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Buribox: A Curated Educational Box for Filipino Learners

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Hi there!

I haven't blogged for a while here, just because January-February turned out to be busy for us, because it's our (my son, my husband, and myself) birthday months!

So anyway, I am happy to report that earlier last January, we got to try the BuriBox. My son was very giddy and happy to receive a parcel especially for him. 

The smiling face on the BuriBox was too contagious, we were also smiling as we were opening it! I am very happy that the box was delivered with the contents all neatly packed - even bubble-wrapped!

We got a Toddler Buribox, recommended for young Filipino learners, aged 3-5yo. There is also a Young Readers BuriBox for 6-8yo children.

So, what is a BuriBox?

BuriBox is a monthly, curated educational box with Filipino content for kids, delivered to your doorstep. 

For just 799 pesos, you get 4-5 new books and multiple activities/worksheets and art materials every month.

Our box had all these in it...

We got 3 books, a coloring book, clay, crayons, poster paints, and a couple of worksheets, that are very well-made by the way, on specialty paper!

Both my kids love the books...and the clay! When we opened the box, they immediately wanted to get their hands on the clay, and they cannot be stopped!

I'm glad that the box comes with activities, because sometimes I am running out of ideas for activities for my little bulilits, hehe. 

My son even came up with copying the pictures in the coloring book and sculpting them using the clay...

The BuriBox also comes with a guide for Parents, so don't worry about just improvising, because you have different activities listed on how to use the contents of the box.

Turns out, it's also a great way to bond with your child :) We've read the books together, and they already know the song "Sampung mga Daliri" and we love the picture book that has both english and tagalog words describing them.

We still have some activities that we have yet to try... Getting this BuriBox was so worth it!
What makes the BuriBox special?

"[Adarna House] was founded to respond to the need of Filipino children to develop their minds through enjoyable learning opportunities and memorable literary experiences. ("

  • Each book, activity, and material you receive has been carefully curated by experienced and expert educators and product developers.
  • Made for the Filipino child - the books and activities in each BuriBox are situated within the Filipino context and were made especially for Filipino children.
  • Teach your child Filipino the fun way - Ninety percent of BuriBox stories are in two languages (bilingual).

Good News!
Liquesantics has been tapped by Adarna House to offer my readers a special chance to get a BuriBox by just paying the shipping cost of 150php (for the value worth 799)! But it requires a PayPal account though.

Simply sign up below, and I'll personally email you the link and instructions of the promo.

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  1. Thanks for this! :) I already submitted the google form but haven't received the email link yet.

    1. Hi Lalaine, I just sent it to you, please check your inbox :) Thanks for signing up! Enjoy your BuriBox!

  2. I can't wait to get our Buribox! :) Looks so much fun for the kidlets! :)

  3. I wanted to try this but I cant connect my debit card to my Paypal account. :(

  4. I would love to get one and save it until my son is 3. He's still 21 months old.

  5. Excited to receive our Buribox this 15th. :)

  6. OMG if we had this before, then maybe my son wouldn't be struggling so much in Filipino class! He's still not used to conversing in the language since we speak mostly English at home. :(

  7. This so nice, I would love to have this for my Zd, it's very helpful specially for our growing toddler.

  8. Since it is from Adarna, it must be really good :)

  9. I can't wait to get ours. Looks like a great activity for kids :)

  10. Aww why are my kids too old for this lol!

  11. Awww I'll sign up Bunny for this!

  12. Buribox is such a great concept right? I'm a fan, and I'm planning to subscribe this summer.

  13. Looks like a pretty awesome activity for the kiddos! But why oh why can't they have payment via bank deposit in one of their choices.. huhuhu.. :( paano na pag wala kaming paypal :(

  14. Getting a Buri Box subscription for your child can pave the way for him/her to be a voracious reader. Thumbs up!

  15. Aww inggit ako sa buribox. I was offered too kya lang can't say yes to it this year bka nxt yr pa..

  16. i also received a buribox! it's very exciting, specially for the kids!