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Summer Family Day Out Ideas + Promos 2015

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Do you ever think about where to go or what to do during holidays and weekends...except the mall? Wouldn't you love to go someplace fun or try something new?

I've recently been looking at possible trips and go-to places for the family this summer. I have a number of places on my list, that I felt the need to share them (and take note of them) through this blog post :)

Mostly I am eyeing FUN but educational trips and activities, because I want to hit two birds with one stone, since part of our Homeschool Preschool is planning educational "field trips" from time to time; it also doubles as our family bonding time.

The ones listed here are a mix of places we've been to and planning to go to. I've also included some summer promos! Yay!


1. Museo Pambata, Manila
Photo Source

The last time I've been here was ages ago! I honestly couldn't remember the exhibits here anymore, and I'm sure it's improved now, so I am eager to come with my children.

Why? Because...
Unlike traditional museums where facts and artifacts are displayed behind glass shelves only to be admired but not touched, Museo Pambata features hands-on exhibits that encourage children to explore and discover various concepts while they play.

They have Theme Rooms like Old Manila and Pamilihang Bayan among others, where the kids can explore and have a learning experience. They also have Collections, like a kite and doll collection, and Special Exhibits.

I'm planning a trip soon, because they have an ongoing 50 pesos OFF admission fee promo, good for up to five persons, valid from March to August 2015.

Just Save and Print this coupon below, and show upon entry at the museum on the day of your visit.
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More details:
Like on Facebook: Museo Pambata

2. The Mind Museum, BGC Taguig
Photo Source

We've recently been to here just 4 months ago because we were able to purchase some Deal Grocer coupons. We had fun, and especially loved the Shadow Box, the Piano Stairs, and the Dinosaurs (Kiel was so into Dinosaurs that time, so it was worth it).

The Mind Museum has more than 250 hands-on, interactive exhibits. You can also get to witness actual science experiments and demos, and watch special shows.

I'd love to come back, because we didn't get to explore the place fully. I would like to try their custom-built planetarium and 3D mini-theater next time, maybe when the kids are a bit older for it too.

And the best part is, Deal Grocer has an ongoing deal again! An All-Day Pass for only 450 pesos, from the original price of 750 pesos! Valid until end of July, 2015.

Hurry and purchase some coupons now while there are a few still left!

You might also want to check out their Summer Offerings below... That Weekday All-Day Pass for 3 is a great deal for only 950 pesos (that's just 300+ per person)!
Photo source

More details:
Like on Facebook: The Mind Museum

3. Ayala Museum, Makati
Photo Source
I plan to visit this with my husband, to be one of our not-so-typical date dates :) This is a great place to go to also when you have older kids. The exhibits are mostly about Philippine culture, or so I've read.

Admission Fees are as follows:

Basic Admission:
Regular Resident* = Php 150
Resident Student/Senior Citizen = Php 75
Regular non-resident = Php 350
Non-resident Student/Senior Citizen = Php 250

Full Admission**
Regular Resident* = Php 225
Resident Student/Senior Citizen = Php 125
Regular non-resident = Php 425
Non-resident Student/Senior Citizen = Php 300

*  Residents are Filipinos and foreigners with proof of residence in the Philippines.
** Basic admission covers Ground to Third Floor galleries, while full admission covers admission until the Fourth Floor galleries, which include pre-colonial gold and other special artifacts.
***  Teachers get free admission year-round upon presentation of their faculty IDs.

Or you could take advantage of this Summer Promo: For only 600php, get an All-Day Pass access to both Ayala Museum and The Mind Museum! (All-Day Pass visits can be done in separate days, good for one-time use at each museum)
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More details:
Like on Facebook: The Ayala Museum

Theme Parks and Fun Activities

1. Manila Ocean Park, Pasay City
Photo source

I've always wanted to go to the Oceanarium, since I've never been to one. And I'm sure the kids would love it too. I'm sure Kiel would love to see Penguins, Dolphins, and Jellyfish. We're just thinking of the right time to go here, since I've heard it gets crowded and it's hard to appreciate it when there are lots of people.

Anyway, I am looking at their Summer Bundles, and the Deep Sea Rush 6 looks like a great deal :)
More details HERE

More details:
Like on Facebook: Manila Ocean Park (Official)

2. Philippine Science Centrum, Marikina
Photo source
I would love my kids to learn about Science the FUN way! I'd love to plan our trip here soon.

