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Party Activities: Party Crafts by Ava

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Happy New Year!

The past year has been full of events for me: birthdays, baptisms, baby showers, weddings, and family reunions. I enjoyed attending each of them, because I love parties!

For my first entry for 2015, let me share about this wonderful Party Supplier. We got a lot of good feedback about our Party Crafts at Hailey's Party. So I guess it deserves a solo feature, so you can know more about it.

I'm talking about Party Crafts by Ava.

Jennifer Mateo-Lozano is the person behind this unique venture. She started Party Crafts by Ava in June 2013. If you still don't have a clue, they offer Party Arts and Crafts Services for parties so your guests can have an extra good time!

I knew about her Party Crafts when I attended a birthday party before, and thought fondly of it that I had to have Party Crafts for Hailey's birthday too!

Ms. Jen is very nice and friendly. We communicated by email and through facebook chat. She had ceramic magnets that were the perfect fit for Hailey's Royal theme back then. And my favorite are the Crowns that were used by the kids, it doubled as their name tags too.

You can read more about Hailey's Royal Village Party HERE

Get to know more about Party Crafts by Ava through our brief interview...

Hi Jen! Why and How did you start your venture? Were there any challenges you faced when you first started?

Jen: It all started when I was planning for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party back in 2013. I thought of coming up with activities to keep the kids occupied while the parents mingle and relax. Our guests were surprised to find out that I was the one who provided the arts and crafts booths. Inquiries and referrals started coming so I decided to give it a try. When I started Party Crafts by Ava, I was also a full time breastfeeding mom & a housewife. I ran a one-woman team juggling mommy and wife duties. At that time, it was a struggle to manage my time between the new project and running a household.

What inspires you/drives you? 

Jen: Seeing kids’ happy faces, children and parents working together and older guests enjoying while doing the activities inspire and motivate me.
I've had some memorable clients - Mommy bloggers, politicians, fashion designers and Expats but I treat my clients all the same.

What do you think sets you apart from other suppliers?

Jen: I think what sets me apart from other suppliers is my involvement in every activity I provide - from answering queries, to meeting up with clients, deliveries, preparing the materials and monitoring the set up. 

Being a mom myself, I understand and value the time and effort each mom or parent puts into planning a party. 

Of course, everybody would like to know, what services do you offer?

Party Crafts by Ava offers the following...

Frame 2,500.00
Sun visor 2,500.00
Crown and/or Tiara 2,500.00
Coin bank 3,500.00
Treasure chest 4,000.00
Door Hang Sign 3,500.00

Ceramic Magnet 4,000.00
Coloring Tumbler 4,000.00

Other Stations:
Face Painting 2,500.00 (unlimited)

*Good for 25-30 kids
*Includes 2 staff for assisting guests 
*Tables and chairs c/o client
*up to 3 hours party time
*2 activities / arts and crafts sets for 50 kids requirement for onsite monitoring

Do you have any ongoing PROMOS? :)

Yes! For only 3000.00php, you can avail of Materials Only Promo* for Ceramic Magnet Painting and Crown and Tiara Decorating good for 20 kids for the whole month of January 2015.

*(Shipping fee c/o client OR meet up or pick up)

Thanks Jen! More power to you and Party Crafts by Ava!

Planning your own party? 
For inquiries, you can reach Party Crafts by Ava through the following information:

Phone Number/s: 09178875369
Facebook: PartyCraftsby Ava
Instagram: @PartyCraftsbyAva

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