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Practical Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

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It's that time of the year again... Christmas songs all-around, blinking lights, and all types of SALE and Holiday Promos! Right? 

All those SALE signs give me mixed-feelings of confusion, anxiety, and excitement all at the same time, I didn't even think that was possible!

In as much as I would highly recommend doing your Christmas shopping as early as possible, sometimes the Holiday Rush is just inevitable. I start my Christmas list as early as August-October, but there will always be times that I seem to forget someone and then immediately panic go out to buy a gift, any gift!

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, here some practical gift ideas you might find useful as you do your Holiday shopping...

For Kids:

1. Personalized Books

Instead of toys, books are a great gift alternative for kids. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they find themselves as the main character of the story?

I stumbled upon Look It's About Me online.
"LOOK IT’S ABOUT ME books will captivate your child’s imagination, while helping them learn how to read and develop self-esteem in a distinctive way that they will cherish forever. Our books are an extraordinary gift idea for that special little star in your life."
They have a number of stories you can choose from. You can even browse through the book first so you know what you're getting.

The books might be a little pricey, costing at 1,250php each, but keep in mind that it is personalized - it will have your child's name, picture, and a dedication in the preface. Best of all, he or she will be the only one who'll have that book, so it's truly unique :)

2. Crochet Hats 
Christmas time can be a little chilly, so why not get the kids crochet hats from Honeybaby? (shameless plug!) They are soft and snug too, made of cotton yarn and comes in cute designs.

Honeybaby crochet hats are on a Holiday Promo: Get 5 hats for 500php each (up to 1000php in savings).

Do check out the website for available designs and sizes:

3. Deal Coupons
Give the gift of experience! You can buy deal coupons online and have them named after the recipient or give them vouchers.

You can choose from Art Classes or Museum Passes and many others.

4. Christmas Chocolates
Who doesn't love chocolates? 

MyChoco SweetArt and Unit16Sweets Offer Holiday Chocolates in various flavors and cute holiday wrappers. You may even have yours personalized.

Chocolates costs 22php up to 90php depending on size.

Cute Frozen-themed chocolates from MyChoco SweetArt

Holiday Chocolates from Unit16Sweets

For Family:

1. Herbal Aroma Pillows
In this day and age when people get too busy, sometimes you just need some TLC. Kimochi Aroma Pillows are unique and practical gifts for loved ones.
"KIMOCHI AROMA MICROWABLE PILLOW is a natural and safe home remedy for various types of aches and pains…contains a unique mixture of various grains and seeds which sustains and gives off heat relief which lasts longer... Wrapped in special high quality cotton fabric, it also gives off a soothing aroma for added therapeutic effect."

Pillow Sizes and Prices:
Wrap Around Size: 15cmx39cm - P400.00
Square Size: 16cmx19cm - P200.00
Wrist Size: 7cmx19cm - P120.00
Palm Size: 8cmx11cm - P60.00

2. Family Tree
Personalized gifts are the most thoughtful of all. You may have your family tree printed in Photo/glossy paper, Sintra Board, or Canvass.

Family Trees make nice home decors too! Photo from Artique

Design Fee is 500php for any size. Cost of printing depends on size and material. Email for inquiries.

3. Hand-stamped Jewelry
Istorya Creations make customized, hand-stamped jewelry that would make thoughtful gifts for loved-ones. Just check out their tumblr for such beautiful pieces!

Istorya's Philosophy: "A custom jewelry that expresses your personal inspiration is much more meaningful than another piece of fashion jewelry… Here in Istorya every piece tells a story."
Wouldn't you love one of these pieces too?


For Friends:

1. DIY Kits
DIY gifts are not only creative, but also heartfelt. I'm sure your friends would love something you made yourself. These Mason Jar Kits make wonderful gifts! Classyclutter has lots of neat ideas.


Isn't this spa in a bottle too cute or what?

2. Gift Packs
Lots of stores offer Christmas Gift Packs, which makes it more convenient to buy gifts. Here are some stores that I always check for Christmas offers:

Bench has gift packs for all ages. They now also have an online shop. You can browse through some of their gift packs HERE.

Or you can visit the Bench Branch near you to see for yourself. Better if you have a Bench Card so you can earn points too!


Human Nature
I love organic products, and I'm happy Human Nature has Christmas Bundles too. They also have Social Enterprise Gifts aside from their products.

You can buy Online or visit the nearest Human Nature Dealer in your area.


Watsons not only has Holiday gift packs, they also have freebies and promos for participating products.

You can view Watsons' Christmas Gifts Finds online or visit your nearest Watson's branch.


Just some of their gift packs, there are lots more!

I hope you find this list useful! But keep in mind that whatever gift you give, it's still the thought that counts :)

Do you know of any other practical gift finds? I'd love to hear them!

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Great List!! I loved the aroma pillow. It's perfect for the elderly diba?! Plus it's cheap. I think I want one for my mom. Also the cutesy crochet hats. I have been looking for one when my baby was months old kaya lang hindi ganto ka cute yung nasa SM. =( anyway, I'll have other babies to give it to. =)

  2. Yay! Great list of gifts. I like the personalized book and the aroma pillow. I've seen DIY kits online and looks so cute and functional.

  3. I like your list! :) I'm still at a loss in what to give for Christmas. I'll look into your suggestions. :)

  4. Nice list! I love the DIY kits the most! Super cute and ang galing nung idea. :)

  5. Nice list. I always give chocolates if I'm having a hard time thinking what to give. Pinterest have lots of free printables so I can wrap my chocolates in any occasion.

  6. awesome list! i love the crochet hats and the personalized books.... love the mason jars survival kits too! great ideas!

  7. Great list! I love the books for the kids and the mason jars :) Really gave me an idea on what to give this Christmas. Thanks for sharing this! :)