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Mommy Antics: Mother’s Occupation: Housewife (and baby's firsts)

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At school, when I was young, every time the teacher would ask us kids to fill up the basic information like your name and address etc., I would always put under Mother’s Occupation: Housewife.

I and my two siblings grew up to a stay at home mom, and my fondest memories of her are when she prepares our breakfast and baon in the wee hours of the early morn,
cooks instant noodles when we’re sick, makes meringue icing for a chiffon cake we bought from the bakery (and I’d lick the icing off the mixer whip part! Yum!), helps us out with our art projects (I think she did most of the work actually, haha), tutors us with school assignments, makes us handwritten reviewers and mock-up test papers for the upcoming exam week, improvises costumes for school programs, watch us perform at those school programs, and most of all, when she prepares us that yummy spaghetti and fried chicken to simply celebrate our birthdays at home.

I guess you could say I look up to my mother and I admire her for being a stay at home mom. Most of us would probably say the same for our own mothers, SAHM or not, we love them ever so dearly! It is just now that I fully understand why my mother had no work then, now that I’m a fulltime mommy myself. My classmates would have Doctors, Lawyers, Business women mothers and I always knew my mother as a Housewife. I know now that she wanted to keep an eye on us as we grew up, to teach us both school and practical lessons herself, and to discipline us constantly. I know because that’s what I want for my son, to watch him grow and be the first one to see his achievements, to be his teacher and disciplinarian.

I am happy and proud to say that I’ve witnessed my son’s little accomplishments while at home:
His newborn smile caught on camera :)
 2 months: his adorable early baby talk caught on cam :D
3 months: look mommy, I can reach for my feet!
4 months: rolled over by himself! yay!
4 and a half months: sitting without support (10seconds tops!)
5 months: discovered his yummy feet :D
At 6 months, he makes an effort to crawl (he loves reaching out for our android phones/, my baby's a techie! hehe). Now at 7 months, he shows signs of teething already (excited for those chompers to show!).

Evidently, my mom influenced me to become a Housewife myself. Now that we're all grown up, she continued her career as an optometrist at a clinic in Manila :)

As for me, I see myself taking this Housewife career all the way! Of course, I have dreams of running my own business someday, a food related one, or perhaps taking my online shop a whole new level. Who knows? 

As mama taught me, entrust to God all your future plans, He knows what is best for you.

Amen to that!


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