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Host your own Spa Party...At Home!

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Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom of two kids, I tend to miss out on social events... and by that, I mean I don't get out at all much.

Not that I'm complaining, I love my children! That's why I stayed at home for them :) but I do miss having the time for myself and bonding with friends...

So last December (yes, this is an overdue post, haha), I devised a plan! I hosted a mini Spa Party at home! Yay! That's hitting two birds with one stone, if I do say so myself *pat self on the back*.

Ah, to relax while having your friends over for some chitchat... such fun! I told a few friends and they obliged to come over. We set the date and had a spa party in the afternoon, when the kids would be asleep...

I prepared some snacks and a movie to watch (The Other Woman).

I set a little snack buffet and arranged the room to have somewhat a relaxing spa ambiance.

Here's how it looked:

And here they are having mani-pedis while watching the movie...

And here are my happy girl friends (plus my little ones) :) 

Interested in booking your own spa home service? We booked Apple Tree for that day. More information below:

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Keep Calm and Have a Spa Party of your own,
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  1. Wow great idea! Perfect timing din because I was just thinking of what we can do before one of my friends leaves for Japan.

  2. ughhh, sarap! :P love all your little details as well :)

  3. This is what I need! But not for myself, but for my 3-year old. Haha! I wonder if they can host a spa party for kids? My little girl wants to celebrate her 4th bday with a My Little Pony-themed spa party for her and her friends.

  4. Cool! Love the pastel color combination of your hanging ribbons.

  5. this is a great idea... I think I'll convince my bestfriend to host something like this since she has a bigger place than I do :D

  6. I love the concept! Your decorations are pretty good too! :)

  7. That’s really amazing dear!! I must say you guys rock the party. I wonder if I would have also celebrate my birthday party at such a gorgeous event locations. But anyways, I will try next time.