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Our Letter of the Week Projects

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Hello again!

It's been a while since I posted about our homeschooling journey here. Honestly, we have been skipping most of our lessons, the ones I try to plan every week for us, mainly because we've been yaya-less (no helper/nanny) for 4 months and counting now. It's harder to keep up even with a routine, because I have my 1-year old to look after and breastfeed while also cooking and cleaning around the house. 

Nevertheless, I make sure we do our read alouds and story time before nap time, and we do some worksheets or activities at least 10-20 minutes a day. And the one thing we never forget to do is our arts and crafts time, which we all love. Yes, sometimes my 1-year old joins in, she mostly just copies her kuya, hehe.

I previously shared about our simple approach to the Letter of The Week Curriculum, and how we enjoy doing our Art projects. I have also mentioned this in my article in The Learning Basket: Learning Through Play. I admit, I may have strongly influenced my children in my love for Art as we mostly do drawings and doodles, coloring and painting, and DIY crafts. Why not? It's a lot of fun! And it serves as distraction from my work and chores, hehe...

So let me share with you our complete Letter of the Week Projects.

You may notice how we tried different media and materials, because I want it to be something new every time we do our projects. We tried:

  • Painting: with q-tips, paintbrush, fingers
  • Cutting and pasting
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Stamping
  • Lacing (particularly with letter Y)
  • Crafts

Alphabet introduction: finger painting letters

I also introduced his nickname, he had fun using stamps

Letter A involved cutting and pasting

Letter B butterfly and bee

Letter C cat and caterpillar

Our dotted D dinosaurs

Our Eagle on an Egg (made from eggshells) and elephant

Letter F fence (from popsicle sticks), finger-painted frog and a fly

Letter G Garden and grass. The small g grapes made from stamping bottle caps

Letter H house and horse. Kiel had fun with the house, and played for a few minutes with it, just because he was fascinated with the flap-open windows and door

Letter I island and indian. Kiel showed his early drawing skills here, he drew Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Captain Hook

Tried out crafts this time, with our letter J jellyfish and jack-in-the-box

Letter K kite, Kiel, and kangaroo

We gathered leaves and colored over them for letter L.
And made a little lamb craft with crumpling crepe paper

Letter M mountain, moon, mouse, and monkey

Letter N night and nest. Kiel insisted on writing the labels himself, and I just helped him by spelling them out

Letter O octopus and owl

Letter P pirate and penguin

Letter Q queen and quail

Letter R rabbit and rainbow

Letter S spotted snake and seahorse, with seaweed and shells

Our watercolor tree and tiger (outlined by pens)

Letter U umbrella and Up

Letter V vegetables and vase

Letter W watermelon and worm

X is for X-ray. We made a pretend one by tracing his feet and arm, and pasted q-tips as pretend bones

For Y, we tried lacing yarn

Letter Z zebra and zigzag

Art projects help develop fine motor skills in young children, which helps them further to develop the tripod grip (pencil grasp) so they can draw and write properly.

Plus, they also develop creativity and imagination of course! Other than that, I have observed that art projects improved my child's inquisitiveness and perseverance

Let me end this post by sharing this beautiful quote, from The Artful Parent's page:

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Hooray for Art!
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  1. These look like fun activities. My little one is going to school soon. Hope I can have more time to do activities with him.

  2. These are great activities for the kids! I should find the time to do these with my toddlers! :)

  3. Yes I agree that these kind of method of teaching it helps to our kid explore their imaginations through crafts using colors painting and also helps their motor skills development . Nice mommy :)

  4. These are awesome!! I love the creativity!

  5. This is very timely! =) I'm looking for something new to do with my kid's art time at home. I love the letters and mosaic. I'll definitely do this. =) I'll be linking you when we've done it. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  6. You're so creative! Alas, my daughter is now a teener and she's the one teaching me things ... hahaha

  7. We're planning to do later of the week too! However, always napo-postpone. Yayaless din kasi. But thank you for these great ideas!

  8. you ate right about the arts building children's creativity and inquisitiveness, not only will it develop the right brain, it also helps teach the value of patience and perseverance

  9. They are all beautiful! I hope I could homeschool my son in the future.

  10. Thank you for sharing your resources, Lique! I am actually looking for additional references and resources for my toddler. I have bookmarked your post for reference :)

  11. Wonderful post! I'll share this to my sister who has a toddler, I'm sure she will find it very helpful! :)

  12. Aww very nice! So cute and creative!

  13. I did letter of the week curriculum with my eldest, but I couldn't sustain it with my two younger kids. Things are more disorganized and rowdy here since they popped out, haha.

  14. These are very beautiful and creative! I love the quote you posted because it really resonates with me. Our children inspire creativity, and thinking child-like (not childish) can help us create solutions to the various problems we are facing.

  15. This is great. I didn't homeschool my kids but I've been meaning to try these activities. Great post :)

  16. What a nice activity! Bilib ako sa homeschooling moms. I've been yaya-less too and taking care of the little one and the house chores alone can be demanding. What more adding homeschooling! Good luck with the journey!

  17. those are really cool letter crafts/lessons. i have always wanted to homeschool my little man but it was not that effective for us. looks like you little one had a blast finishing all these lessons on letters! :)