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Foodie Antics: Burger Steak and Mashed Potatoes

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Ever since I learned to cook, I have always been a frustrated chef. I'd make my "cooking experiments" and have my siblings taste them. By the time I got married, I took it as an obligation to cook "yummy meals" for my husband. Thankfully, he's not that hard to please :)

Watching cooking shows and checking online recipes have always been a favorite pastime. It's been a habit to make my version of things. So here I am, about to share my recipe for Homemade Burger Steak. I know that you can buy ready made ones at the grocery or at a food joint. Well, to be honest, that's where I got my inspiration - from tasting different kinds of burgers! My hubby and I are burger lovers! So I wanted to make my own version! Besides, it's cheaper too! You can make a lot of patties with 1 kilo of ground beef already. But I won't keep you waiting any longer, here's the recipe*:
1 kilo ground beef
4 tbsp. Soy Sauce
2 tbsp. Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp. Tomato Ketchup
5 Garlic Cloves (minced)
1 Small Red Onion 
(finely diced)
1/3 cup Brown Sugar
1 Large Egg
1/4 cup All Purpose Flour
Salt and Pepper

Est. Prep time: 20 mins.
Est. Cooking time: 10 mins. 

1. In a large enough container, mix the meat with the all the other ingredients.

2. Make sure to mix well. Plastic gloves come in handy, and then mix with your hands to further soften the meat.

3. Form patties by hand - the bigger the better! (because the meat tends to shrink, especially when it's fatty. Patties shrink from loss of fat content, so when your ground meat is more lean the better)

4. Preheat frying pan. Fry burgers at about 3-4minutes on each side, depending on how big your patties are.

5. Gravy: After the burgers have cooked, try pressing them to release some drippings, to be used for the gravy. Remove the patties, turn down the heat, and add in a tablespoon of butter, let it melt. Dissolve 1 tbsp. of cornstarch in minimum amount of water to be put in the pan. Stir continuously. You may add some more seasonings to your gravy until desired taste is achieved. Add more corn starch to thicken.
How 'bout me mommy? What do I eat?
Bonus recipe: Mashed potatoes
I do this for my baby, makes a scrumptious side dish to go along with the burgers too! Just boil potatoes (peeled and chopped) in minimum amount of water with a pinch of salt for about 15-20mins (depending on how much potatoes you have). After boiling, I mash the potatoes using baby's Munchkin food grinder! Bring back potatoes in the pot, add half a stick of butter and 1/4 cup of milk and mix well. Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

Serve them hot and ENJOY! :)

Burgers go well with coleslaw too!
That I'll share with you next time :)

*Disclaimer: The recipes shared on this blog are based on the experience of an amateur homecook, and are intended for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk. Ingredients and food preparations are merely suggestions, and food measurements are mostly of approximation.

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