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DIY: Easy Steps on How to make a Diaper Cake

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We planned a surprise baby shower for our friend last weekend. I pitched the idea of giving a diaper cake as a gift for the expectant mom, since I was inspired by the tricycle diaper cake at Mommy JJ's elephant baby shower that we attended last year (see it HERE).

Not only would it serve as a cute decoration for the party, but it's a practical gift as well. Besides, I wouldn't pass on the chance to try some new DIY craft. I was excited to make one!

I made this together with my friend, Cathe. I found a number of instructions on the internet, not to mention a lot of other possible forms: tricycle, stroller, beehive, an owl, a caterpillar and more! But this was the easiest so far, a traditional 2-tier cake shape...but we improvised a bit when it came to the decorating and the materials used :)

Of course, you need to think of a theme or a color motif at least, so you know what to buy first, so that it all goes together.

For this particular diaper cake, we thought of going with a Little Lamb theme (you'll find out why later), with colors of pale blue and white.

Our Materials:

Now, time to make the diaper cake, yay! Here are the Steps:

1. The instructions I found needed 2 Cake Pans, but since I don't bake, we made use of 2 differently sized basins instead.

First, we traced the mouth of the biggest basin on our cardboard to make a base. Or you can buy foam board or a circular cake base cardboard too.

2. Put the diapers in the basins like a fan and place something in the middle - ours made use of Baby Wipes and some Small-sized diapers for the center. You can also place bottles of baby shampoo, lotion, alcohol and other baby essentials for the center.

3. Tie the diapers together with a ribbon. Flip the biggest basin of diapers onto the hooded blanket, and then wrap the blanket around the diapers by inserting the edges in the center.

4. Flip the smaller basin of diapers onto the bigger tier, and then cover it with burp cloths. You can also use bath towels or muslin fabric, or basically anything similar that could cover the diapers.

5. Finally, decorate your "cake"! 

We used socks and a bonnet as toppers, along with an arch banner that says "Baa-by Baa-sman", since our theme was little lamb and the family name was Basman. Yeah, pun intended :D

Mittens and booties were used as decorations for the sides of the top tier and we tied a ribbon and placed a little lamb on the bottom tier.

We used a glue gun to place the baby items, small dots of glue will do. But you can also use pins or safety pins.

Here's a recap of the steps in pictures:

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Surprise Basman Family! 

The diaper cake became an instant decoration slash table centerpiece for our surprise baby shower. We also included a Sheep stuffed toy to match the Baa-Baa Baby lamb theme. Yummy food from Shine Bakery+Cafe.

Congratulations Basman Family! We're excited to meet your little addition!

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  1. thanks for giving tips on how to make my very own diaper cake. this is a great gift idea for baptismal. it will surely be the kind of gift appreciated by the receiver because all the items are indeed very useful.

  2. great diy! love these diaper cakes, super cute :)

  3. I've always wanted try making diaper cakes. hihi!

  4. nice! i would love to try to diy a colorful cloth diaper!

  5. Awesome! Nice of you to do something like this..:) I love your idea! Amazing!

  6. It looks so easy to do! I should have read this entry before I organized two baby showers in the past hahaha It's a very nice and creative idea!


  7. This is so great :) I'll keep this in mind in case I organized a baby shower :)

  8. This is brilliant! I just started planning baby showers for friends. Will definitely do this sa next. Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Brilliant idea! Looks easy to be done. I hope makaya ko rin tong gawin.

  10. Your friend must have been so happy to receive a DIY diaper cake. Its full of love and care. Best shower gift for an expectant mom-friend :)

  11. I've always wondered how a diaper cake is made. Now I have an idea! I only wish I saw this sooner. We just had a surprise baby shower for two of our friends too just two weeks ago.

  12. What a unique and practical baby shower gift! The steps are easy to follow, too. Thanks for sharing this DIY Diaper Cake. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  13. Love this idea and now I have an idea for my friend when she has her shower! Thank you!

  14. It's my first time to see how these nappy cakes can be done. You made it look easy, great post!

  15. This is really a wonderful post.