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Mother's Day Gift Ideas Moms will surely love!

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Mother's Day is just around the corner! 

Don't have a gift yet? Don't panic...moms are easy to please, trust me.

Here's a list of some unique gift ideas for the woman in your life!

Ok, ok, I might be biased with the items on this list because they are the ones I would like to receive on Mother's Day, hihi... But these are just awesome :)

Let's start with this deliciously, delightful Fruit Bouquet
Source (YouTube: Pins and Things)
You can pre-order from FruiQuet or Fruits in Blooms, or go ahead and try to make a simple one yourself. Moms dig DIY gifts :)

How about a cupcake flower basket?
Photo source
Check out Pink Sweets and her yummy creations.

Give her a well-deserved, relaxing day at the Salon or Spa
Photo source
That 1-2 hours of pampering and alone time is already a vacation for mom.

Or you can give her a cute Spa-in-a-jar instead
Be sentimental by giving her meaningful, charm jewelry
Photo source
A charm necklace with the kids' names is a piece mom will surely love to wear. See more from Istorya Creations

Give her a break and prepare her a home-cooked meal
Photo Source
Get crafty and make a handmade card
Photo source
I used to love making cards for my parents when I was a kid. Handmade cards are always special because they are made with love. If not, a Store-Bought Greeting Card is okay too :)

Or how about giving a HUG (grandma would love this!)
If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a delicious box of chocolates
Who doesn't love chocolates?

Or this Chocolate bouquet looks good too...
Source: wikiHow

But like I said, moms are easy to please... Just tell her you love her then spoil her with hugs and kisses (moms love those, I know I do!)

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  1. The jewelry idea is nice and something my mom will most likely appreciate as well. :)

  2. Lovely ideas! and I'm like Olaf coz I'm okey with warm hugs from my kiddos :)

  3. I like all the things you have mentioned here because I think they're pretty and practical at the same time.

  4. Been seeing alot of mum gift ideas. I love it all. And I noticed that most are just simple stuff. Perfect. Coz most mums want the simplest things.