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Artsy Antics: DIY Halloween Skull Cap Beanie

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Kiel's first costume as a bunny at Elise's Circus themed birthday.
Yes, the bunny hat is from Honeybaby. I just improvised the 

mittens and the booties, sewed on some black thread to make
them look like paws :)
It's Kiel's first Halloween party tomorrow! Hubby's office hold one every year and they let the employees bring their kids along to go trick or treating. I'm so excited! I love dressing up Kiel. Since he's a boy, there are less chances of dressing him fancy, so when costume parties come around, I really prepare for them.

So imagine how excited I was when hubby told me that they were having a Halloween party for the employees and their families, and trick or treating for the kids. Like his first costume (the bunny costume in the picture above), I wanted it to have a personal touch, because I just love DIY stuff.

For Halloween, googoo&gaga, makers of kooky and quirky kids clothes, have a special line for the spooky season. I contacted mommy-in-charge Audrey Dimarucot just last Wednesday to order a Ribcage onesie for boys. We agreed on a meetup last Friday in Silver City, near Tiendesitas, And I got the onesie plus two more cool shirts for Kiel.
googoo&gaga clothes. Cool right? The onesie is Kiel's costume
for Halloween, and he can still use it on casual, quirky days
so it's a practical buy :)
But to complete his skeleton costume, I thought he needed a skull cap beanie to go along with the onesie. And so here's what I did:

I took one of Kiel's plain white beanies as my canvass.

Using black cotton cloth from an unused shirt, I cut out circles for eyes, triangle
for the nose, and 4 strips for the mouth.

Use pins to place them securely on the beanie and sew them on
with black thread.

Tada! The finished skull cap beanie :) Very easy..

Kiel's costume for Halloween :) Ill share that story on a later post! :)

Trying it on for size. So cute :D
Looking forward to more DIY costume improvisations! Feel free to leave a comment below in relevance to this post :)

Until then,

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