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Artsy Antics: Artique

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I've already shared my "design affair" in my previous post. I have always loved design, it's in my blood so to speak. I guess I got the passion from my engineer dad and artistic mom. During my elementary and highschool days, I would often be the one chosen to participate in the poster-making contests and the like. The "in" medium then was oil pastel, and I would mix colors using my fingers..yeah, pretty messy, but a whole lotta fun! I loved doing art and crafts projects. My chosen elective in highschool was Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. I pursued Landscape Architecture in college and worked at a firm for almost 4 years. So yeah, pretty much you can say that I'm hooked to ART.

Being a fulltime mom, I've learned how to multitask. I guess that's a skill you acquire from being a mom! I manage a household, take care of my toddler, and be able to work at home (multiple work at that). As you know, I manage my online shop. I am also a part-time Virtual Assistant, managing a flexible schedule. Sometimes I get to find writing gigs. Just recently, I've been doing graphic design work for friends and acquaintances. And I'm having FUN out of it too! Since I LOVE designing, I see it more as a hobby than work itself (but it pays, so that makes it more awesome!).

I've been building up a portfolio, so right now my "professional fee" is very cheap. Besides, I've been doing most of my work for friends or fellow-moms, so I give them the privilege of a my special offer, a friendly discount :) 

Here are some of the work I did so far:

I. The Bee Sweet Unlimited Banner and Stationery:

II. Paper Chic Studio banner ad and flier

III. PartyGal banners and site images

IV. Explore8 Web Development (this one I' currently doing with my husband)

V. The Happy Wahm banners and seal

VI. MA banner (Concept Photo and Banner Design)

VII. Zeeka's Baptism Invitation (Design and Print)

Anyway, the website ( is currently under construction. I'm still waiting for hubby to be not-so-busy, but i'm not rushing :)

I know I've got a lot of things in my hands right now, but i don't mind the busyness. I actually enjoy doing a lot, besides, it's FUN doing something you're really passionate about. 

I name ARTIQUE was my husband's idea. It sounded just right - a little professional but a little quirky too, just like me! So now you know, for design, web, and print media needs, I can be of service! :) 

You can email me at


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