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Pretend Play: Why you should set up a Dress-Up Box for your Kids

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It's Halloween Season, and you've probably attended some parties already. I'm sure you're excited to dress up your kids in scary or cute costumes... Yes, the parents sometimes are the more excited ones than the kids hehe *guilty!*

But here at home, we play dress up most of the time already, and it's like halloween on most days. I've set up a Dress-up Box for my toddlers, and they just love pretend play!

It's more than just wearing different clothes, but the idea that you get to be someone or something else

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't pack away those halloween costumes, and start up a dress up box or cabinet too:

1. Having a dress-up box allows them to recreate scenes from everyday life, which is important in a young child's development (Social Studies). My kids love to play with their DIY kitchen and copy me when I cook. They get to be doctors, builders, bakers etc.

2. Pretend play is one of the most magical things in a child's life, and it's wonderful to see what they come up with. It allows them to imagine and create stories, explore and go on adventures... Make Believe! My little boy would often pretend he's an inventor and build "machines" or sometimes he's a superhero with his cape and mask.

3. It fosters independence. They get to choose their clothes, and dress themselves... and most of the time they want to it all by themselves! Yay!

4. It's a great parent-child bonding activity. I love joining in on their pretend plays. It's FUN! And we get to bond over picnics or pillow forts. Besides, I get to be whatever... one minute I'm a queen, and the next minute I'm a big, scary monster, RAWR!

5. It develops their language skills and vocabulary. I am amazed how my 3yo makes up stories and conversations on his own. And he's very committed to his role. One time he pretended to be a detective to solve a "mystery" (yes, he was the one who said he was solving a mystery), with a necktie, hat, magnifying glass and all.

6. Pretend play helps with their emotional development. They get to explore their different personalities and act out expressions. They pretend to cry, act surprised, be scared etc.

Now, how to start setting up a dress-up box? 

Well, just get any big box where to put clothes and accessories in. Ours is just a simple pull-out rattan box than I placed in a low shelf so it's easily accessible for the kids. If you have a big space at home, go ahead and make a whole dress-up corner, set-up a cabinet and fill it with clothes and costumes.

So what do you put in your dress-up box? It's actually pretty easy to fill up a dress-up box. Once you get started, you'll find all sorts of stuff to put in there, trust me...

What to put in your dress up box or cabinet:

  • Old costumes (yes, these aren't just for halloween anymore!)
  • Hats (Caps, beanies, helmets etc.)
  • Masks and play glasses (sun glasses/eye glasses)
  • Headbands (ex. Kitty/bunny ears) 
  • Scarves and ribbons (they can use this as capes, belts, pretend tails and ropes etc.)
  • Accessories: Bow ties, neck ties, belts, gloves, beaded necklaces/bracelets, bags (hand bags, small backpacks etc.)
  • Occupation kits (ex. Doctor/Builder kits)
  • Props: swords, shield, wands, crowns, boots, buckets/baskets etc.
  • Aprons
  • Jackets
  • Skirts or Tutus

You can add to your dress up box as time goes by. 

Do you have a dress-up box at home? I'd love to hear what's in yours. If you don't have one yet, try it setting one up at home and see how your kids imagination start to unfold!

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  1. My kids love to dress up all the time. I let them be because they enjoy it and iba ang kislap ng mata nila! hahaha.. :)

  2. I agree with you mommy, mas excited p tayo kaysa mga anak natin to dress-up. and Yes! that's right that our kids they're so imaginative and use things just to pretend something, it is better to help them and support them and enjoy with our kids. Di kaya matatawaran ang kaligayahan ng mga bata :)

  3. I don't have a dress-up box but my son has several costumes at home that I keep inside the cabinet. Maybe I can put them inside a box just so my son will have easier access to his costumes if he feels like dressing up as Bumblebee, a Ninja Turtle or even Ironman! Thanks for the idea =)

  4. I'm guilty of being a kill joy in this part. They make so much mess even with just heir toy box. I love dressing them up though maybe i'll just play with them once in a while wearing costumes.

  5. We don't celebrate Halloween but we try to provide our boys as much costumes as much as we can, kahit masks or cape or hats. We let our children use these costumes any time, even when we got to the supermarket, hehe

  6. My daughter is only 2 years old but I can see already that she's someone who's gonna love dressing up. Right now, she's already fond of putting on different hats, and unique ones, too, like her doll's dress, a diaper, her feeding bowl, box, etc., haha.

  7. This sounds like a load of fun! You're right; this activity is beneficial. I'll try this one, too -- I'll just collect dress-up materials first haha.

  8. Will definitely do this with my son kapag malaki laki na siya. Excited na ko! Hehehe

  9. A dress-up box is a nice idea! Why didn't I think of that? I have recently gave away several costumes of my son simply because I can't think of what I can do with them. Next time, I know what to do. Thanks for this tip! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  10. I also put my daughter's stuff in a box so she can take the contents out and play anytime she wants!


  11. Such a great idea! Im gonna do this when Baby Charley turns one! :) Thank you for sharing! :)

  12. We also had a pretend play box and it came in handy on Halloween, plays and just for fun. My 2 kids a re now teens but some of their stuff has been saved for our bunso.