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Family Antics: Staycation at The Malayan Plaza Hotel

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Here's the story behind our sudden "Staycation" last Wednesday...

There was an unnerving loud noise last Tuesday night at the condo. And the electricity suddenly went out. We were surprised to find out that it was only our building that lost power. Our Condo Community has 5 mid-rise buildings, and ours was the only one affected by the power outage. Why so? Because our building's main circuit breaker blew up in flames! They said it was due to the constant rains.

We were deprived of decent sleep that night. I constantly fanned my little boy just to make him somewhat comfy. But the poor baby, his head was sweating like crazy! The next morning, Jejo asked the Admin when the power will be back and they said they would try their best to bring it back that day. Daddy took a day's leave just be with us in case of an emergency, so we took the down time to do some grocery shopping and go to Eastwood Mall for a little while, hoping that the power would be up when we get back home.

Unfortunately, there was still no electricity. If not for our handy extension cords and the emergency light socket down the hallway, we wouldn't be able to charge our gadgets, and even somehow managed to plug in our pldt wifi and the electric fan for a little while. The condo's common areas had a generator for emergencies such as these, so at least it wasn't extremely bad, I mean at least an elevator was running, and the halls were lit. 

The one in charge of "fixing" said they already bought a new breaker, but said Meralco had to come and check the next morning. So no hope for power that day. Jejo and I weighed our options. We could either spend the night at my Lola's house in Tandang Sora or at my friend's house (Kiel's ninang Jomie) also in QC. Jejo was thinking of spending the night at a hotel. I told him it was too expensive just to spend the night. He did suggest that it could also be the staycation I always wanted to experience (as stated in my Life List #73). I did think about it for a minute or two...but the cheapskate in me insisted that we just spend the night at a relative's or friend's house.

He did mention the following advantages:

  1. The Hotel had an ongoing PROMO - a family suite inclusive of breakfast buffet and SM cinema tickets good for two.
  2. The Hotel was conveniently near his office...a walking distance! He says he can go to work early and go home early after too.
  3. The Hotel had Wifi. He needed place to work that night, said he needed to finish some tasks. And I also needed decent internet access so I can do some of my VA tasks unresolved that day because I didn't get to go online...
  4. The Hotel had a Play Room for Kiel. Yeah, it was a plus plus plus :)
  5. The privacy and all other convenience (cable tv, hot showers, room service etc.)

Ok short, I gave in eventually!

The Hotel I'm talking about is The Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas and this is the promo Jejo found:

The Malayan Plaza Hotel Promo
Packing for an overnight stay wasn't really a problem for me because I'm used to it, like when we go home to Lipa over the it was no biggie, I packed up in just 15-20minutes tops! hehe. That's one supermom power I got over time :)

True enough, the stay was worth it. Jejo was able to work and we were able to get a decent night's sleep. The Breakfast Buffet didn't disappoint! They had rice, cereals, breads, delis and cheeses, pasta, salads, soup, fruits, and even champorado! Good thing kids 12 and below get to eat free :) Kiel ate some hearty champorado and cereals and pineapple juice. For the yaya, we bought her breakfast from the nearby 7eleven and she ate in the room.

I took the half day to do some VA work. Kiel seemed to enjoy the most. Just look at the little tyke in his staycation moments:

Kiel loving the comfy Queen-sized bed while watching tv

Hello? Room Service?
The Playroom
The playful little tyke
My only comment about the hotel, aside from not having bedroom slippers for guests, was the room faintly smelled of cigarette smoke. Maybe it stuck to the room? I don't know. That's why I love love love my handy Mia Maison Room Mist Spray. I have one handy in situations such as these. Recommended for the OC mommy or the sensitive preggy nose!

We checked out 12nn and went home. The power came back at around 7pm already, and everyone in the building was so happy! So were we! The staycation was a nice way to spend some relaxing, family time as well as escape the stress brought about by the loss of electricity...but there's still no place like home!

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