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Christmas Decorating for the Kids!

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It's that time of the year... All I can say is "ang bilis!", it's Christmas Season once again! 

I loved Christmas as a kid..and I still do up to now! But the feeling of excitement and joy is different as compared to when you were a kid, you know? They say that Christmas is really a holiday for the children..not just because of the gifts, toys, and aguinaldo, but mainly because it's the day baby Jesus was born. I shared my reflection about Keeping Christ in Christmas last year. Our Christmas has become even more meaningful now that we have baby Hailey. Yes! I recently gave birth last November 7 to a healthy 6-pound little girl. That's another thing off my Life List.

Kuya Kiel welcoming his baby sister, Hailey
So, this is also the time when I get into decorating. Last year our motif was Red-Green-Silver, and I shared how I "recycled" most of the decorations I used. 

Well this year, I want a NEW theme for Christmas :) I want to decorate for the kids! Now what do I mean by that? Well, since I now have 2 children, I want our decorations to be childproof kid-friendly and appealing. Keeping in mind that Christmas is for children, I used lots of colors and not just one or two. Mainly I used Red, Green (mostly Olive green), Blue/Teal, and Yellows/Gold... Something like this:

Due to my nesting before Hailey was born, I had my husband do some DIY refurbishing first before I go and decorate! He, together with my sister and our yaya, painted one side of the wall a fresh green (we used odorless paint). Hubby further installed hanging shelves (bought from Wilcon Home depot). We also installed cabinet doors for the kids. By "we" I mean I also helped :) We bought plywood and had them cut to specific dimensions. We smoothened the edges and used sticker paper to finish it instead of varnish.

I also wanted some soft decorations, something the kids won't break... So I found some inspiration from the net, mostly Christmas decors made out of felt cloth. They are so cute! Here are some of my favorites made up into an inspiration board:

My Christmas Inspiration board :)
I love the nativity dolls idea, don't you? I contacted Ant's Pocket to have them customize the dolls, plus I also ordered some hanging name tags for Kiel and Hailey to be put in their cabinets...not really as Christmas decorations but still something for the kids :)

Nativity Dolls - roughly 750php for a set
(manger not inlcuded)
4-6" sized dolls made of felt cloth.
I made the manger out of a used cardboard box
and some leftover brown cloth.
Kiel and Hailey's name tags. Cute!
As for the hanging ornaments for the tree, I asked my mom to make some for me. I might have mentioned before that my mom loves to make her own decorations. Yes, she is the original DIY crafter :) I just let her know what colors I wanted and showed her the pictures from my inspiration board. hehe. Thanks Ma! 
My mom made the soft ornaments such as: the gifts,
candies, and sacks. I bought some additional blue,
green, and gold balls for the tree too.
And I bought some additional soft decors like stockings, reindeer and snowman dolls. Plus I put out Kiel's stuffed toys and put ribbon scarves and a santa hat on some of them :)

And because I was into the DIY decorating, I made some poster-like graphic designs and framed them.

I also did some crafting with cardboard letters and washi tapes I ordered from Bee Happy. I made out the words PEACE, JOY, and LOVE and placed them on the wall using Blu tack/Faber Castell Tack-it, except for the JOY which I pinned on some cute topiary I got from a birthday giveaway. See, it pays to recycle stuff :)

Here are some more shots of what our simple decor looks like:

Cheers from Santa's little helper too! :)

Hello there!

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