because Christmas is nearing? Whatever the reason, I had the sudden urge to buy a pair when I realized that I was wearing the same sandals over again whenever we go out.

My ever reliable Grendha sandals. They can be worn with any
outfit I wear, and they're very comfy too! :)

A look into our shoe cabinet. Most of my shoes are flats and
sandals. Yes, the 3 bottom rows are mine. My heels are boxed
up and kept in a different cabinet and I only get to wear them
on special occasions, given that I'm not taller than hubby :)

So, with my husband's permission (yes, I had to ask because I didn't want to feel guilty about buying for myself!), we looked for a new pair for me at Eastwood Mall. Imagine my excitement! I think my last shoe purchase was when I was pregnant and I had to buy sandals so it can fit my swollen feet!

We came across The Little Things She Needs over at Eastwood Citywalk2, between Starbucks and People are People. It was a pretty little store, with shoes all over their walls! Wah! Shoe Madness! They also had chic accessories and a number of bags too. I was drawn to the store for some reason. Maybe because of its name: The Little Things She Needs. The name speaks to me somehow, you know? I needed a new pair of shoes, and it's just a little thing to ask for. Besides, I wanted to treat my self for all the mommy and wifey work I've been doing everyday, I felt like I deserved a new pair! 

Photos from The Little Things She Needs Facebook Page

I was drawn to a pair of bright red flats, and hubby approved of it too! They were also really comfy, which is essential for me, aside from how they look on my feet! It costs 699php a pair, but if you buy 2, it's only 1,199php! Being guilty enough of buying one pair, I asked my sister if she wanted to buy that time too, and she actually wanted to buy as well. She chose tangerine checkered flats that I helped her pick out.

Shoe fix satisfied! :)
I will definitely be going back there should another shoe fix moment arrive. 

Until then,

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  1. Ay, totoo yaaan! Napaka-shoe addict mo nung college pa tayo! Pero don't feel guilty of your purchases. Lagi ko ngang sinasabi, 'that's why we work hard'. Syempre, dapat balanced ang luho at necessities;)

  2. favorite shoe store at eastwood as of the moment.:) sarap iuwi lahat. haha!

  3. Wahhh!! Super love you shoes!!! -april :)

  4. P.s. Lahat ng flats ko requirement may ribbon haha!! Kainggit!!