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Artsy Antics: My Design Affair

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I have always been a lover of Art. My childhood memories are mostly of drawing and doodling in my sketchpads and spending time finishing my coloring books...

And that passion I can never forget. EVER.

When I was in college, I was thinking of shifting to or taking another degree in Visual Communication or Interior Design. That's how much I love the Arts! I have had my fix of Interior Design when I designed our 36sqm. condo unit. Good thing that my husband and I meet eye to eye when it comes to aesthetics. Hopefully, we get to design our own house before we're 30! 

Interior Design Sketch Concept. This is what I gave the contractor, together with
hand-drawn perspectives and reference images. The pictures that follow are
actual pictures, they're a little outdated, since I haven't taken a picture of the
unit recently, so there's still no evidence of a toddler living here (haha).
I'll remember to take a pic of it's present state soon.

Although I may be a full-time mom and may not practice Landscape Architecture for almost 10 months now, I have been doing graphic design as a sideline lately. I consider it a FUN hobby too! I've always had the knack for designing, being an avid Adobe Photoshop-er since highschool. And now, thanks to my online shop and VA work, I know some basic html and CSS codes and even Adobe InDesign.

I've never thought of putting myself "out there", not until now. I've had friends ask me to do banners and graphic what-nots for them, and it's totally fine since I'm having fun out of it. I had the thought come over me when I started to collate the design work I've been doing and thinking of turning it into a portfolio. Why not right?

An initial name for this gig. Yes, it's the same as this
blog segment. But I'll change it eventually, since
hubby wants IN on the design gig too! haha :)
Still a work in progress

Working on my Design Portfolio: Invitations, Business Cards, Web Design etc.
Also a work in progress...
The following are some design work I did for friends:

Banner for The Bee Sweet Unlimited

Testimonial Banner for PartyGal

This one is still a proposal for a travel/booking site hubby and I are working on.
I do the design, he does the codes for booking/payment integration etc.
Yes, I'm pretty busy, with the online shop, the VA work, and this playing with a toddler to boot! It's seems a lot to juggle, but I'm a workaholic by heart :) 

Oh, did i mention I already have a yaya? Yes, dear readers, though this independent mommy has a helper now, I see to it that I get to spend time with my son firstly, and then work after. I don't totally rely on the yaya for everything around the house, I still do my part with some chores, I'm just happy she's very reliable when it comes to taking care of Kiel.

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted once this design gig becomes totally official. I'm even thinking of redesigning my blog!

Just goes to show that when you're passionate about something, everything just falls into place, and you don't even feel like it's a job.

Think about it, are you doing what you truly LOVE? I know I am! Just a thought to end this post :)


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