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Family Antics: Our First Halloween

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Kiel as the chubby skeleton. haha.
'Tis the season to be scary! 

Yes, it's Halloween and there are parties here and there and everybody's excited to dress up whether to be cute or pretty or spooky, sometimes even gruesome! For the kids, it means trick or treating and getting some yummy candies (ooh and cavities!) or some special prize. 

I don't actually know when did Filipinos first start to celebrate Halloween Season. I never had the chance to go trick or treating when I was a kid (bitter? nah, just curious). But for the fun of it all, why not? At least I get to dress up Kiel in a costume, that I'm always excited about! This year is our Family's first Halloween party at hubby's office. Kiel was dressed up as a skeleton, with the googoo&gaga ribcage onesie plus my DIY skull cap beanie.

The three of us went to the office in the morning, even though the party wasn't until later in the afternoon. It's because on Mondays, the car is on number coding, so we waited for 10am to go out.

Preparing props and costumes
When we got there, some were still busy making props and practicing for their performances. You see, in their office, they have group performances for parties such as these and they get to win a generous cash prize! It's all part of the fun! I'm happy that hubby got into a family friendly working environment, so we get to join in all the fun too...Yay!

In the afternoon, all the other kids started to arrive in their costumes. And everybody else started setting up and preparing for the programme too, putting on costumes and face paint, practicing their skit and dance numbers. Amidst the excitement, my little boy fell asleep! Guess it was time for his nap.

Napping on the sofa..zzz
The event started with a parade of the kids around the office, during which they get to go trick or treating at each room.

Kiel was asleep during the parade -_-

Little friends in their costumes. Elise as Princess Leia,
Amaia as a chinese girl, and Nico as a Royal guard :)

The treats that we got :) for mommy and daddy's
consumption, haha..

Kiel woke up just in time for the program. This year's Halloween theme was Dark Disney Princesses: Beauty (Belle), Mulan, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella. Five groups were to perform their scary version of the disney stories for a maximum of 10 minutes each performance. Their costumes should be recycled/eco-friendly (pretty cool!).

(the following photos are from the Exist facebook album)

Beauty and the Beast (won first place)
Mulan (won 2nd place)
Cinderella (placed 3rd)
Snow White and the 7 dwarves (daddy's group! he's there at
the back dancing :D) 
The Little Mermaid
After all the performances, we had dinner, and then the announcement and awarding of winners, including the best in costume.

It was a fun-filled event and I'm glad we were there. 

The 29th also marks Kiel's birth day. He's 9 months now, how fast time flies. We bought a cake on the way home and celebrated his 9th month.

Yummy Dexter's choco chip cake
Till the next Family Antics story!


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