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Mommy Antics: My life with a toddler (and some stuff before that)

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Kiel in his usual "sungit" expression. He obviously
didn't get that from me! haha
It's been a while since I wrote about my mommy antics. And right now, I am still dumbfounded that I am about to share my mommy experience with a toddler! Yes, time flies that fast, that I now have a toddler. 

Before I quickly jump into the little tyke stories, I'd like to take it slow by continuing my monthly baby's firsts list here, where I ended at 7 months. From there, Kiel's development has been so quick that it has been hard to take track of!

I'm making a list of some videos of Kiel's little accomplishments (my proud mommy moments), before I move on with the mommy antics...

Those are just a few. In this modern age of android phones and tablets, it's unforgivable to miss out on baby's milestones. Haha!

Okay, now let me talk about my life with a toddler *dan-dan-dan-dan* (to the tune of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, haha). 

When Kiel was actually about 10 months old, he started to be more playful and active, plus a little fussier. Adorable as he may be most of the time, there would just be those crazy times that I want to ignore his cries and naughtiness because I was dead tired. I was, after all, an "independent" mom who is a WAHM plus a homemaker, plus I was breastfeeding on demand. It was getting hard to focus and get a momentum on my work, plus doing the household chores, with an active baby demanding your attention. Ah yes, gone are the days of cheerful playtime and long baby's naps. I didn't even mind the messy floor or unorganized house most of the time. I was getting thin, to the point that I felt my ribcage and my clavicle was showing.
Christmas 2012: My "malnourished" self, hhi

I felt exhausted every day. As young and active as I may be, I faced the fact that I finally needed a yaya to help me around the house and to look after my growing boy. By January, we finally hired Tina. I'd like to believe that God gave her to us just in time. We were asking around for a yaya in the later months of last year, but to no avail. Tina was referred by my mom's former maid, Ate Linda. She took care of kids before, some of her relative's and also of previous employers'. And that was important to me, having someone who has experience with taking care of children. Her expertise in doing household chores like cooking and cleaning is a major bonus! 

Ever since Kiel turned ONE, he's developed quite fast. He never ceases to amaze me with the little things he does. Plus, with Tina's help, I get to balance my working hours and quality time with Kiel. Most of the time, I'm still the one who changes Kiel's diapers and gives him a bath. When my work is done, we usually spend the afternoons playing outside or taking a stroll while having merienda. Oh, Kiel has about 7-8 teeth now, and tries to eat anything from bread and crackers, french fries and ice cream, spaghetti and soup, to cereals and fried chicken! He can now also drink from a straw. He can even get down the bed, feet first. He can nod to say yes, and shake his head to mean no. He would point to the things he's curious about and say "Ha?" or "Ah?". He's practically curious about anything now and tries to grab things and inspects them intently. He now has some sense of understanding, and he listens to people talking and sometimes tries to babble a few syllables himself.

As a mommy with a toddler, here are some things that I learned along the way, you might find some of them as useful advice, at least I'd like to think so:

1. Never compare your child's development with another's. We had a neighbour whose 10-month old could already walk. I felt a little pressured, so I somehow forced Kiel to walk too. But since his pedia assured us that he would begin to walk on his own eventually, I let him be. Children develop at different times and it's okay if yours is a late bloomer. Just last Monday, Kiel finally took his independent first steps and boy was I thrilled to witness that moment! It was one of the best surprises ever.

2. Do not force your child to eat. He's being choosy now, and so he may not like a certain kind of food or probably teething. There are times when Kiel loves to eat, there are times he really refuses to. It was easy to feed him when he was still a baby. Now, it's been trial and error what to feed this growing child. I even tried baby foods like Cerelac and Promina, and even instant noodles (please don't judge me) because he wont eat his mashed vegetable, fruits, fish, or chicken, like he usually does. He's a little picky now. But apparently he wants to try new tastes too. Whatever we eat, he insists on trying some, even ampalaya, haha. I've learned that when he doesn't like a certain food, it doesn't mean he won't like it next time...Also, we let him try a variety of food every day so he won't get fed up easily. Teething also lessens his appetite. But after a while, when his teeth show up, he's okay again :)
Chicken! yum yum!
3. If you're breastfeeding like me, gradually start to wean your toddler by mix feeding and offering snacks in between meals. This is just our way of trying to wean Kiel. Since he is breastfed, it's harder to wean him, since he's gotten too attached to mommy! With the help of Tina, we started mix feeding him before he turned a year old. At first, it's a little heartbreaking to offer your breastfed child formula milk, but eventually it will be that way anyway. Fresh milk is also an option. Besides, since he now has teeth or is teething, I often get sore nipples (yeowch!). He also eats snacks like biscuits or bread, and some yogurt drink or juice. 
Kiel eating ice candy

4. If your toddler starts tantrums, don't give in too easily. Let him self soothe. It's important for him to understand what he can't and can have. It's this stage where he would eventually learn and understand what you tell him. It's quite a crucial stage but I'm not being too cautious with how I take care of my toddler. He'll learn somethings by himself and I want him to.

5. Toddlers easily imitate what you do. Plus, they're a little more curious. One time, Kiel saw how I opened the glove compartment and he copied it then and there! He also knows how to slide our door open and open cabinets and drawers. Our condo is not that childproof...yes we have covers for sockets and lock come cabinets, but the curious boy will be at it over again! That's why it's important to still keep a close eye on him. But not too close, because discovery is an important part of his development.

It's a bit more tiring to take care of a toddler, but definitely a lot more FUN! :)

How about you, care to share your mommy antics with your toddler too? i'd love to hear them!


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