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Party Venue: Tokyo Bubble Tea Katipunan Extension

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Last January 26, we had a double celebration party for Hailey's baptism and Kiel's 2nd birthday.

For this particular party, my husband and I preferred to hold the celebration at a restaurant. 

I've already shared in my previous post about us choosing Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan Extension... when we had that B1-B2 moment! Getting a good venue for us was important. It had to be somewhere the guests would appreciate going to, especially if they live far and had to go to your party because you invited them...I mean it had to be worth it! Right? When we planned Kiel's baptism last time, we crammed within like a month, and didn't really feel like the venue and food was worth it. So I learned to plan parties way ahead! So everything would go smoothly come party time.

Very inviting don't you think? Photo source
So anyway, why did we choose Tokyo Bubble Tea (TBT)?

  1. It was conveniently near the church (this was a baptism party of course)
  2. It had ample parking (considering that it was a Sunday, so guests were allowed to park at the nearby establishment which was closed that, they have complimentary valet service!)
  3. The ambiance was charming and pretty homey. They have some cozy seats too.
  4. They had a second floor to accommodate parties/events
  5. The food is delicious! (Who doesn't love California Maki and Takoyaki Balls?)
  6. Use of sound system is included - mixer only (you need to provide your own microphone if you're going to use one)
  7. Satisfactory, efficient service c/o the Tokyo Bubble Tea staff before, during, and after the party :) (now that's worth paying for, don't you agree?)
This is the venue without set-up/styling...

Looks very nice right? You only need minimal party decorations because it already looks great! This is the 2nd floor of TBT Katipunan. Ideally holds 70-80pax or maybe more. Our party had around 90 guests, a few who sat outside, at their veranda. If you're planning a little luncheon or a simple party, this place is very nice. We didn't mind the narrow walkways too much because we didn't plan on active party games anyway. We just had a pull piñata planned for the kids and a simple game for adults.

Remember the mood board I shared in my last post? With some styling, this is how the venue looked, based on my mood board... Special thanks to Happy Thoughts for doing the pretty details and overall styling :)

Buntings and Medallions gave a cheerful, party ambiance
2 tables (the japanese tables) were allotted for the kids.
the tables were covered in craft paper so they can draw
and color on them too!
Teddy Bears!
The cake and dessert table
The Venue with styling

As for the food, TBT actually doesn't have a package/set menu for buffet. Ours was a special request to have the food served buffet style, and they courteously agreed to try it. We sat down with the Manager and chose the food and built our Menu. They gave us a quotation a few days after c/o their executive chef, which was just 450php/head... Already very affordable, considering you're also paying for the venue and other inclusions that come with it.

The buffet was set up at the veranda. Our Menu consisted of the ff:
  • Nori Fish and Chips
  • Takoyaki
  • Chicken Karagge Fingers
  • California Maki
  • Rigatoni in Penne Bolognese
  • Doria Chicken Teriyaki

We also had Potato Leek Soup and Iced Tea served individually per guest, and a pica pica of Bulgogi Nachos per table so that the guests have something to munch on while waiting for their turn to go to the buffet line.

Interested to hold your party here too?
Tokyo Bubble Tea Katipunan Branch
Contact #: 961-8904 (look for Ms. Aileen Andaya)

TBT Katipunan branch is located right beside Katips Restaurant, 
right across Blue Ridge Village, Katipunan Extension

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