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We love our healthy frozen fruit dessert by Yonanas!

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Last Christmas, my sister gave me Yonanas! Yay! 

I've been eyeing it at S&R for quite sometime now, I joked that it was what I wanted fro Christmas, and tada! I got one! I must've been very good last year, hihi. 

Photo Source
Photo Source

So you might be thinking, "What the heck is a Yonanas?"

Yonanas is a healthy dessert maker. Why healthy? Because you only use frozen fruits to make ice cream. Yes. Ice Cream!

According to, it can be a healthier option than ice-cream for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Yonanas is made using only fruit. (There is no added sugar, cream or other dairy added to this delicious treat).
  • Simply banana yonanas contains zero grams of fat. An equal serving of soft serve ice-cream can have your buttons popping with 23 grams of fat in a 1 cup serving.
  • A cup of simply banana yonanas will have 200 healthy calories as opposed to some brands of ice cream which can easily exceed 400 calories in a serving. More than 400 calories in some ice creams? Yikes!
  • Yonanas doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Ice cream can contain upwards of 80mg cholesterol in a serving. Watch out arteries!
  • Yonanas doesn’t contain any sodium. Comparatively, some soft serve ice creams have more than just a dash of sodium and some have more than 100 mg in a single serving!
  • Yonanas contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals in each tasty serving.

Best of all, it's super yummy and my kids love it! What a nice way to make them eat more fruits!

I'm such a dessert lover so I personally love and approve this product. I wanted to share about it because it's so cool once you make your healthy Ice Cream.

So far we've tried banana only, banana+apples, pears+fruit salad cubes, banana+pears, banana+oreo, banana+avocados, banana+plain yogurt+chocolate.

Left: Pears+Fruit Salad Cubes, Right: Bananas+Apples

And there are a lot more possibilities! There are also no-banana recipes and perhaps we'll try them next time.

Using Yonanas is easy...

1. Simply peel and freeze over-ripe bananas. Keep in mind that over-ripe, (cheetah-spotted) bananas make the best yonanas because of their sweetness.

2. Turn on yonanas maker and insert frozen bananas, and use the plunger to push fruit inside.

3. For flavored yonanas insert frozen fruit after inserting one banana.

4. For a softer version of yonanas, thaw frozen bananas and other fruits for a few minutes.

Cleaning it is easy too, the parts come off easily and they are also easily put together.

Have you tried this product? I'd love to learn more recipes! Maybe nextime we'll try making ice cream cakes and popsicles :)

Looks Yum! (photo source)

Ooh, I'd love to make an Ice Cream Cake (photo source)

To a healthier, yummier 2015!
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  1. Indeed, very healthy way to serve frozen desserts. I haven't seen this in S&R, how much is this?

    1. If I'm not mistaken this is around 2k+. But I think my sister bought this at Landmark Makati, so baka meron din doon :)

  2. Ooh. That looks yummy! Although mej takot ako bumili ng ganyan lately kasi the last one I bought, nasira agad. :| Does it have warranty?

  3. It's a great alternate option to ice creams indeed! Looks yummy!

  4. So nice! My friend gave this to her Mom too and they love it!

  5. Ah, I wish I will get one too haha!

  6. I've been seeing this around. Now, I finally know what it is and I agree that it's a very nice product. I'll check it out sometime. :)

  7. I saw this too in Landmark naman and was curious about it. Thanks to this post, I'll convince my husband to buy one! Haha!

  8. The photos of frozen food you shared looked yummy! Go ahead and try one!

  9. Perfect way to serve healthy and yummy foods to the kids.

  10. I'm also seeing this at SM Supermarket. Initially, I thought that this is just for bananas. I'm glad that it is not. :)