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Wahmspiration: Martine De Luna

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One of the main reasons why mothers choose to stay at home is because of their children. Our next WAHMspiration is no exception. But it is through the work-at-home lifestyle that she has found her wings and flew to a more "blissful" life.

I am beyond happy to feature this very WAHMderful lady, who also inspired me to embrace the work-at-home lifestyle and to "rock" at it :)

She is the founder of my most beloved WAHMderful Community of Work-at-Home-Moms, a support group and "sisterhood" of WAHMs in facebook.

Without further ado, my WAHMspiration this month is Martine De Luna.

Martine has been married to Ton for 7 years, and they have two kids: a 5-year old boy, Vito, and a baby girl, Krista . They live in a quiet neighborhood in Quezon City, and enjoy taking short trips out of town, dining out, and playing at the park!

Get to know more about her and her blissful WAHM lifestyle...

Hi Martine! Please tell us about what you do...

Martine: I am several things: a digital media coach, a freelance writer for magazines and websites, a copywriter for brands and agencies, a blogger and workshop teacher. I think it's a great profile, don't you? 

I am a "multipassionate marketing communications service provider," if you want to get technical! 

I work primarily with women bloggers and women-centric brands and businesses, and provide them with coaching on digital media, or copy solutions for their marketing materials, whether blogs, social media or print publications.

Ooh, I love the word "multipassionate"! How do you typically spend your day as a WAHM?

Martine: The day usually begins with me bonding with Krista and preparing a simple breakfast, usually cereal, eggs, fruit, toast. I have smoothies when I am in a rush! 

I usually have Skype calls in the morning, after which I spend some time with Vito doing writing exercises and drawing or arts & crafts. Then it's time to make lunch (or reheat leftovers). We eat all our meals together, as a family, which is very important I think. 

Afternoons are for napping with the kids, and maybe some TV time. By 4PM on weekdays, my husband starts work, so I need to manage both kids' merienda or activities. Dinner together, then bath and bed time for the kids by 8:30-9PM. I work maybe three more hours into the late night, when I do my writing and blogging. 

Maybe I do this three times a week only, because on the other nights I'd rather slow or wind down with my favorite tv show and another smoothie! 

Looks like you've got WAHMing under control. But how did you start? When did you realize that you’d be a WAHM and how did your husband react to the idea?

Martine: My firstborn was the catalyst. He didn't want to take the bottle of expressed breastmilk anymore, after he began solids. 

At the time, I was teaching at a school while doing freelance writing work on the side. I decided then to look for a home based job so that I could quit the school job. By the end of the school year that year (2010), I had a work from home job as a creative director for a U.S.-based SEO company, which let me work flexibly during Philippine hours and paid me more than my office job. 

It was a sign from God, I thought! So I quit the school job and transitioned smoothly to working at home. 

In 2013, I quit the SEO company (which had evolved into a web development company by then), and started to do freelance coaching for people who wanted to develop their online brands and personas through blogs and social media.

What are the challenges and successes you encountered?

Martine: Isolation can be a big challenge, but that's why I founded the Wahmderful Community back in 2012. As a group, I believe the WAHMderful Community of work at home moms takes care of the need for fellow WAHMs to connect. It began with the Facebook group in 2012 for work at home moms in manila to connect and share their experiences, post job leads, experience community. 

In October 2012, Manila Workshops helped develop the first WAHM workshop, which we have been doing for three years now! Many women from among the group have become good friends, too, beyond the FB group, which is always a good thing.

Could you share some tips for everyone else who’d like to take the chance and work from home?

Martine: Working from home is more than a type of work setup. It is a lifestyle that all members of the family should agree with. 

If a wife wants to work from home, she must have the support of her husband and vice-versa. It's a team effort to keep a balanced household and family dynamic. 

Before taking the leap towards home, moms and dads must agree to the kind of work they'll be doing, the work arrangements and home office space, the division of household tasks and the raising of the kids. 

Thank you for time, Martine. You are truly a WAHMspiration!

Get in touch with Martine or find her through the following social media links:
Website: (work)
Instagram: @martinedeluna

Cheers to a WAHMderful Life, 
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