And I'm so happy that they have an amazing 50% discount on admission fees (from P130 to just P65) this summer! Valid until June 30, 2015!

More details:
Like on Facebook: Philippine Science Centrum

3. Art in Island, Cubao
Photo source
If you plan to go to someplace unique, Art in Island might be a nice choice. It resembles the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore, where you can marvel and have fun posing amongst 3D Art. Although you have you find the right angle and practice your poses, hehe. 

It certainly would be interensting to have a unique background in your pictures for a change right? I'd love to visit this soon, at least with the husband for a one-of-a-kind date day, or with the grandparents and my siblings in tow, so we can have group shots :)

Admission Fees:
Adult = 500php
Student = 400php
Children below 3 ft = FREE

Operating Schedules: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30am to 9:30pm (selling of tickets until 8pm only)

More Details:
Like on Facebook: Art In Island

4. Fun Ranch, Ortigas/Alabang

Photo source
Fun Ranch is every kids' dream! Oh to play all day, who wouldn't love it? We've already tried the Ride-All-You-Can Pass before, and now Deal grocer restocked this deal again! It's even valid even on weekends and holidays, it's perfect for bonding with your kids.

Get the Ride-All-You-Can Pass* in Ortigas for only 170php (from 340php) or Unlimited Indoor Playdium Pass in Alabang for only 195php (from 390php) from Deal Grocer HERE.

Ferris Wheel
Train Ride
Red Baron Plane Ride
Bumper Car
Kiddie Bumper Boat
Swing Ride
Roller Coaster
Balloon Flight
Pirate Ship

More details:
Deal Grocer Promo: Ride-All-You-Can & Indoor Playdium Passes
Like on Facebook: Fun Ranch

5. DreamPlay, City of Dreams Manila
Photo source
DreamPlay is the newly opened attraction in the City of Dreams Manila. It has the well-loved Dreamworks characters, like Shrek, Po, and Toothless among others.
DreamPlay is a fully immersive, technology-rich entertainment space for the family.

We have yet to visit this, since I was informed that this is more for the older kids. My two toddlers can still come in free, but may not be able to enjoy the attractions and rides yet.

I'm including this in the list, so perhaps you can check it out, and leave me a feedback, please? :)

Here are the admission rates, and it looks like it would be best to come there on a weekday!:

More details:

Zoos and the Great Outdoors

1. Sta. Elena Fun Farm, Cabuyao Laguna
L: Kiel feeding bunnies. R: Going on a Carabao ride

We had the chance to go here last year during the Dimayuga Family Reunion. If you want to spend some quality time with the family outdoors, this is highly recommended! It's in the name itself - it's FUN! For an entrance fee of just 300php, you can already do a lot of things in the Fun Farm:
  • Mini Zip-line 
  • Playground and sand house 
  • Horseback-riding 
  • Carabao-cart riding 
  • Fishing 
  • Boating
  • Animal feeding (rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks)
  • Obstacle course
  • Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Bike trail 
  • Use of Pavilion and picnic grounds
The kids especially loved the Horseback riding and the Animal feeding. Kiel even braved the mini zipline, and he was just 2 years old then! You can bring your own food and have a picnic in the pavilion or in designated tables under the trees.

I definitely would love to go back here :)

Admission Rates:
Adults/Kids: Php 300
Below 2 years old: FREE
Senior Citizen with Valid ID: Php 240

More details:

2. Avilon Zoo, Rizal
Photo source
The last time I went to Avilon was during my college field trip. Yes, you read it right, college. I was a Landscape Architecture undergraduate, and we had to do a design proposal for the zoo improvement.

Anyway, we loved it there. the zoo was clean, well-maintained. And there were lots of animals to see. I'd love to take my children here next time :)
The 7.5 hectare facility located in Rodriguez, Rizal houses more than 3,000 specimens of exotic wildlife representing more than 500 species of birds, mammals reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes and invertebrates.

