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Wahmspiration: Ginger Palma Arboleda

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Hello there!

I'm so happy to be featuring another WAHMspiration here on the blog. Just a little back story, I started this blog segment earlier this year, because one day it just dawned on me that I wanted to share more about the world of WAHMs.

I've been a member of the WAHMderful Community of Work-at-Home-Moms for quite a while now, and I have noticed how diverse and amazing mothers can be, not only in earning for their family, but also in juggling parenting and housekeeping all at the same time. And I guess this is what you may call the Modern Mom!

One of the outstanding, modern moms in our community is Ginger Palma Arboleda. You might know her from her blog, Mommy Ginger, or her notable venture, Manila Workshops. Yes, she is that Ginger in the recent Wilkins commercial :)

Ginger is happily married for 5 years to EJ, the Chief Technology of Wunderman Manila, and they have a cutie-patootie of a daughter named Zeeka. This self-professed workaholic loves meeting new people and talking about business. But on her not-so-busy days, she loves spending time with her family going to malls, watching movies and TV shows. Oh, and she also loves running and practicing yoga.

Get to know more about her happy, busy world through our interview...

Hi Ginger! Thank you for opening up to us. Would you care to tell us more about your work?

Ginger: I am the entrepreneur behind Manila Workshops, a brand which promotes continuous learning by creating workshops that help people achieve their personal and professional goals in life. 

I am also a co-founder of TUTI Group, which is a tech start-up that creates mobile applications and handle digital marketing strategies for clients.

I am also the blogger behind,, and I have been professionally blogging for 7 years. 

I am also a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. I have my own program called Love the Leap that helps these people create a solid and a viable business plan and marketing plan. I launched a YouTube Channel called GTV, which presents videos on entrepreneurship and managing your own business.

Wow! that sounds like a lot to juggle. So how do you typically spend your day?

Ginger: I really don’t have a typical day! Haha! Each day is different for me, but basically, every day is a constant challenge of juggling different roles and different responsibilities. Each day for me brings new opportunities to learn more about the world.

When did you realize that you'd be a WAHM, and how did your family react to the idea?

Ginger: It was really when I found out that I was pregnant that I took my “racket” (which was Manila Workshops) and decided to take it seriously. I don’t really jump into things without planning (although in defending ideas, I get emotional sometimes… haha!), so when I had that thought of resigning to become an entrepreneur, I discussed it with my husband. We both weighed and assessed everything and we decided that this could actually work. 

It's wonderful that you have a very supportive husband. But what are the challenges and successes you encountered when you finally decided to become a WAHM?

Ginger: The challenge was really getting the business to take off. It was just “me” doing the daily tasks and completing all of the responsibilities. I didn’t have a team that time to help me. After a few months, I started adding people to the Manila Workshops team. For the first full year in business (2013), we conducted and managed 33 workshops. On our second year (2014), we had 71 workshops. This year, we are planning and have marked more that 100 workshops in our calendar.

Amazing! Goes to show how hard work and perseverance really pay off! Can you share some tips to those who’d like to take the chance working from home?

Ginger: You have to plan properly before you decide to work from home. It’s a big decision that will entail more roles and responsibilities to fulfill. You have to have the proper mindset

Thank you for your time Ginger, you are truly a WAHMspiration!

Get in touch with Ginger or find her in the following social media links:

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Blogs: / /
Facebook Page:
Instagram Page: @mommyginj
Twitter Account: @mommyginj
Youtube Channel: GTV Channel
Email Address:

Cheers to a WAHMderful Life,
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