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Restaurants we love: Wooden Spoon and Santiago

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I don't usually write about restaurant reviews, just because it's not my thing - I am just not a food blogger, hehe.

But recently, we've tried two restaurants, on separate occasions, and we loved everything about them: the food, the ambiance, the service. I just felt the need to write about them because 1) I want to document the special time I had with my family, and 2) because I highly recommend them.

Why? Well, read on and find out :)

Loyola Heights, Quezon City (across Ateneo)

My husband and I have been in Quezon City for quite a while, ever since college, and we would always notice Wooden Spoon along Katipunan but never tried it before.

One typical Sunday night, after our usual grocery shopping, we decided to try it out (finally!) and I'm glad we did!

Wooden Spoon is a Filipino Restaurant by renowned Chef Sandy Daza, who I remember fondly from his Del Monte Kitchenomics TV shows, and the restaurant is supposedly named after his signature wooden spoon which he uses in his cooking shows.

So anyway, we were led to our seats upstairs a spiral staircase. The first floor had a few seats, and we were surprised to find a lot more seats at the second floor. 

The ambiance was homey, rustic and I loved the details of carved out spoons on the benches. The dim lighting was relaxing, and I was drawn to the details on the ceiling which looked like egg cartons painted black, maybe for sound-proofing.

My husband ordered for us, so forgive me if I don't remember the names of the food, I'm not a food blogger remember? hehe...

We had Crispy Wings, Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas, Garlic Rice, and Wooden Spoon Iced Teas.

For appetizer, the Crispy Wings was quite a small serving, but it was delicious enough that it made up for its serving size.

My husband loves sinigang so we had to try the Beef Sinigang sa Bayabas. The beef was tender and the soup tasted mildly sweet because of the bayabas. The kids loved it! And it goes well with our garlic rice. Our Iced teas were delicious too.

The price was just right. Food good for sharing costs about 100-350php on the average.

NOTE: they only accept CASH, no credit cards.

We would love to go back here and try their other specialties. Here's a menu on MunchPunch.

SANTIAGO Kain. Kape. Kwento.
Blue Ridge, Katipunan Extension, Quezon City

We're lucky enough that our vicinity has a lot of food establishments now. I remember back in college, that there were only a number of restaurants along Katipunan that were worth trying.

We would always pass by Santiago along Blue Ridge, and we finally got to try it. We thought it was just a cafe, but it turns out that it was a restaurant too, so we had our dinner there one evening.

The ambiance is really homey, it kind of felt like a Tagaytay resto because it was so cozy, and the smell of bread and coffee lingered in the air.

We ordered Pork Humba and Classic Filipino Spaghetti, which had large servings good enough for 2-4 persons, but it was more than enough for us, we even had some to take home.

What I love about the place is the shelves of books and magazines, and you can borrow some while you wait for your order. They even have books for kids, which kept the little ones preoccupied. 

They served complimentary whole wheat mamon with butter, served hot and fresh, which were delicious!

The price was also affordable, considering the large serving of food, ranging from 150-400php.

I would love to come back here, I hear their coffee and desserts are the ones to try!

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  1. If ever I come in quezon city I think I'll try out Santiago... :3 The food looks delish and the ambiance is more relaxed and yet chic :)

  2. Sayang ang layo. QC is super far from me. I would take note of this though and hope that one day I coud try them out.

  3. I love the food at Wooden Spoon, though its a "bit" expensive.(:

  4. I would love to try Saniago. Love their motto :) And the food looks good too :)

  5. I have not tried both restaurants. WIll check them out. Thanks for the reco!


  6. thanks for posting about santiago, been curious about that place, i pass by it all the time, will visit soon :)

  7. I havent tried Wooden Spoon pero seriously mukhang masarap based on your review. Would consider trying it out with hubby as well. ;) Thanks!

  8. This is such a cute place! And how convenient that it's just across from Ateneo. Tas I love that they have books because my daughter loves to read and it's one way to entertain her while everyone is eating. Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. I would love to try the place too knowing that these are affordable! Maybe sometime pag nagawi ako sa Quezon City :)

  10. I live in the South, so I haven't been to those restaurants. I wish they will have a branch here at Alabang.

  11. I like that Santiago has books - okay yun at least you won't get bored while waiting for your orders :)

  12. Interesting! I love the concept! Food looks yummy too!