More details:
Like on Facebook: Avilon Zoo

3. Ark Avilon, Frontera Verde, Ortigas, Pasig
Photo source
If travelling to Rizal is too far for you, you can visit Ark Avilon Zoo instead. It's just beside Fun Ranch, so you can visit those two attractions in one day.
ARK AVILON ZOO is the only indoor interactive zoo in the Philippines located in Frontera Verde, Pasig City. With a two storey building resembling the biblical Noah's Ark. ARK AVILON ZOO is home to various friendly animals that guests can interact with.

More details:
Like on Facebook: Ark Avilon Zoo

How about you? I'd love to get some feedback if you've been to any of these places, or if you can suggest any other summer day-out, go-to places. 

Here's to a FUN summer!
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  1. We're planning to visit a zoo soon, I'll be checking Ark Avilon, malapit lang. Just to let my baby experience seeing live animals. Sobra na syang hilig sa animals, dami na syang alam, pag may nakitang dog o cat sa labas, she would scream in delight, cat! dog!

    1. Ark Avilon is perfect if your baby is still young. Marami naring animals dun... many species of birds and reptiles, tapos may animals in glass cages, I think may tiger or lion dun nung nag visit kami 2 years ago :) sa second floor mga farm animals and petting zoo, like bunnies and guinea pigs :)

  2. I'd like to see Dream Play and Art in Island! Yayain ko nga si hubby dun. :-) Thanks for sharing, Mommy Lique! I love your blog layout, by the way. So clean and refreshing! :-)

    1. Thanks mommy Krisna, I love a simple layout :) Hope you can share about your trip when you get to visit any of the places! :)

  3. I wanna try DreamPlay! Will go there weekday nga since it is cheaper. I haven't been to Mind Museum yet and I hope to go there with the kids anytime this year :)

  4. bookmarked your page! will use this as reference the next time we visit Luzon, hopefully soon :)

  5. My post for this comex is about dreamplay so you can check out what's inside through that post. ;) I've been wanting to check out sta elena farm. Hopefully, this summer. :)

  6. BOOKMARKED. love this post! Will do all these when we visit Manila again! Thanks for sharing! <3

  7. Thanks so much for this list! :)
    I love your post and this is a great summer family day out ideas. (day out doesn't have to be expensive so its nice to see your long list with affordable ones. ♥ -- just what i needed. hihi!

    Would like to visit the attractions in City of Dreams, based on my friend it's such a nice place. :) We plan to go there one of these days, most especially malapit lang kami dun.

  8. I wanna try Dreamplay and Avilon zoo coz the other places on the list might be too 'baby'-ish for my eldest kid. Thanks for sharing the coupons! I also print out coupons from the internet especially when we eat out :)

  9. This is a great list!!! Thanks for putting these (attractions) together.. This is actually my homework this week; my hubby and I are planning to bring our toddler for a educational trip. Yay!

  10. this is an awesome list! been dying to visit art in island and sta elena. just keep forgetting their names so i cant google. haha

  11. From your list, we've never been to Museo Pambata, Art in Island, Ark Avilon and Dreamplay. You will love the Sta.Elena Farm especially if you like outdoor adventure. Visit the Manila Ocean Park and The Mind Museum this summer na kasi pag start na ng school year ang dami ng nagfi fieldtrip.

    1. Hi Mommy Levy, yes we've been to Sta Elena and Mind Museum already :) But I'd love to go back there again. Yung Manila Ocean Park ang hindi pa, so maybe soon habang summer pa nga :) Thanks!

  12. Wow I really envy your area! There are so many attractions to visit. Sure fun way to enjoy the summer. Here, all we're planning is pool/beach lang during summer.. nothing new. haha :)

  13. Nice one! We love museums. We also went to Ocean Park when we went to Manila last February but got to see only one attraction. We thought our 2yo toddler can get in for free but when we got into the second attraction, we were asked for a stamp. Darn it. We walked out of Ocean Park because of it - as if those long lines were not frustrating enough.

    We'll go back there though - once we're already sure that we have to pay for our daughter to get in.

  14. You've got a great list here! I am planning on taking the kids to Mind Museum, DreamPlay and to Art in Island.

  15. You'll definitely have fun at the Museong Pambata. We want to go to DreamPlay in City of Dreams but we're still setting aside a budget for it.

  16. Thank you for these great ideas! Siguro we will be visiting Art in Island and yes, Dreamplay!