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Our Visit to the Quezon City Experience (QCX) Museum

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City on a Hill Gallery. Those are tablets with photos and information about the city sights and infrastructure.
I have been hearing about the new QCX Museum from our Homeschool Facebook Group and I also read it in Rappler. So, we finally decided to visit it yesterday.

Being a Quezon City resident for quite a while now, including my college days in UPD, I honestly have little information about the City. Besides, visiting an interactive museum sounded like a fun afternoon activity for me and the kids.

QCX or Quezon City Experience is an interactive and socio-cultural green building-compliant city museum which was inaugurated in November 9, 2015 within the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. QCX primarily displays the history and culture of Quezon City. It is touted as the first interactive museum of the city. (Wikipedia)

The museum was a little hard to find, since it's new, there were still no signages pointing to its location. It is just across Commonwealth Avenue, so it's best to enter through that gate.
A photo with Manuel Quezon's bust
Interactive Table of QC history
Malacanang Gallery
We arrived there just in time for the final tour, because they close at 5pm. QCX has has around 16 galleries, including a business center with a small theater and lecture room, and an event center, which can be rented out for occasions and special events.
Event Area
Business Center
A tour guide was with us and our designated group all throughout the museum experience. We got to visit various themed galleries, from the City's past, present, and future, and the tour guide explained each one. After each gallery introduction, we were then given about 10 minutes to roam around, take photos, explore interactive displays, and read information on the walls and tablets in each gallery. Unlike other museums, there are lots of photo opportunities in the museum and the tour guides are happy to take a group photo for you.

The complex is fully air-conditioned and well-lit, so the tour was comfortable for us, especially that I had 2 toddlers tagging along. 

My children especially loved the Housing, Jeepney, School, Street Scene galleries because they had child-sized, child-friendly exhibits.
My little boy thought this was a microwave, hehe.
Housing Gallery. These are kiddie-sized houses to replicate the city's housing projects. You can also see here the wall of all the City Mayors, from past to present.
Jeepney Gallery
School Gallery. That TV is interactive, it has a sensor so you can swipe to explore. 
My little ones absolutely loved this school bus. Who wouldn't? It's so cute!
You can even browse and listen to OPM music
Tada! I'm in UP! 
Street Scene Gallery
Local Business Gallery 
Entertainment Gallery. As QC is home to the well-known TV Stations
I was impressed with the War Gallery where the guide retold the story of the infamous legend of the White Lady along Balete Drive... this was a bit of a "horror moment" for the kids, because the effects were a little bit realistic for them, hehe. I won't spoil too much details, better experience it for yourself! :)

I also appreciated the Monuments Gallery, because the scaled models were so detailed (I asked the tour guide, and indeed they were built using a 3D printer). 

I am also happy that the QCX complex is a green-building compliant structure, meaning they did not cut any trees during its construction, and built around them instead. Maybe it's the Landscape Architect in me that appreciates those little details :)
War Gallery

UP Diliman Scaled model
Iglesia ni Cristo Church
Santo Domingo Church
Welcome Rotonda
The Big Dome
Green-building complaint structure 
They even found a way to preserve this big tree :)
Now I won't flood you with too much photos, because it's best to see the QCX Museum for yourself.

They will ask you for your feedback at their Expressions Gallery after the tour (the entire tour lasts about an hour).
Current Issues Art Gallery. This Sardine sculpture is meant to represent the current sad state of our "education" system.
Environment Issue
Barangay Gallery
Expression Gallery 

If you're planning to visit soon, take advantage of their FREE ADMISSION extended until the month of December 2015!

They QCX Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9AM to 5PM (Yes, they are closed on Mondays).

Rates after the promotion are as follows (Source: Rappler):

Students with ID – P80
Quezon City resident – P100 (must present valid ID with address)
Non-Quezon City resident – P150
Group of 50 – 20% discount
Group of 50 students – 30% discount
Senior citizens/Persons with disability/Solo parent – 20% discount
Family of 5 members – 20% discount
Free admission for children 6 years and below

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  1. It seems that your son enjoyed the tour! I would have brought my son there too if only it was nearer. The location is way out of my route na kase, sayang =(

  2. Awww! I'd love to visit this place!!! so cool! ♥ Where is this located?

    1. Hi mommy, I mentioned it sa intro, it's in QC Memorial Circle

  3. yay! ang lapit lang nit dito sa amin, will visit there with my toddler. Thanks mommy for sharing.

  4. I didn't know QC had a place like this! We'll take the kids... lucky we're QC residents so we can avail of the discounted rate! :D

  5. The museum look great! I'm sure any kids would love to visit there. Sayang malayo samin. ~Pearliza Paguio

  6. We love museums! I think that expressions gallery is adorable.

  7. Will definitely pay this a visit. Another must-see place in the metro. Yey!

  8. The place looks good and informative, hope someday I can bring my kid here