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Urban Essentials: A Modern Mom's needs from Pregnancy, Post-pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Beyond

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Every one of us undergoes some major change at some point in our lives, and, whether if it's good or bad, we become a stronger, better person than we used to be. 

For me, that major change would be becoming a mother. During pregnancy, I underwent physical and emotional changes: My hips expanded and my shoe size and cup size increased, I became picky of what I ate, I took extra care of my body, I was physically and emotionally sensitive... my whole world suddenly changed. And when I finally met my baby in person, I was determined to become a hands-on parent: I breastfed, I co-slept, I became a stay-at-home-mom.

And now, I have two little ones to look after, and Motherhood, for me, is a constant learning process. 

Isn't it nice to have support throughout those stages of Motherhood? I'm not only talking about support from family or friends, but as well as personal essentials, like belly bands, nursing bras, and shape wears.

Fortunately, Urban Essentials provides just those for the modern mom. 

Urban Essentials is a company formed to cater to the needs of all women at any stage in their lives. The company has a goal of providing the essentials of womanhood by giving them products that are of the highest quality and have been tried and tested. To set itself apart from competition, the primary target market of the company is moms and females in the mid-market segment and up, who are sophisticated and in tune with the latest trends in keeping themselves fit, healthy and beautiful. However, these women are also money-sensible, who would want to enjoy the best value for their money when investing in garments or accessories so they feel their purchases are more acceptable when it is more than for cosmetic or vanity purposes only. (Urban Essentials Facebook)

Urban Essentials aims to provide the modern mom's needs for Pregnancy, Post-pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Beyond! They carry the following trusted brands:

1) Nursing bras by Ingrid & Isabel support a woman, during and after
pregnancy. You can choose between a drop cup bra, which has no back clasps, or a crossover bra, which has absolutely no clasps for a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Oh, isn't it wonderful to have a bra that you can use during and after pregnancy? I would want that... I had to buy bigger sized bras when I was pregnant, and since I wasn't fully aware of breastfeeding and its benefits, I didn't get nursing bras yet. So I had to buy ones when I already nursing.

The Nursing bras by Ingrid & Isabel look very comfortable and are great for support. Nursing moms now quite well how hard and painful it is when we get engorged, so better get a bra that can support well while providing easy access come nursing or pumping time :)

Go here for more information:

2) Wink Shapewear can help women flatten their tummy, support posture, and give them a sense of returning to their pre-pregnancy body. Made from medical grade compression material, Wink Shapewear has been proven and tested to slim a woman by 2 sizes and is an ideal post C-section support garment. 

It was my mom who gave me a girdle post-pregnancy, because I didn't bother to think of buying one (Thanks ma!). Shape wears help moms post-partum, not only to help get back your post-pregnancy body, but also for support for your back and C-section scar.

I've heard of Wink from friends and even celebrities before, so I know that this is a well-trusted brand. Their shape wear covers the whole abdomen, including the hip area, which expands during pregnancy. And best of all, it is seamless under clothing! Nice!

Go here for more information:

3) Bellaband is a handy tool that allows a woman to keep wearing her
pre-pregnancy pants by simply placing a band over the pants. This means you no longer need to shop for different-sized pants at each stage of your pregnancy! You can even wear it post-pregnancy for support and transition.

Now this sounds cool and handy! And yes, I had the maternity belt, like the little garter you use to extend your pants button, and it didn't really work for me. When I was pregnant, I preferred dresses and leggings instead. If I had these before, then I probably could still wear any of my jeans easily :)  

For more information on Bellaband:

4) Look stunning and feel amazing while pregnant with Blanqi's maternity tanks. It helps you stay active by giving optimum back support, and alleviating pressure through the built-in belly support.

Talk about full support! This is perfect for the active moms or if you want to get that extra support and lift for your big belly. I know it can be hard to walk around with a pregnant belly. This seamless, comfy maternity tank might just be what you need :)

For more information on Blanqi:

If you're interested in getting your own essentials or giving a friend or loved one some of her own, you can easily get them at the Urban Essentials website:

Or stay connected and updated through the following social media accounts and contact details:
Facebook: Urban Essentials Inc
Instagram: @urbanessentialsinc


Good News! You can win your own Bellaband just by sharing a Christmas photo (old or recent), or you can win it for a relative or friend. For more information about the contest, go HERE, at the facebook page. 

Cheers to motherhood,
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  1. This is a cool find. I had very limited choices post pregnancy. It is good there are now more options to new moms out there.

  2. I love your write-up! I find maternity items expensive but for a maternity item that you can use at different periods (during and after) for me very sulit siya. Thank you for sharing, will look into it :)

  3. I remember when I was breastfeeding Carl, a nursing bra was really heaven sent! I like that bella band too, very useful indeed

  4. Waaah I want shapewear that will bring me down a size lol!

  5. I used a belly band after pregnancy, it was recommended for faster healing of the cut from CS, I was planning to continue using it to get rid of my post-pregnancy bulk but got lazy, sayang kasi my husband bought me the expensive one, almost 4k ata yun di ko pala gagamitin ng matagal, haha.

  6. Bellaband looks like a must have for a mom-to-be, a good way to decrease discomfort during pregnancy and will save you a lot for not buying new pants during the perios ;)

  7. I want the wink shape wear. I will benefit from it once I give birth. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hopefully I don't get pregnant soon, but this is a great find for the pregnant women and beyond! I feel that the wink shapewear is just what I need and that it can still work for me even if it's been 2 years since my pregnancy.. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! :)

  9. These are great support system for an expectant mom. It's the post-pregnancy tummy that is so hard to lose! XD

  10. Wish I had this bellaband during my pregnancies.Must-have for moms-to-be.

  11. I never had a nursing bra! But I wish I have one especially when I was starting to breastfeed kasi malakas talaga yung milk ko nun.

  12. I breastfed for 3 years and never had a decent nursing bra because they were nowhere to be found! How I wish I had these :D

  13. Moms these days are so lucky! I had so little options during my time... my kids are in their teens now :)

  14. Why are there so many nice maternity stuff now compared years ago? Anyways, its really practical to buy something that is also useful even if you are not pregnant. :)