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My 2014 Highlights

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I've been seeing a lot of 2014 Year in Review in my Facebook News Feed. It's nice to have a glimpse of your family and friends' year highlights. I wanted to make mine, but decided to just document it here in my blog, for a more personal touch, don't you think so?

2014 was a year of Family get-togethers for me. We had a baptism, 3 birthday parties, 1 wedding, 2 Family Reunions, 2 Staycations, 1 Long Trip to Ilocos, and numerous Family Days-Out: Parks, Zoo, Farm, Museum, etc.

Here are the highlights of my year...


Hailey's Baptism and Kiel's 2nd birthday


Enchanted Kingdom (Daddy and Kiel's first Time)


Lola Celsa's 90th Birthday

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary at Tagaytay - Bulalo, Horseback riding, Fish Foot Spa, and Staycation at Crosswinds.



Ilocos-Pagudpud-Vigan Trip


Ate Josephine's Wedding


Kiel in the hospital - After Typhoon Glenda dwindled and left Manila with a blackout, Kiel suddenly had a seizure and we rushed him to the hospital. Turns out it was a febrile seizure due to high fever. This was his first time so we were very afraid. Imagine! We rushed him to the ER in our pambahay clothes! 

Ok lang makulit, basta wag magkasakit...


Bowling Day with Yayas - My husband had this idea to do a "team building" for our 2 yayas. Turned out they were better at Bowling than us! Haha.


Trick or Treat

Dimayuga Family Reunion


Hailey's 1st Birthday Party

Joson Family Reunion


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

This was also a productive year for me as a Work-At-Home-Mom. I got to work on various projects for Artique, mostly projects for WAHMs like me. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful Network of WAHMs in our Facebook Group. Shoutout to Martine, Meme, Marge, Ginger, Sharon, Liza, Raquel, Ginny, Rigette, and Elizabeth, among others, who have trusted me in doing graphics for them. I still have a few pending projects for some of you, promise I'll finish them soon! Hehe.

But most importantly, the main highlight of my year are 3 special people who fill my heart with love and bliss... that eventhough I get dead tired at times, it's all worth it at the end of the day.

Just look at those adorable faces :) they are God's blessings to me.

Hope you had an amazing year too. 

Here's to a more prosperous 2015 ahead!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,
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