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Teaching My Child About Christmas

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What is Christmas?

When I was a child, I anticipated Christmas because of the family reunions, Christmas parties, and the presents! I was a's human nature that you get excited for gifts, right? 

Now that I'm a Mom, I feel happy for my children when they get gifts. Frankly, I'm also excited to be "Santa Claus" for them.

But I would also like to instill in them that Christmas is first and foremost Jesus' Birthday. 

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I believe it's important to instill good values in your child. I am not a perfect, saintly mom... I am a work-in-progress-sometimes-struggling-to-be-sane kind of mom. But enough of the labels, let's go back to the Values Formation...

I have been (officially) homeschooling my toddler for 3 weeks now. We're following The Letter of the Week Curriculum. I use it as a guide, mostly following the Words, Rhymes, and some of the Music, and then I add and improvise with some lessons too.

One way I improvise is including Christmas in our Lessons. Like for the first week, Letter A, I included Advent in our Lesson. We made an Advent Wreath out of a paper plate and art paper. We also made a Holy Family by using paper cups, paint, and some left over cloth. For Letter B week, I included Baby Jesus in our lesson and then we read about the Nativity in his Bible Story Book. Last week was C week, and of course, to be consistent, I included Christmas in our Lesson. We made Christmas Cards by using white crayons and watercolor (which will be given to the grandparents too), wrapped some gifts together, read stories and listened to Christmas Carols.

Cutting and Pasting. Making his Advent Wreath.
Watching the Nativity Story (HERE is the link on YouTube)
The Holy Family
So Cute. He Presented his Wreath to Jesus and said: "Happy Birthday Jesus"

Aside from our Lessons, I remind him that Jesus' birthday is near and we will celebrate it together with family. He asked if he will blow a cake, and now I think we should do that to celebrate the occasion! Why not right?

When he receives presents and he wants to open them, I tell him to wait for Christmas because gift opening is part of Jesus' birthday party so he needs to be extra patient :)

Although he also knows about Santa Claus, because that's what he sees in decorations and in the Cartoons he watches, I tell him that it is Jesus that asks Santa to give gifts because he loves the little Children. Maybe when he's a little older, we'll learn about Saint Nicholas.

How about you, how do you introduce Christmas to your child? I'd love to hear about them. Do Share!

Happy Holidays!
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  1. I make sure that my children understand what Christmas is all about, too. Although I've told them about Santa Claus, I also shared Jesus' story with them. I love that my eldest's school helped us explain Christmas to the kids as well by hosting a Christmas activity with the whole family.

  2. Your version of the Holy Family is sooo cute :D

  3. This is a simple activity that will make them understand the meaning of Christmas!

  4. Very cute craft! I think what you did is an effective way to orient a young child about Christmas. As of now, we're focused on reading Christmas books palang since my child is still too young. :-)

  5. I will also tech my daughter this when she gets a little older. Nowadays, we forget what Christmas is all about...

  6. I remember my son in this post, my son asked me where's our chimney? How can Santa go inside our house if we have no chimney. I told him we don't need Chimney and Santa, he is not the reason for the season. :)

  7. ang ganda ng sulat and drawings sa white board :) di ko intruduce gaano sa mga kids ko si santa, (pero kilala naman nila) i want them to remember christmas as birthday ni Jesus :)

  8. I'm so excited to teach my daughter about Christmas. Thanks for sharing this, at least meron na kong idea on how should I start explaining the real meaning of Christmas to my 11 months old daughter.

  9. I agree with you. It is really important to make our kids remember the true meaning of the season. And not just spoil them with gifts. That's one of my dilemma as a mum. Because I am not born rich, I have this tendency to give everything to my child. things I wish I had growing up. But because I didn't have everything growing up, I learned to value little things. So yeah! It's all in the balance. And it's difficult.

  10. Your handwriting and drawings are so nice! ;) I bought books from booksale that tells the story of Jesus and Christmas to introduce to my tot the real meaning of the season. :)

  11. I have to commend your works mommy. I can't even draw a star every time my kids ask me too. Haha! I haven't incorporated any lessons yet to my kids but I did introduce to them who Joseph, Mary and Jesus are and the story behind it, so I guess it's a good start.

  12. I love your drawings! Ang ganda :) I was never blessed to be good at drawing. T_T The letter of the week curriculum sounds interesting. I would love to try that to my daughter. :) Thanks for sharing ^^