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Do you have goals in life? 

I'm sure you do, but what about those that you often dream and think about, whether long term or short term, from the simplest to the most absurd, have you achieved most of them? 

I remember when I used to write my goals for the year every New Year. I'd write them at the back of my planner, then cross them out when I've done them. And it feels so good when I get to accomplish some. My lists then we're short and simple... achievable within a year of course, like read at least 5 books or go to the beach this summer, and some other stuff like that.

Just recently, my husband and I have been discussing our goals in life, our dreams for our family. This inspired me to make a note of all my goals in life, in general. Since I became a mom, the "me" time and even our couple dates have dwindled to quite a few instances. But I'm not worried. Being a mom, or a parent for that matter, shouldn't be a hindrance to our goals, right? Your goals just get bigger and they multiply!

I was also inspired by my co-mommy bloggers Martine and Ginger who made a list of their own goals over at their blogs. I may have simpler goals than they do, but what the heck, anyone can dream big can't they? So I'll try to set some higher goals for me in this list, and I hope to accomplish them sooner or later :)

  1. Get married (April 30,2011)
  2. Have a boy (January 29,2012-Jin Ezekiel)
  3. Have a girl (November 7, 2013 - Khaleesi Hailey)
  4. Have 3(or 4) kids :D
  5. Get an SUV (August 20, 2015)
  6. Practice driving (again)
  7. Have a 2-storey (or 3?) House with a beautiful garden :)
  8. Design that said house and garden :)
  9. Have an awesome walk-in closet in the master's bedroom of that said house :)
  10. Get a family dog (preferably a Husky or a Golden Retriever)
  11. Get an insurance/savings plan
  12. Be Debt FREE
  13. Enroll in a cooking class
  14. Enroll in a baking class (February 20, 2016 - #BakingwithGummyBites)
  15. Bake a cake :)
  16. Bake cupcakes and cookies (February 20, 2016 - #BakingwithGummyBites)
  17. Compile family pictures in albums (Thank you :D)
  18. Learn to grow vegetables and herbs at home
  19. Learn how to code (even just the basics)
  20. Learn a new skill before I turn 50!
  21. Learn how to sew (properly, with a machine :D)
  22. Learn basic makeup/Enroll in a make-up class
  23. Attend an Arts and Crafts Workshop
  24. Attend a business seminar
  25. Have my own website for Honeybaby (Temporary home yay!
  26. Have my own website for Artique (online portfolio: ... getting there :D)
  27. Have a small cafe/hole in the wall like place where I get to be the head cook/baker :D
  28. Have a vacation/Travel to at least 10 Philippine Destinations (Cebu/Bohol-2009, Coron-2011, Boracay-2013, Laoag/Pagupud-2014)
  29. Visit Luneta Park
  30. Visit Manila Zoo
  31. Travel outside the country (Singapore - June 2015)
  32. Travel to at least 3 Asian Countries (Singapore June2015)
  33. Travel to at least 3 European Countries
  34. Travel to the United States (and see our relatives there)
  35. Touch/Feel/See Snow - and maybe build a snowman :)
  36. Go to Disneyland
  37. Go to the Great Wall of China
  38. Go to Paris
  39. Go to Vatican City
  40. Go on a cruise
  41. Try out an extreme sport
  42. Try fire range shooting
  43. Play laser tag or paint ball
  44. Learn self-defense or martial arts
  45. Watch a Play (Theatre)
  46. Have my tummy keloid removed
  47. Go on a Pamper/Makeover Day
  48. Go camping
  49. Go mountain climbing/trekking
  50. Go scuba diving
  51. Go surfing
  52. Buy an underwater camera
  53. Buy a mirrorless camera (November 2015, Daddy's Christmas gift)
  54. Run a marathon
  55. Learn Boxing (Elorde Tandang Sora)
  56. Learn Yoga
  57. Learn Zumba (or any similar dance workout) - Oasis
  58. Spend a full day at the Spa with hubby :)
  59. Paint (an artwork for the house)
  60. Sing at a friend's wedding :D
  61. Learn a foreign language (or at least have my kids learn one :D)
  62. Read novels again
  63. Meet and greet a Hollywood celebrity :)
  64. Own a pair of designer shoes
  65. Own at least one designer clothing
  66. Own at least one designer bag
  67. Be in a tv commercial (or at least let my kids be in one - kahit extra haha :D)
  68. Attend a fashion show
  69. Have a Boudoir Photoshoot before I turn 40! 
  70. Own a rest house in Tagaytay
  71. Ride a helicopter
  72. Ride a yacht
  73. Ride an elephant or maybe a camel?
  74. Go to a concert of a foreign band/artist
  75. Plan an event for a relative/friend (weddings or birthday parties)
  76. Have my children go to a good school
  77. Homeschool my kids
  78. Have my kids learn an active sport (unlike mommy and daddy hehe)
  79. Have my kids learn to play a musical instrument
  80. Spend family quality time at a fancy hotel aka "Staycation" (June 19, 2013 - The Malayan Plaza Hotel, April 30-May1 2014 - Crosswinds Resorts Suites, Tagaytay, April 30-May 1, 2015 - Hotel H2O)
  81. Get to eat at a hotel/country club buffet (June 29, 2013 - The Palms Country Club, Alabang with family and friends)
  82. Fly First Class
  83. #Skinvest #Skinvesting 
  84. Get FIT (Get my pre-baby body back)
  85. Get teeth whitened
This list may not be final. I'm sure I'll get think of some more along the way. How about you, care to share your life goals? I'd love to know about them :)