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Foodie Antics: Orange Chicken Recipe

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Sometimes I get asked where I get my recipes from. To tell you the truth, I just watch a lot of cooking shows! Ask my husband... when I turn on the TV, I automatically switch to The Food Network! It's either that or watching Colours channel for home makeovers and DIY interior decorating :) I might have mentioned once or twice that I'm a frustrated Cook/Chef and Interior Designer.

Other than that, is my love for eating :) So how's that connected to getting recipes? Well, from tasting the food from restaurants, I would sometimes make my own version. Like my homemade burgers, from tasting so many burgers, I wanted do my own...why not right? 

When I like to make my own version of a recipe, I would firstly search for some inspiration from the internet from existing recipes. It's also some sort of personal affirmation that my "hunch" of ingredients is right, haha.

Okay, so maybe you're thinking I got the idea of the Orange Chicken from Chowking. Well, you're right! I did. Without further ado, here's my version of the recipe*:

1/2 Kilo Chicken fillet (thigh or breast) cut into small portions
2-3 Calamansi 
1 Large Egg
1/2 cup All Purpose Flour
1/3 cup Corn starch
Grated Ginger
Salt and Pepper

For Orange Sauce:
Fresh Orange Juice from 1 Orange
1/4 cup Calamansi-Honey Concentrate
1 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. Corn starch (diluted in 1/3 cup of water)
1 tbsp. Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper

Est. Prep time: 20 mins.
Est. Cooking time: 10-15 mins. 

1. Preheat about 2 cups of cooking oil into a cooking pot/deep pan. It's important to get the oil really hot at the beginning so deep frying would be easy.

2. Season the meat with salt and pepper, and calamansi.

3. Scramble the egg in a bowl. Make the breading in a separate bowl: mix in the flour, corn starch, season with salt and pepper. Grate some fresh ginger into the breading to add a little kick!

4. Dip Chicken fillet in egg with one hand and dip in breading with your dry hand.

5. Deep fry coated chicken fillet for about 2-3 minutes, depending how big or small you cut your meat. When cooked, remove from the pot and place in paper towels to remove excess oil.

6. Make the Orange Sauce: In a hot sauce pan, mix the Orange juice, Calamansi-Honey concentrate, Soy Sauce, and brown sugar. Wait for it to simmer and slowly add in the diluted corn starch. Lower the heat and stir continuously so that the corn starch won't get all lumpy. Season with salt and Pepper.

This is the Calamansi Juice concentrate I use.
It has honey so it's a bit sweet :)
If you don't have this readily, Calamansi Juice
is fine. Just add another tbsp. of sugar to the mix
7. Mix in the fried meat with the sauce. ENJOY!

Serving suggestion:
Orange Chicken goes great with Chopsuey :)

*Disclaimer: The recipes shared on this blog are based on the experience of an amateur homecook, and are intended for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk. Ingredients and food preparations are merely suggestions, and food measurements are mostly of approximation.

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