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What are Lactation Goodies? (Updated April 2016)

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Well hello there!

It's been a while since I wrote on this blog space. And just in time too, August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month! Hooray!

I have been breastfeeding Hailey for 9 months now and still counting. I don't plan on weaning her any time soon. Why should I when it is the best nutrition I can give for my baby. But I wouldn't be as successful enough without the support of my family plus an extra amount of willpower!

One of the things that help increase my milk supply is the lactation goodies I have been snacking on from time to time. Though I still love to eat malunggay (Moringa oleifera) and I make sure to drink lots of water, but since I am a dessert lover, I tried the modern-day alternative to increasing milk - Lactation Goodies! 

Lactation goodies? What's that?
Oh they're just yummy cookies, cupcakes, or brownies that contain "nutrient-rich galactagogues (milk-increasing ingredients) such as fiber-and-iron-rich oats, Omega-3-flowing flax seed, cholesterol-and-blood-sugar-lowing fenugreek, and Vitamin-B-packed brewer’s yeast! " (quoted from Mommy Treats)

You can order them in 1-2 week supplies or more.

Are they just for breastfeeding moms?
No. My husband and toddler loves to munch on them too. Yes, I love to share it with them. And no, they don't lactate when they eat them. hehe. 

Wow that sounds good, but do they taste good too?

Where can I get some?
Here are is a list of where you can get Lactation Goodies:

1. Mamachows (Ginquelrus Pastries) 

Chef Raquel is the homebaker behind Mamachows. They make the Best Cheese Cupcake ever! And I say that with confidence because they are super yummy! Even Steven Tyler of Aerosmith thinks so too. As well as Kris Aquino.

They also make lactation cookies, ensaimada (I want to try these next), revel bars (and this) and brownie cupcakes (and this too, hehe).

Their goodies are freshly baked and individually packed, delivered in a box. So far, her goodies are my favorite! What can you expect from a chef and baker, right? :)

Like on Facebook: Mamachows
Follow on Instagram: @mamachows
You can order by texting 0917 322 0926

Choco Chip Oatmeal Cookies + Cheese cupcakes 

2. Mommy Treats

Paola Loot is the mom behind Mommy Treats. She is also a certified breastfeeding peer counselor.

My favorite is her plain lactation brownies (also comes in peppermint).

She also makes lactation cookies, muffins, and chocolate spoons (hot chocolate ready in a spoon for stirring in a mug of hot water, sugar free and dairy free).

"Packed in 1-day servings, these preservative-free goodies are always baked fresh upon ordering and are packed small enough to fit in your purse or diaper bag!" (Mommy Treats)

You can order directly from their website:
Or Like on Facebook: Mommy Treats

Lactation Brownies
2-inch Cookies packed in 6, for a day's
consumption. These are Oatmeal raisin.
You can order a variety of cookies, others
are oatmeal choco chip and white choco chip

3. Mom's Basket

Mommy Dea is behind Mom's basket. I knew about her from the Breastfeeding Pinays Group, and feedback about her red velvet cookies were good. And they were right! Her red velvet cookies are delicious!

She has other cookie variants, such as plain oatmeal, chocolate, and choco chip. Cookies are packed the microwaveable container in cling or bubble wrap.

Like on Facebook: Mom's Basket

About 3inch cookies, Choco Chip and Red Velvet

4. Crumbs and Grubs

I knew about Crumbs and Grubs when I attended the Mommy Mundo Belly Blessed Fest last year. Jean approached me and asked if I was the mompreneur of Honeybaby. I was surprised and she said she recognized my name when I enlisted for their mailing list. How nice to be recognized and to meet a fellow mompreneur too :)

I love her chocochip walnut cookies. Their cookies are crunchy and yummy, packed and sealed in 2's and delivered in a box. Comes in other flavors:

Like on Facebook: Crumbs and Grubs

Choco Chip Walnut Cookies
Almond Cookies

5. ABC Milking Bombs (Updated: April 2016)

I personally haven't tried these goodies, but since they are made by Mommy-baker-actress Bettinna Carlos, I'm sure they're yummy! Hey, she taught me how to bake, so it should be good. If I was still nursing I'd definitely give this a try!

For orders and more information:
IG: @abettinnacarlos or #bakedbitesbyabc

Do I need them to breastfeed successfully?
No. They are not a necessity in producing milk. Every mother has the capacity to breastfeed her child. You just need to cut back on stress, remember to hydrate and eat healthy, and feed baby on demand. These are just alternatives to your Mother's Milk Tea, Malunggay capsules etc. that aid in milk production. Ok? Moms' bodies are awesome milk machines, trust me :)

Happy Breastfeeding!

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