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The day I realized my super powers

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Motherhood has brought about a lot of changes in my life: physically, emotionally, and mentally. I have my own fair share of ups and downs in parenting, and I'm sure I'm not the only one... that's why I have so much respect for my co-parents, and most especially for my own parents. Sorry if I was a naughty kid Ma and Pa!

More often than not, I honestly think I am doing a good job. As long as I begin and end the day with the kids being fed, cleaned, and healthy-slash-alive, I feel I've had a successful day already. 

There are just those times where things seem to go out of hand... when both kids run amok, squeal and scream, or worse - they cry and throw tantrums! But hey, tantrums aren't much of a biggie anymore, I know how to handle them... or do I? 

On the worst of days, the screaming and crying go along with me being tired from lack of sleep or having just too much to do in a day... that's when I feel helpless and feel that I have failed. 

But then something happens... whenever I feel crappy, my kids would always find a way to make things better: they look at me with those sparkling eyes of admiration and love, amidst the dungis (dirty faces), like I am their hero. Hugs and kisses never fail to make things all right again with the world.

You know the saying that moms are super heroes? I thought it was overrated, until I realized that I had some super powers of my own...

What am talking about? Well, let's just say that my children made me realize that even though there are those crazy days, I still manage to go through them every single time! And they made me realize that I am more than just a mom...

My super hero credentials include:

1. Ouchie healer - I make booboos heal quickly with just a kiss and a prayer.

2. Monster shield - I scare away the boogie man, ghosts, and monsters with my power hug!

3. International Baby Translator - I translate the alien language of my toddlers to the common people... I'm like the baby dictionary of googoo gaga!

4. Shape-shifter - Sometimes I'm a horse, sometimes a rocket ship. I can be whatever my kids want me to be, I'm flexible that way.

5. Sanitation Manager - I have a knack for keeping things clean (or at least I try my best), especially when your kid tries to taste everything he touches! I spot germs and spray them with alcohol or remove them with my powerful baby wipes.

I change diapers in a snap! Not to mention that I clean baby butts more than 3 times a day... I mean, can you handle a mega poop-splotion?! I dare you!

6. Heightened and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) - I can smell a dirty diaper from meters away. I sense when things will get messy, especially when you drink chocolate milk in the car.. never again! I grab and hide sharp objects even before the little one sees them, ha!

7. Sharp Memory - specifically for nursery rhymes, Disney songs, and a wide range of book and cartoon characters.

8. Super fast reflexes - Never mind what you're doing, you just run and try to catch the falling baby... or in most cases, catch your cellphone in midair!

9. Super human strength - Try carrying kids plus your bags on a regular day out... or stepping on their little action figures.. or a lego! True tests of strength people!

10. Mom M.D. - I am the doctor that is on-call 24/7. Cough, colds, mild bruises... for every ouchie and owie, doctor mom is here to save the day!

11. Chef - I keep the little humans fed and healthy with my domestic cooking skills. Plating skills = making a smiley face. Nutrition value = feeding them fruits and vegetables.

12. Detective - No lego is too small, no puzzle piece too tiny for mom to find! It's hard to sleep without solving life's mysteries, you know? Where, oh where is that block?!

13. Cheerleader - When mom says "you can do it!" or "I'm here for you", kids get their instant boost of confidence :) I know this, because I get a boost from my mother's words of wisdom every time.. Thanks Ma!

14. Professor Mom - Moms have the answer to almost every What, Why, When, and How.

15. Girl scout - Extra clothes. Check. Diapers. Check. Baby wipes, alcohol, insect repellant, sun hats, towels, bibs, socks, crayons, pencils, drawing pads... check, check, check! Ok, we can go now, hooray! :)

16. Milk maid -  I make milk, 'nuff said :)

I don't know if my kids really see me this way, but I'd to think that they do :) And I wouldn't mind being Super Mom for them for as long they need me to.

How about you? What other super mom powers do you think you possess? Please share, I'd love to know about them.

Ending this post with one of my favorite mom quotes:

Love this quote! (source)
Cheers to you Super Mom!
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  1. Aww I love this post! I think all of us mommies need to remember how much we really are able to do in a day, and all of these super powers that we have.

  2. I can relate to all of these! Haha. We really are super heroes :)

  3. Kudos to being a SuperHero Mom!!! hahaha, I can relate to the "ouchie" healer, as well as the other stuff on your list. Happy parenting :)

  4. Love the credentials! Moms indeed have these super powers. :)