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Kiel's Avengers Birthday Party

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Last month, my son celebrated another year of his young, happy life. I can't believe I have a four-year old now!

And since he is very vocal about his likes and dislikes (yes, that's how toddlers are), he especially requested for an Avengers themed birthday party!

And because this mama loves to DIY parties, I happily obliged to his request. This time, we planned a simple get-together at home. And since our condo unit is just small, we only invited a few neighbours and family.

For decorations, we simply made this poster together :) And those drawings surrounding the poster are Kiel's drawings we've collected over time (yes, that's how much he loves the Avengers).

The happy little kid seems satisfied with his party preps

Little sis is dressed as Hulk :D

Here is the Little Captain America himself in costume!
I also arranged a space for the kids to play. Our kiddie shelves were turned and became makeshift benches.

For the food, we just ordered from McDonald's because Kiel originally wanted to celebrate at McDonald's but I made a deal with him to just celebrate at home since we only had a few guests.

I prepared a few snacks. The Thor treats were little mjolnirs made from pretzel sticks and marshmallows. Captain Snacks were chocolate treats, and the Ironman drinks were Avengers themed too, which we bought at the grocery.

We were also expecting guests later that night, so we ordered a Monster Pizza from Jugno's to add to our food.

Our Avenger's cake is from Red Ribbon. It's a chocolate cake with marshmallow icing, which we also served to our guests. Although I was a little disappointed because I thought the photo would fill the entire 12x18" of the cake. We compensated by putting Kiel's mini figures around it instead.

As for the loot bags, my husband just bought Avengers themed prizes from Toy Kingdom - activity pages, coin banks, puzzles, notepads. And I added some cookies and chocolates in the loot too. The tags were made by yours truly, printed here at home :)

Overall it was a happy celebration. The most important thing was, Kiel had a lot of fun that day, and we celebrated it on the actual day of his birthday!


Here are the short list of suppliers that helped make our Avengers Party a success:

  • Cake - Red Ribbon 12x16x3" (Boy Stripes Cake - we emailed the photo to use for the cake)
  • Food - McDonald's Commonwealth (Near Puregold - We ordered directly at their branch)
  • Monster Pizza - Jugnos (QC Branch - 935-3548 / 0905291759 / 09225224629) Just remember to order at least 3-4 hours earlier so they can accommodate your order
  • Snacks and Chocolate Milk Drinks - Supermarket
  • Loot and Balloons - Toy Kingdom
  • Party Hats - Celebrations at Party Central (Megamall)
  • Captain America Costume - SM Department Store
You can also check out the Pinterest Board I made here to check out some other Avengers party ideas!
Follow Lique's board Avengers Party on Pinterest.

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  1. I love every DIY details! Kudos to you mommy!

  2. I so love the way you organized everything. Even the snacks and treats have their names pa. And the idea to put action figures sa cake. Galing. Dagdag, ganda NI hulk and handsome NI birthday boy. Ps I haven't tried that cloud nine. Parang Iba yung packaging. Haha, I love cloud 9 e.

    1. Hi Berlin, those cloud 9 variants are actually from Singapore, pasalubong ng kapatid ko so dinagdag ko nalang sa handa :)

  3. Love DIYs. My son is having his 4th bday next week and I'm thinking of DIY-ing some stuff. =) This is a great idea. Thanks for this. =)

  4. DIY parties are always the best! You see the happiness in your child's eye at all the hard work and just makes it worth it.

  5. Great job mommy! It was a funfilled birthday and i love the details here! Happy birthday baby! ☺️

  6. Wow, I missed organizing DIY party like this. It's a lot of work, but I'm sure you enjoyed doing it. Congrats for a job well done.

    Btw, I like little sis Hulk shirt...

    1. Thanks! the hulk shirt is padded, kaya cute! It's actually kuya's nung maliit pa sya so yung nalang pinasuot ko sa sister nya :D

  7. Congratulations from another DIY mommy! :) I love to be involved when it comes to planning my kids' parties. Your post reminded me that I have not yet blogged about the 2 birthday parties I organized last year! hahaha

  8. Great DIY party! I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed. :D

  9. an awesome Avengers party + it looked like everyone enjoyed the celebration! Belated happy birthday to your little Avenger! ^_^

  10. Wow, what a nice party. I'm sure every one had a blast including the birthday boy :)

  11. Great party! I love the backdrop you made. Very creative :)

  12. So nice! You did a really great job putting this party together. I love the backdrop!