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Nursing Wear for the Breastfeeding Mom

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I never thought that breastfeeding would be a special part of my life, up until I nursed and cuddled my two babies. Kiel was breastfed until he was a 13 months old. I could've stretched that period of nursing him, but then I got pregnant and had no more milk to give. This time, I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl. She's almost 5 months now and very healthy!

Although one "dilemma" a nursing mother faces is picking what to wear when going out. Well at least that's what I am faced with. I can't just wear any kind of clothing when we bring the baby out. Not unless you have a bottle of breastmilk with you for feeding baby then I guess that's fine too. But most of the time I prefer to directly breastfeed my baby so as to lessen engorgement. Besides, who doesn't love some quality time with baby while nursing? Also, most facilities and establishments nowadays have breastfeeding stations, so it's easier to nurse come feeding time.

But what makes breastfeeding more convenient is getting to wear nursing clothes. More and more choices of nursing wear come out and it's a joy to think that breastfeeding is now more widely accepted that even nursing clothes are fashionable!

As the "world of breastfeeding" became widely known to me, I "discovered" the beautiful nursing wear and elegant, feminine nursing bras. I never thought I'd go gaga over nursing clothes before! There are also nursing covers in different, lovely prints. I have Next9 and Nursing Mom covers.

I remember my first stash of nursing wear came from Blissful Babes. There was a warehouse sale over at a residence in Valle Verde 4, where all Blissful Babes apparel was on sale. I got 6 tops, only worth 3 for 500!

Here are some more of me wearing my nursing clothes:
Green Nursing top from Mommy Matters
Black padded, nursing Tank from Mamabella
Grey Nursing top from Mommy Matters
Red padded nursing tank from Tiny Tots
Black nursing dress from Tiny Tots
My favorite so far, my grey nursing dress from
SweetPea Nursing Wear

My Sweet Pea Nursing inner dress used as a top
MommyfidePH flowy red top
MommyfidePH flowy Pink top
When I choose "regular" clothes, I make sure to get button down blouses or polo shirts and tops with loose, stretchy neckline or a V-neckline. I recommend Folded and Hung for the buttoned polo shirts, they have those with long buttons up to a little more below the bra line. I also choose stretchy cotton tops with a loose neckline or V-neckline. I love Cotton On Shirts and Tanks, so soft and stretchy but it doesn't loose it's original shape. For inner wear, although i have nursing bras, I prefer to wear an inner tube top so it's easier to nurse, you just pull up or down then latch on!

Here is a comprehensive list of where to buy Nursing Wear (updated as of June 1, 2016):
For Nursing Covers:

If you know some more stores that offer nursing wear or if you have some other tips on what a breastfeeding mom can wear, please do share! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


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